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Kūkan Kūkan no Mi (Space Space Fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: An apple shaped fruit that is nearly seethrough and white with the usual swirled devil fruit pattern and a single black leaf stemming out.'

Power: The user has the ability to become space(Negative, Empty, Unused, Interdimmensional, and outer) (Ex: Allow things to pass through them, turn into nothingness and reappear somewhere else by taking the place of another collection of nothingness, absorbing it to strengthen themeself, using it as an extension of themself, turning them into matter and shaping it how he sees fit, and erasing or adding matter to himself to change his shape, appearance, race, or gender however he sees fit only requiring great attention to detail) and control space(Negative, Empty, Unused, Interdimmensional, and outer) however they see fit (EX: Erasing people into nothingness, draining nothingness from others to kill them by their atoms becoming compressed, crushing atoms with it, heading into other dimmensions with an interdimmensional bridge, breathing in outer space, levitation by making things weight empty space, controling matter by making space physical similar to ceasar draining the air from an area only creating space to push air aside, and manipulating the nothingness within others atoms.)

~~Weakness: Ceasars devil fruit can add gasses to an area limiting space and the areas where he can move about same for other Logia though the user can also turn their ability into space.

~Note: The user can take the knowledge, skills, and devil fruits of others when he turns them to space and can also do many things similar to the Yami Yami no Mi only he turns everything into space not nothingness.

Consumer: Captain of the Space pirates, composed of alternate and competent versions of himself from different dimmensions with different skills and some with the same devil fruit ability, Silver D. Darc.

Ora Ora no mi (Aura Aura fruit)

Name: Ora Ora no mi (aura aura fruit)


Appearance: Unknown

Power: This fruit allows the user to control it's own aura and even the aura from other living beeings, beeing able to pull it out and use it as weapon, solidifying and beeing able to hit the target like haki or an impact dial, despite any protection, even logia users. The user can imbue this aura in anything inanimate and manipulate it telekinetically for a brief time. He can also imbue some aura in living beeings to push and pull'em off his way. However, to control anything, he must imbue with aura, so he must have a clear shot on his target. Taking the aura from a living beeing will create some fadigue on the target's body, but it can be solved like any fadigue with some rest.

Weakness: Seawater and seastone. Since the aura is an immaterial energy, ther is no possible way of controlling or containing it besides the user if the devil fruit.

Note:The aura is an energy similar to the soul, in methaphysical concepts, but its more like an energy beeing constantly flowing out the living beeings, usualy affecting the mood. Its a very common concept in many religions and cultures. It can be roughly compared to the Ki, Reyatsu, Chi, Chackra, etc...

wana wana  frute type of parmicanin 

POWER OF WATER  allows the use to do anything with water .it would a good friut if fighting a devil user you can attck them with water .pros you cant dowrn .cons there are none       and also let go at fast speeds you glide water which makes faster then any thing

wla wala no Mi (Trap Trap Fruit)

Name: Wana Wana no Mi (Trap Trap Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: unknown

Power: Grants the user the manipulation of the space around him in the form of triggering reactions, like traps, from making the spot his target is stepping onto explode or open in a hole, the user cna make th matter take any shape towards the target. The fruit can also trigger devices and explosives, controlling where and when it will explode (i.e. making cannonballs explode before reaching the target). The user doestn have to touch the place to set the trap, but the target must.

Weakness: Though having a strong point in the element of surprise, it can't reach the target unless he/she touches it, activating the trap. The user can't also move a set trap, but overlapping it will trigger both traps at same time, and with a chance one trap might ruin the other.

Note: Wana = Trap.

Suru Suru no mi (through through fruit)

Suru Suru no mi (through through fruit)

type: paramecia

Appearance: red with green spirals

Power: Gives the user the power to go through any material or element(fire, water etc.), can make some parts passable and others solid at the same time. any items such as clothes or weapons can also become passable as long as they are touching the user.

Weakness: Cannot keep bottom of feet or shoes go through otherwise will fall due to gravity, items touching must be in contact with skin to become go through.

Kowa Kowa no mi (Fear Fear Fruit)

Kowa Kowa no mi (Fear Fear Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Unknow

Power: This fruit is can purelly control the victim's fears, driving the victim in a controlled nightmare or daydream where all fears are in the fruit's user's control. Additionally, the fruit grants it's user the ability to peek in their victim's deepest memories and anything they gather can be manifested in the ilusion they create. The power is very similar to the Dream Dream fruit, but the differnece its that it affects straigh into the victim's mind and even indulce coma.

Weakness:as any psychlogical power, the only real weakness (besides the standart devil fruit weakness) is the strong-minded victim able to resist the fears.

Hiba Hiba no mi (Spark Spark Fruit)

Hiba Hiba no mi (Spark Spark Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Unknow

Power: The main power of this fruit is create and controll and endless amount of sparks that become some similarity with thunder , but they can set anything on fire, like forestfires However, the main strengh of this fruit its that it na set on fire virtually anything, even non flamable substances like rocks, metal,water  however, its not sure things will burn or not, they will just stay flaming until the fire is put out. The fire is also unnaturally green. These Sparks also hold some weak eletricity, almost static, but when enough is gathered together, it can even create a thunderbolt, similar to Nami's Clima-tact weapon. The user of this fruit is also immune from extreme temputures of heat from any source.

Weakness: Water can douse the fire created...if it wasnt what the user put on fire; besides that, sink the user in seawater or use seastone....if the user didnt put that on fire as well.

advantege:forest,thunder storm,evasion techinuqe,blocking,distraction, 

As you can see the hiba hiba no mi fruit a.k.a spark spark fruit is not weak against water attacks because 

water can attrackt regular lightning or thunder so if try to strike they can shoot watetr into a different direction

so you will miss but this thunder is actually created from body energy and heat.

Koho Koho no mi (short of arukohoru = alcohol)

Koho Koho no mi (short of arukohoru = alcohol)

(just a modification of hic hic fruit, down below)

Type: Logia

Appearance: liquor-gourd-shaped fruit with cork-shaped leaf (easilly to mix up with a liquor gourd)

Power: basically, the logia of Alcohol, the user can become, control and produce alcohol, however, as the alcohol (Methyl ethan) can evaporate quickly even in room temperature, the fruit is the only logia where the user can be both gaseous and liquid form, allowing the user more versatility from his two physical states. Beeing alcohol, he can either suffocate the victims or drown in liquid alcohol, those who escape might have severe pain from the alcohol in their eyes and nose. The Alcohol can also make the victims slightly drunk, or dizzy. The additional advantage comes in the extreme cold, as the alcohol evaporates quickly, anyone drenched in the alcohol would freeze way faster than normal.

Note: the user of Koho koho no mi can NOT get drunk, as his body is made of alcohol.

Weakness: Overall devil-fruit weakness such as seawater and seastone, the Fire can also burn the alcohol.

Kumu Kumu no mi (part part fruit)

Kumu Kumu no mi (part part fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: unknow

Power: alows the user to disassemble anything with a blast of energy-like pulse and telekinetically manipulate the pieces of whatever the user disassembled in something new, able to split an entire ship until EVERYTHING that composed the ship (from masts and sails to the smallest nail) is under the user's full control. The user can also split solid materials in pieces shaped like boards and gears, but that power cant be done at range, requiring contact (like a kick that sends a flying gear from the ground). In human beeings the fruit can disloge the bones with a painless hit, making the user paralized until he/she manages to put his bones back to place

Note: the user can disassemble even objects made of Sea Stone IF they are not touching the user's body and thus, nullifying the power, though the user can make objects of sea stone fall to pieces before it reachs him/her, getting time to escape.

Mori Mori no mi (tree tree fruit, though Mori means "forest")

Mori Mori no mi (tree tree fruit, though Mori means "forest")

Type: Logia

Appearance: Green peach (ironically, with a pink leaf)

Power: the user can become, control and produce leafs and branches, from the point of turning into leafs to avoid attacks and reshape itself to turning his limbs in branches or huge trees and even creating spiky vines, this fruit also grants the user a scary digging ability, as the tree's roots can dig in huge lenghts through most hard materials, he can produce a huge tree so fast it looks like it "exploded" from the ground like a petrified atomic mushroom cloud, the user can also produce leaf storms to push enemis apart and concentrated amounts of leaves that explode like fireworks

Weakness: Seastone, though the fire can burn the leafs, the brunches and trunks produced have a great amount of moisture to even put the fire down.

Tetsu Tetsu no Mi (Iron Iron fruit)

Tetsu Tetsu no Mi (Iron Iron fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Brass colored pear

'Power':The user can partially turn into metal/iron. Can manipulate metal/iron by touch and can phase through metal/iron to a certain degree as well as change the molecular structure of metal/iron objects

Strenghts: The eater of this devil fruit can make iron/metal weapons out of iron/metal substainces.Can also phase through metal/iron walls/doors. Gives the user the ability to lift metal/iron object of any kind easily and without much effort. The user are not phased by bullets or swords because of the fact that the user can simply change the molecular structure of the sword/bullet (Of couse the user has to be aware of the bullet and or sword) and make it softer or harder depending on the user's purpose.

Weakness: Blunt objects that can dent metal/iron objects, speeds up rust affect from the Rust Rust fruit, sinks faster in water faster, slows down speed(Unless user can use techniques to increase movement),Cannot phase throw metal/iron thicker than the height of the user (So if the user is 7 ft tall they can only phase throught metal/iron walls 7 feet thick or less).Consequecs is that the user will be they would be trapped in said wall or door until it is broken.

Note: When creating a weapon from iron/metal the user will need a certain amount of iron/metal depending on the size and shape of the object being made( Like in FullMetal Alchemist).

kúki Kúki no Mi (Air Air Fruit)

kúki Kúki no Mi (Air Air Fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance of fruit: Black Strawberry with white dots covering the surface

Power: Allows the user to turn their body into air and to control multiple aspects that come with the ability of air.

Strengths: The user obviously can become their aspect, in this case air and this also grants invisiblity due to humans and animals not being able to see air. The user also gains typical aspects such as the ability to tune into the wind to increase their own hearing range and increased lung capacity. If the ability has been trained can control apects of the air such as air pressure (Such as when swordsman swing their weapon with such strength that a shockwave of pressure is created.) The User can also move air around to create areas void of air to suffocate enemies. The user can also fly through the air due to the control as well as create tornados. The user can also create air bubbles to coat themselves and other so that they can swim underwater for a limited duration of atleast an hour. The ability to vibrate the molecules that make up air also gives abilities such as increased hearing range and allows for some sonic attacks. The user can also create vortexs in the air so for example, if the user used a gun and shot a bullet, they could use a vortex tomake the bullet no matter where they shot home in onto the target. Combined with weapoons, this ability can increase certain attacks such as the gun with vortex and air pressure with a sword.

Weaknesses: Obvious weaknesses are things such as falling into water (Without an air bubble of course), Arnament Haki which allows people to attack logia type devil fruit users and the people who are good at sensing air and weather patterns can help track his movements when fully in air form.

Notes: Inhaling him won't work as he would burst the lungs of whoever trys (Including Monkey D Luffy's lungs due to logia types being able to produce an infinate supply of their ability.) Another note is that buy spinning and pressurising wind, he can create mini cyclones on his body to create drills or even make his body into a walking body made up of cyclones while in air form.

Hic Hic Fruit

Type: Logia

Power: Turns the eater's body into alcohol. Besides the regular logia advantages, the alcohol produced by the body is strong enough to make a regular man completely drunk with just one drop.

Weakness: the regular stuff, as well as a weakness to fire, being that alcohol is flammable.

Sniff Sniff Fruit

Type: Logia

Power: Turns the eater's body into perfume. The smell is unique to each person, however, depending on their own favorite smells.

Weakness: The user basically loses their own sense of smell.

Cloud Cloud Fruit

Type: Logia

Power: Turns the eater's body into cloud material. This gives the user the ability to manipulate the weather; the body can become rain clouds, produce hailstorms, obscure the landscape in fog, and even produce lightning strikes, in addition to the general logia advantages.

Weakness: Idk what clouds are really weak to... maybe wind?

Nezu Nezu fruit

nezu Nezu no mi (nezu = nezumi = rat/mouse) Model Vampire Bat (The regular Squeak Squeak fruit would be a rat, but...bats are flying rats)

Type: Zoan

Power: The eater gains the ability to shoot fireballs,run at super-speeds,6th senses and also gives you an additional gear = Satan soul allows user to use demonic  powers the user basically becomes a a half demon ( half man, demon senses and abilities minus the weakness to holy water and wooden stakes) Pretty cool, yeah? Oh, and sonic perception, night vision and blood sucking are all weapons at this devil fruit user's disposal.

Weakness: cannot be directly under sun or is burnt 

Swap Swap Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Power: anything that the user touches with one hand swaps its physical properties with whatever the user touches with his other hand. E. g., swapping a cannon ball and a marble, creating a dud cannonball and a small marble that explodes like a ten pound ball of gunpowder, or swapping a piece of paper and a sword, creating a sword that is flimsy and doesn't cut, and a weapon with which one could give the worst paper cts the world has ever seen. However, the user can't switch the properties of a living thing with the properties of an inanimate object, although he could swap two living organisms properties, hypothetically even being able to transfer devil fruit powers from one person to another.

Weakness: the user can only change two things at a time; once he touches something else, the previous change is nullified. Like Bon Bon and Vanderdecken, this devil fruit user would most likely wear gloves. bbriggs517's bright ideas :)

Juumou Juumou no Mi (Wool Wool Fruit)

Juumou Juumou no Mi (Wool Wool Fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: Pink banana

Power: Allows the user to become, create, and manipulate wool.

(Unique Traits: The user is able to utilize the wool to cushion haki based attacks. If the user is caught in the rain their body will swell up due to moisture, but they can now smother and drown the opponents with the drenched wool.)

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, fire

Hina Hina no Mi (Doll Doll Fruit)

Hina Hina no Mi (Doll Doll Fruit)

Appearance: Green apricot

Power: Allows the user to turn anyone who looks into his or her eyes into dolls, allowing him/her to control their souls. The user can also place those souls into inanimate objects that serve them. If the user is knocked unconscious then the souls are returned.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, the power is constantly active which forces the user to keep their eyes covered by some kind of protection, the users power cannot be used on someone that wears protective eye covering such as glasses, being blind, or wearing a mask that obscures the eyes.

Sacchi Sacchi no Mi (Sense Sense Fruit)

Sacchi Sacchi no Mi (Sense Sense Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Pink Star Fruit

Power: Allows the user to make two or more people's senses as one.

(Unique Traits: If one of the people linked by the fruit's power feels pain then others linked will as well. However, people linked won't actually share the physical wound with one another, rather the pain of that wound is shared. The only real thing that is shared beside pain is death. The user can also bypass logia intangibility by attacking there senses rather then physical body.)

Weakness: Water, seastone, if user links themself with an opponent they will also share pain, emotion, and death with the other linked.

Shinen Shinen no Mi (Thought Thought Fruit)

Shinen Shinen no Mi (Thought Thought Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Purple Dragonfruit

Power: Allows the user to materialize anything from his/her imagination to be used at their whim. The users creations can give them great versatality in both in battle and out of battle, be it minions, offensive and defensive weapons, or even a pencil.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, requires a substantial amount of concentration from the user at all times.

Munashii Munashii no Mi (Void Void Fruit)

Munashii Munashii no Mi (Void Void Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: White Plum

Power: Allows the user to control and manipulate the airspace in the environment. The users power cannot be seen by the opponent which in turn leaves them open for surprise attacks. It can be used for offensive purposes, such as making the airspace explode, as well as defensive purposes, such as teleporting through it. The most dangerous power of this fruit is that it allows the user to sap the oppenents devil fruit power or strength out of them. Once the power is sapped out of them the opponent can physically see it disappearing into the air as mist.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, leaves the eater blind, an opponent can gain their lost power back by jumping into the dissipating mist before it is gone.

Shugi Shugi no Mi (Rule Rule Fruit)

Shugi Shugi no Mi (Rule Rule Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Black Cherry Cluster

Power: Allows the user to write "rules" to which targets must follow, or inflict different changes in his targets or him/herself.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, "writing" traps take time to create, but "writing" battle rules or effects act immediately.

Deyu Deyu no Mi (Move Move Fruit)

Deyu Deyu no Mi (Move Move Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Green Cantalope with small round extrusions

Power: Allows the user to give life to something else. Some things brought to life may have minds of their own, but will still follow commands of the user.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, cannot bring humans back to life.

Wareme Wareme no Mi (Split Split Fruit)

Wareme Wareme no Mi (Split Split Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Yellow Pineapple

Power: Allows the user to disassemble anything by creating a "net-like pattern" that runs straight through whatever it touches, tangible or intangible, which are then destroyed, or reduced to smaller harmless versions of it self. However, if used on a living organism (human, animal, etc), the recipient is reduced to small "doll-like" versions of themselves and are drained of power.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, if a human recipient is split apart if they have enough will power they can still attack or bring themselves back together.

Bo Bo no Mi (Bow Bow Fruit)

Bo Bo no Mi (Bow Bow Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Brown/yellow orange

Power: Allows the user to weaken the physical power and devil fruit powers of those around him/her. The user can also cast significant influence on humans making those affected his subordinates. The user is also able to use their power to kidnap people and summon them to his aid in battle. Can also use the power to place allies in small orbs that can transport them to different places (battle or not).

(Unique Trait): The user can possess the body of another being by turning his body into a "ghost-like" form, and entering his new "vessel."

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, if fused with another being for extended periods of time the user will "forget" his original form getting stuck in the fused body. If the user attempts to fuse with another entity without knowing his original form and fails to switch...the user will be released from the possessed victim and die.'

Jyaki Jyaki no mi (fume fume fruit, jyaki = miasma)

Jyaki Jyaki no mi (fume fume fruit, jyaki = miasma)

Type: Logia

Appearance: unknow

Power: the user controls, create and become a noxious miasma-like fog that can age anything to the point of turning to dust, the fruit also stoped the user's aging, rendering him/her eternal youth and impervious to death by aging. {C}Kin Kin No Mi (short for kinetic)


Appearance: Looks like a pair of conjoined cherries that have a rigid pattern on it.

Power: Allows the user to charge the kinetic molecule's to make them move much faster in any non-living object. By doing this the object is stronger/heavier then it is suppose to be while in the user's hands, a staff or sword will have a bigger impact. If the user let's go of the object while it is still charged it will explode, the bigger the object the bigger the explosion. They may charge the molecules' to explode on a smaller scale so the can break into buildings' easier.

Weakness: The bigger the object the longer the time is needed to charge it. Cannot work on anything living. User must touch the object with his/her hand. The user can be hurt from the explosion of his/her own object or any other kind. The object's have a glow so it is not much use for a stealth mission or to fully surprise an enemy.

acid acid no mi

acid acid no mi


power:to turn your body into and create huge amounts of acid that can melt throw any metal, rock and living creature and any attack will pass throw the users body and and cover the object in acid.

appearance:a see throw pear

weaknes: sea cuffs and the sea

Gura Gura No Mi

Gura Gura No Mi


Power:Able to create devastating earthquakes that can shkae the world , probably one of the worlds strongest devil fruit power . The power of the Gura Gura No Mi have the power to turn he world upside down and it have the ability to bring an erathquakes bring destruction to all that stand in the ways.

Yuki Yuki no mi (snow snow fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Yuki Yuki no mi (snow snow fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: pure-wuite chestnut

Power: opposing Aokiji's ice logia, the snow logia enables the user to produce, control and become snow, beeing lighter than ice, allowing the user to fly in the form of a small blizzard, the user also can create huge avalanches or cutting ice-shards that can fly at high-speed or a sharp snow-wave, with some effort, the user can create a blast of sub-zero, cold wind to freeze surfaces and partially freeze targets in a thin layer of ice, so as creating blizzards to puch'em apart or even propel a ship in windless areas.

Kopi Kopi no Mi (Copy Copy Fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Kopi Kopi no Mi (Copy Copy Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Unknown

Power: This devils fruit is similar to Bentham (Mr. 2 Bon Kurei)'s devils fruit (Mane Mane no Mi) in the idea but is different in its specifics. It enables the user to create a clone of any person, including thing such as their clothes, weapons and devils fruit abilities. The original body and the clone are controlled by the one coonciousness. The clone is a person in its own right so if the original body is killed the clone can still live on as if nothing happened. However they will live on in the clone's body so only if they cloned themselves will they live as themselves. This devils requires that the user be touching the person and concentrating for a few minutes. As this takes some time the person being cloned usually has to be consenting or unconcious/restrained. The user cannot create a clone from memory just because they've made it before. The user cannot make more than one clone.

Weaknesses: While creating a clone of the person, the person creating the clone has to concentrate very hard, meaning that they cannot do anything else, such as defending themselves.

Ana Ana no Mi (hole hole fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Ana Ana no Mi (hole hole fruit)

Type: paramecia (but can mimic some logia aspects)

Appearance: hole-covered apple

Power: allows the user to create cartoonish round dark holes and move'em at will, it takes the form of a black ink-like liquid dripping from the user's hand and when he drops it, expands in a hole, the user can also create this holes in midair, they are seemingly bottonless and can take anything coming inside, the user can also create holes in his own body at reflex, similar to a logia, to let damage pass through, these holes can also negate solid matter, sucking it out when closing, letting a round crater where it was, it has similar effect in living beeings, but will work similar to Trafalgar's devil fruit: the victim wont be hurt.

Bake Bake no mi

Devil Fruit name: Bake Bake no mi

Type: Logia

Appearance: light-green Pumpkin

Power: the Userr will become a ghost, having his body composed of ectoplasm, that can be produced endlessly, the user can also control the produced amount at range and shape the ectoplasm at his own will.This fruit also allows the user levitation and the power to go through solid matter, so as produce green fireballs like will-o-wisps.

Weakness: Seastone and water

Kane Kane no mi (gold gold fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Kane Kane no mi (gold gold fruit)

Type: paramecia

Appearance: golden apple with a "belly" simbol

Power: basically, a "midas's touch" ftui, allows the user to turn to gold while he touch instantly, including living beeings, the user can also ire a golden, laser-like light that will slowly turn toi gold while beeing use, so he can turn only a selected place into gold, the user can also create golden objects from nothing, including coins he can throw like a shotgun, the user can also cover himself in gold to protect himself.

Weakness: Seastone, Water (the water can also turn back anything turned to gold, but the objects he create from nothing are unnafected)

Yume Yume no Mi (yumei = dream)

Devil Fruit name: Yume Yume no Mi (yumei = dream)

Type: Logia

Appearance: rose-shaped unknow fruit

Power: allows the user to be a dream, an illusion, he can create illusions realistic enough to even cause the feeling of pain and such, when hit, his body will behave as a simple illusion, usually, this power can be seen as a glowing, fog-like multicolored light, this power can also enter the target's mind, creating a realistic dream or trap it in insanity.

Weakness: Water, Seastone

Who ate it: Doctor Liddel

(this fruit's attacks, the name of the doctor and the fruit's sahpe is a reference to "alice in wonderland")

Sumi Sumi no mi (ink ink fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Sumi Sumi no mi (ink ink fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: unknow

Power: alows the user to control, become and produce endless amounts of Ink, unlike the other liquid logias, the user cant be quite trapped in containers, as he can use the ink to phase through the container's walls (just like the ink sticks on a surface, he can go far and through it) the user can also "paint" a target and control it using the ink to pull it's body and harder the ink as spikes or slashing shots.

Weakness: Seastone, water (and extra weakness because the water can wash the ink away from surfaces, but it wont affect the user of the devil fruit)

Who ate it: Funke (reference to Cornelia Funke, writer of the novel "Inkheart")

Honei Honei no Mi (Bone Bone Fruit)

'Devil Fruit Name: Honei Honei' no Mi (Bone Bone Fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: Rotten Apple with swirls and a skull

Power: Allows user to control fossils and the dead, when struck the user shatters into bones and can reconstruct themselves, can use bones as armor, a shield, or a weapon as well as reanimate the dead. Similar to a necromancer. With great concentration can control the living.

Weakness: Water, Sea Stone, and Ice (ice can freeze the bones in place so they can't move)

Anpu Anpu No MI (amp amp fruit or sound sound)

Devil fruit name: Anpu Anpu No MI (amp amp fruit or sound sound)

Type: logia

Apperince: grey mango with swirls

Power: allow user to become, fire, mold, sound can also travel at the speed of sound

Weakness: water sea stone

Who Ate: Betov James (mercinary)

Akuma Akuma no Mi: Model Final (Devil Devil Fruit: Model Final)

Devil Fruit Name: Akuma Akuma no Mi: Model Final (Devil Devil Fruit: Model Final)

Type: Unknown Type

Appearance: A pure black circle with white circles

Power: Having the abilities of all Devil Fruits

Weakness: Extra weak to seastone, but not weak to normal water if using water-water no mi.

Who Ate: Shadow D. Sade

Nendo Nendo No Mi (Clay Clay Fruit)

Devil Fruit Name: Nendo Nendo No Mi (Clay Clay Fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearence: White Banana With Yellow Ripples

Power: allows the user to create, control, and transform into clay at will. The user can also use endure the clay to make weapons.

Weakness: Water And Seastone

Who Ate: João Arthur Da Cruz Nunes

Kuma Kuma No Mi, Sō hokkyokuguma (Bear Bear Fruit, polar bear model)

Devil Fruit Name: Kuma Kuma No Mi, Sō hokkyokuguma (Bear Bear Fruit, polar bear model)

Type: Zoan

{C}Appearence: White Pineaple with Brown ripples

Power: Allows the user to turn in a Polar Bear or Polar-Human. Allows the user to withstand temperatures below zero and have claws that cut really well, especially ice.

Weakness: Water and Seastone

Who Ate: João Arthur Da Cruz Nunes

Renki Renki No Mi (Alchemy Fruit)

Devil Fruit Name: Renki Renki No Mi (Alchemy Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearence: Golden Apple with silvery ripples.

Power: gives the ability to change the terms of an object changing its element. {C}Weakness:Water and Seastone

Who Ate: João Arthur Da Cruz Nunes

Oni Oni no Mi ( Devil Devil Fruit )

Devil Fruit Name: Oni Oni no Mi ( Devil Devil Fruit )

Type: Legendary Zoan

Appearence: dark apple with white diagonal stripes.

Powers: Gives you the power's of the devils, once the devil user takes a human life they are granted the life of that person making the devil user live longer . Not much is known about it..

Weakness: Water, Seastone.

Doragon Doragon no Mi ( Dragon Dragon Fruit )

Devil Fruit Name:Doragon Doragon no Mi ( Dragon Dragon Fruit )

Type: Mythical Zoan

Appearence: Green Orange

Powers: Allows you to turn into a dragon. Qives you power's to breath fire, fly, hard dragon scales.

Weakness: Water, Seastone.

Kamome Kamome no Mi ( Seagull Seagull Fruit )

Devil Fruit Name: Kamome Kamome no Mi ( Seagull Seagull Fruit )

Type: Zoan

Appearence: Shaped like a bird's beak. White, blue and orange strapes.

Powers: Allows you to turn to a seagull. Used for spying.

Weakness: Water, Seastone.

Hoshi Hoshi no Mi ( Star Star Fruit )

Devil Fruit Name: Hoshi Hoshi no Mi ( Star Star Fruit )

Type: Logia

Appearence: Shaped like a yellow star, with orange stripes.

Powers: Turns user into a star man. You can move as fast as a shooting star, you can melt things, and create a supernova.

Weakness: Water, Seastone.

Howl Howl Fruit

Devil Fruit Name; Howl Howl Fruit

Tye; Zone

Appearence; furry a grey

Powers; Turns user into a wolf and other diffrent forms

weakness; water or seastone

Rock Rock Fruit

Devil Fruit Name: Rock Rock Fruit

Type: Logia

Appearence: brownish stone

Powers: Gives the user power over earth and allows you to become earth. can create giant rock limbs or anything to suit the users purpose.

Weakness: typical devil fruit weaknesses such as water or seastone

Haki Haki Fruit

Devil Fruit Name: Haki Haki Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Yellow Grapefruit

Powers: Give´s the user all types of haki as well as an 80% understanding of how to use Haki.

Weakness: Typical devil fruit user weakness such as, water, and seastone.

Energy Energy Fruit

Devil Fruit Name: Energy Energy Fruit

Type: Elemental Paramecia (new type)

Appearance: Blue Mango

Powers: Gives the user powers of energy let´s the create energy shields.

Weakness: Typical devil fruit user weakness such as, water, and seastone. Also the person isn´t a full logia so they can get hit by physical attacks (unless the block it with an energy shield)

Control Control Fruit

Devil Fruit Name: Control Control Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Black yellow and orange pineapple

Powers: Lets the eater control the four elements (water, fire,earth, air) and some other things (blood lava plants lightning metal)

Weekness:Typical devil fruit user weakness such as, water, haki, and seastone Note: Even if they can control water they can stell not swim

Kuro Kuro no Mi (Dark-Dark Fruit)

Devil Fruit Name:Kuro Kuro no Mi (Dark-Dark Fruit)


Appearance: The fruit looks like a black rock.

Powers: This fruit allows the user into a person covered in darkness.They can rot away anything they touch or anything in their path.They can combine haki powers with their devil fruit powers.

Typical devil fruit user weakness such as water, seastone.the users power cancels out when facing someone who has kuro-kuro no mi (dark-dark fruit)

Kurōn-Kurōn fruit(clone-clone fruit)

devil fruit name:Kurōn-Kurōn fruit(clone-clone fruit)


appearance:the fruit looks like blue grapes with pink stripes

powers:this fruit gives the ability to user to make a big number of copies of anything even himself. Every copy has the exact same abilities as the original.he can also change things on the appearance of the copies as he wants.

weakness: Typical devil fruit user weaknesses as sea stone, sea water, haki. Hitting the original cause damage to every copy but damaging a copy doesn't damage the original so the awareness of the opponent is it's main weakness 13:44, June 16, 2011

Asa Asa no Mi (Morning-Morning Fruit)

Devil Fruit Name: Asa Asa no Mi (Morning-Morning Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: The fruit looks like orange with a pineapple pattern on the skin.

Powers: This fruit turns the user into a sun person. They are able to transform their body into a sun like being. They shine brightly as if the sun was rising. While in their sun form they can vaporize anything they touch and vice-versa. They can vastly change the temperature around them. They may wake up anyone who has been put to sleep by someone using the Yume Yume no Mi. Being too close to the user can cause sun burn.

Weakness: Typical devil fruit user weakness such as water, haki, and sea stone. The users powers cancel out when facing someone who has the Yume Yume no Mi (Dream-Dream Fruit) abilities.

Yume Yume no Mi (Dream-Dream Fruit)

Devil Fruit Name: Yume Yume no Mi (Dream-Dream Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: The fruit looks like a kiwi with red hair and spirals of green hair.

Powers: The user has the ability to shoot a cosmic ray to make people fall asleep for the users desired amount of time. They may also control the dreams of the people they put to sleep.

Weakness: Typical devil fruit user weakness such as, water, haki, and seastone. The users powers cancel out when facing someone who has the Asa-Asa no Mi abilities.

The Water Water Fruit is the rarest and one-of-a-kind among other Logia Devil Fruits because this one doesn't cause the user to lose his/her ability to swim. The Water Water Fruit gives the user super-fast swimming abilities, underwater breathing, rain dance, aquakinesis/hydrokinesis, morph into water, and sea life communication. It is shaped like a dragonfruit and colored dark blue. Interestingly enough, the Water Water Fruit defies anything that weakens other Devil Fruit powers such as the Seastone. It could be because that the Water Water Fruit was create from underwater. However, the disadvantages of the Water Water Fruit powers include weakness against electricity, intense heat that boils water, freezing ice, and liquid toxins.

Tatsu Tatsu No Mi, Model Western Dragon (Dragon-Dragon Fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Tatsu Tatsu No Mi, Model Western Dragon (Dragon-Dragon Fruit)

Type: Zoan Sub-type: Mythical Zoan

Appearance: A racime of limes with three limes, black colored with many circle-shaped marks and a green inner.

Power(s): This Mythical Zoan-type fruit enables the user to turn into a dragon (the winged-reptile european dragon), giving the user also the ability to breathe fire. Besides the fire and the flying, the user can also poison his victim by biting it. The Eastern dragon Model poisons the mind, and the Western dragon Model poisons the body. - Damërung . -- 04:34, 21 February 2011 (UTC)

Tatsu Tatsu No Mi, Model Eastern Dragon (Dragon-Dragon Fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Tatsu Tatsu No Mi, Model Eastern Dragon (Dragon-Dragon Fruit)

Type: Zoan Sub-type: Mythical Zoan

Appearance: A white sugar cane with light orange inner color, with many s-shaped marks like the Gomu Gomu No Mi

Power(s): This Mythical Zoan-type fruit enables the user to turn into a dragon (the snake-like chinese dragon), giving the user also the ability to breathe fire. Unlike the Western dragon Model, the user cannot fly freely but can hover from the ground, allowing him to move with exceptional agility but not too far from the ground. The user can move underground almost as easily as it moves over it and can also project heavy psychic stress over other creatures. - Damërung . -- 04:34, 21 February 2011 (UTC)

Kane Kane No Mi (Metal-Metal Fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Kane Kane No Mi (Metal-Metal Fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: A orange-red plum racime (plums are like grapes but larger) consisting of 4 plums (like the Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe which has more than one fruit body) with curls in the center, like the Yami Yami no mi

Power(s): This Logia-type fruit enables the user to turn himself into metal and switch between liquid an solid in order to shape-shift like the Ame Ame no Mi and harden himself for defense purposes. Being a logia type, it grants the user to regenerate or reconstruct is body using the element. Much like in the Terminator movie (a pun of this in the anime would be actually fantastic). - Damërung . -- 04:34, 21 February 2011 (UTC)

Tori Tori No Mi, Model Impundulu ((Bird Bird Fruit, Model Impundulu)

Devil Fruit name: Tori Tori No Mi, Model Impundulu ((Bird Bird Fruit, Model Impundulu)

Type: Zoan Sub-Type: Mythical Zoan

Appearance: Takes the form of a cyan-colored mango fruit that is slightly-larger than average sized and covered with the usual Devil Fruit swirls all over the surface

Power(s): This Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit allows the user to turn into an Impundulu, a mythological avian creature of occult background that is said to have power over lightning and thunder by calling them forth using its wings and talons. User can also summon static discharges around their person to enhance their physical capabilities, reflexes, and reaction time. And like all Zoans, the user (apart from the default form) has the option of turning into a fully-transformed beast form, and a hybrid form

Weakness(es): The powers afforded by this Fruit are only available whenever the User(s) are assuming their Full-Zoan of Hybrid Zoan Forms. Apart from that, there are also the usual DF weaknesses.

Daibu Daibu No Mi (Dive Dive Fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Daibu Daibu No Mi (Dive Dive Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: A green apple fruit with a pointed yellow cone located at its center that protudes to the top; and like the rest of its kind, it is covered in swirls

Power(s): This Paramecia-type fruit enables the user to treat matter (both living and lifeless), with the exception of liquids, as though they were fluid in state, making it possible for the user to "swim" through them.

Weaknesses: Uncommon to most Devil Fruits, the Dive Dive Fruit's powers does not extend to the owners clothes. This means that the user must discard their clothing and items while using this Fruit's abilities, as they would slip out of the user's grip while the Dive DIve Fruit's powers are active

Mise Mise No Mi (Shop Shop Fruit)

Devil Fruit name:Mise Mise No Mi (Shop Shop Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: A sapphire-colored strawberry fruit covered in swirls

Power(s): This Paramecia-type fruit turns the consumer into a "shop" of sorts. This means that they can have other people "purchase", "sell" and/or "trade" specific attributes. Said attributes can range from memories, learned skills, innate talents, and even Devil Fruit powers.

Weaknesses: This Fruit does not barter mastery and skill in the use of Haki or any other combat style, as true fighting skill can only be learned through experience in the field of battle. Other than that, the user is also susceptible to typical DF weaknesses.

Banku Banku No Mi (Bank Bank Fruit)

Devil Fruit name:Banku Banku No Mi (Bank Bank Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: A yellow grape fruit about the size of a man's fist. Like all Devil Fruits, it is covered in swirls.

Power(s): This Paramecia-type fruit allows the user to become a "bank" of sorts. Only rather than money, the Fruit's power causes people's "power levels" (similar to Douriki) to be channeled though and through as currency. Thus, enabling other people to "deposit" and/or "withdraw" their strengths into the Bank Bank Fruit's user, as well as "loan" it to themselves for a specific amount of time. Burrowing for extended periods can cause a "bankruptcy", where the burrower must then pay up twice the amount of strength level they have burrowed. The Fruit's user can also indulge in such transactions, but must be wary of the consequences.

Weaknesses: The Fruit's greatest weakness lies in the fact that the user cannot commit "transactions" and both store and loan other people's powers without their proper permission. Likewise, the user cannot access and personally benefit from the power levels he/she stores with the help of the Fruit's power, at least not without their real owner's proper consent. And even then, the power level of only one individual can be utilized at any given time. He/She must also be careful not to become bankrupt, or he/she lose all the stored strengths. Other than that, the user is also susceptible to typical DF weaknesses.

Hito Hito No Mi, Model Sasquatch (Human Human Fruit, Model Sasquatch)

Devil Fruit name: Hito Hito No Mi, Model Sasquatch (Human Human Fruit, Model Sasquatch)

Type: Zoan Sub-Type: Mythical Zoan

Appearance: Takes the form of a cyan-colored mango fruit that is slightly-larger than average sized and covered with the usual Devil Fruit swirls all over the surface

Power(s): This Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit allows the user to turn into an Sasquatch, a bipedal primate-like mammalian creature of considerable size, and yet said to able to elude detection if it so chooses. Apart from the 3 typical Zoan forms granted by the fruit, the user also gains the ability to render their entire body invisible in a manner not unlike to a Suke Suke Fruit user. With the only difference is that the invisibility does not extend to anything (or anyone) other than the user's body.

Weakness(es): The powers afforded by this Fruit are only available whenever the User(s) are assuming their Full-Zoan of Hybrid Zoan Forms. Apart from that, there are also the usual DF weaknesses.

Dēta Dēta No Mi (Data Data Fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Dēta Dēta No Mi (Data Data Fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: A crimson-colored spikey durian fruit covered with swirls.

Power(s): This Logia-type fruit allows the user to convert their body into a collective of binary code. If the user would be attacked, the attack would go right through him as if attacking a hologram. Can also "upload" items into a storage space by converting them to data, and "download" them for use at any time, upon which they disappear after use. {C}Can also "copy" enemy attacks to a memory bank for continued use (including devil fruit attacks). Can "delete" non-sentient objects. Capable of infiltrating computers and transmitters as if a virus. If the user is injured he can "repair" the damaged area if not fatal. Can also create up to 5 digital copies for up to 5 minutes. If the user is killed they can use a backup copy of themselves to come back to life. This technique can only be used twice. Ultimate attack involves pulling the opponent into a matrix of binary code where the opponent is at the user's mercy. The weakness of this fruit is electricity over-exposure and transmission jamming.--Lordxehanort 19:29, May 27, 2011 (UTC)

Zō Zō no Mi Model: Mammoth (Elephant Elephant Fruit Model: Mammoth)

Devil Fruit name: Zō Zō no Mi Model: Mammoth (Elephant Elephant Fruit Model: Mammoth)

Type: Zoan Sub-Type: Ancient Zoan

Appearance: A light blue-colored apple fruit with swirls on the skin and one on the leaf.

Power(s): This Ancient Zoan-type devil fruit allows the user to turn into a full mammoth and a mammoth hybrid at will, giving the user the strength and weight of a mammoth. Can also use large tusks in combat and to carry heavy things. The weakness of this fruit is exposure to heat.--OhJay 14:34, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

Jikan Jikan no Mi (Time Time Fruit)

Devil Fruit name: Jikan Jikan no Mi (Time Time Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: An un-ripe lemon, most of it is green with a few spots of yellow, about the size of someone's fist, tastes of melons.

Power(s): A Paramecia type devil fruit which allows the user to manipulate time, would also prevent the user from aging from when the fruit is consumed. The fruit would essentially mean that they cannot be beaten in combat as all of the opponents' moves would be predicted, countered or prevented. Weaknesses are the user is still vulnerable when asleep, sea stone still takes affect on the user and only if the user can use  can sense the location of the time time user and use the king haki. The user may accidently wipe him/herself out of exsitence, could change the course of history as One Piece fans know it. However they are two types of time time fruits, the rewind and fast foward which will be eaten by two twin sisters which one will join luffys crew.

Zō Zō no Mi Model: Mammoth (Elephant Elephant Fruit Model: Mammoth)

Devil Fruit name: Zō Zō no Mi Model: Mammoth (Elephant Elephant Fruit Model: Mammoth)

Type: Zoan Sub-Type: Ancient Zoan

Appearance: A light blue-colored apple fruit with swirls on the skin and one on the leaf.

Power(s): This Ancient Zoan-type devil fruit allows the user to turn into a full mammoth and a mammoth hybrid at will, giving the user the strength and weight of a mammoth. Can also use large tusks in combat and to carry heavy things. The weakness of this fruit is exposure to heat,

Nawa Nawa (Rope-Rope Fruit)

Nawa Nawa (Rope-Rope Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: A pear shape fruit that has yellow and off white spirals going from the top to the bottom.

Power(s): Allows user to create any size, thickness, strengeth, and toughness rope from their body and can control it. They can turn the majority of their body into really thick and strong rope. They can also control any rope that is within 100 meters of them (making them really useful on a ship).

Weakness: normal weakness apply. Also weak ageist fire, causes the rope to ignite and melt.

Inu Inu no mi, Model: Cerberus (Mutt-Mutt Fruit, Model: Cerberus)

Inu Inu no mi, Model: Cerberus (Mutt-Mutt Fruit, Model: Cerberus)

Type: Ancient Zoan

Appearance: Has a round bottom and three nubs like a pear has on top. Is a bluish purple color.

Power(s): This Ancient Zoan-type devil fruit allows the user to turn fully into Cerberus or a Cerberus hybrid at will, giving the user the senses and traits of a canine. They can have one or three heads in hybrid mode.

Weakness: normal weakness apply. Each head leans to a different form of thinking, one is aggressive, one is defensive, well the other can differ depending on the person. This can cause problems in some situations.

Future Future Fruit

Future Future Fruit


Look:A silver Pineaple that emmits light

Power:Allows the consumer to tell the future

Weakness:Normal devil fruit weakness

Tori Tori No Mi, Model : Griffin

Devil Fruit Name: Tori Tori No Mi, Model : Griffin

Type: Mythical Zoan

Appearence: Light brown pineapple with golden stripes.

Powers: Allows user to turn completely into a mythical Griffin or into a hybrid human-griffin form. This gives the user the power to see in very long distances and develop a great amount of speed.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses (Water, Seastone).

Stop-Stop Fruit

Stop-Stop Fruit

Appearance: shiny purple cherries

Powers: Allows the user to basically nullify devil-fruit users' abilities against the eater.

Weakness: Probably the fact that the eater has to rely on his own skills since he can now fight equally with devil-fruit users.

Kaze Kaze no Mi (Wind Wind Fruit)

Kaze Kaze no Mi (Wind Wind Fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: Green Cherry

Power: User can turn into wind and create a room-like air-less bubble around himself, similar to Law and Bege's Akuma no Mi.

Weakness: Standard Akuma no Mi weaknesses, Gura Gura no Mi, Yami Yami no Mi

User: MangaryuAi99

Distort-Distort Fruit

Distort-Distort Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Power: The user can distort any solid matter. His distortions can mean he stretches, bends, or pinches the material in any way he desires. He can also cause matter to have less density and let things pass through it, and then return it to its original density. Objects he is distorting can be split into multiple pieces. so he can make a hole appear in something to avoid an attack, or he can make bullets shoot out of metal. He can also make more matter of a paticular object but only while he is touching it. He uses this to create a suit of armor out of a small piece of metal.

Weakness: Standard Weaknesses, manipulating living things takes more energy, manipulating things farther away takes more energy, making more matter takes alot of energy,(no energy and he will pass out and/or die.)

Ate by: Me. Captain of the Handprint Pirates.

Face-Face Fruit

Face-Face Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Power: Can remove any living persons face, and then attach it to any living person. All of a person's injuries are stored in their face, so he can heal anyone by removing their face and hurt people by throwing injured faces onto them. People without faces can still eat food, speak, and see; although they don't have eyes or mouthes(they can't smell though). If someone recieves an injury while they don't have a face, that injury will stay no matter what face they wear. He has learned how to summon the spirit of a mask, which he can control,and fuse with these spirits. When fused he is stronger and has multiple faces, essentially must be killed twice or more. Spirits do not bear the injuries of the masks(neither does he when fused.)

Weakness: Standard Weaknesses

Ate by: My brother. Captain of the Masquerade Pirates.

Color-Color Fruit

Color-Color Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Power: Can remove the color of any person, animal, plant, or object. The color can then be reformed into anything he might need, like a sword, ladder, robe, life-size controllable elephant, etc. Anything made of color is as hard as iron. He can also absorb color into his body for later use.

Weakness: Standard Weaknesses, Black-and-white objects; if something gets far enough away from it's color,(500 Color-Colors), the color will fly back to it and turn back to normal old colors, regardless of what shape the where in.

Ate by: My best friend. Captain of the Rainbow Pirates.

Above three made by the same person, TheZakMan

Hakushu Hakushu no mi (clap clap fruit)

{C}type:dunno {C}Apperance:blue grapes {C}weakness:can't be used in small areas {C}power:can stretch arms up to fifty miles. when you clap it makes you temperarily deaf.

ate by: gai (my brother) captain of the illusion pirates

Gazo Gazo no mi ( Image Image fruit)

Gazo Gazo no mi ( Image Image fruit)

Type: paramecia

Apperance: Squarish purple pinapple with swirly patterns on it.

Power: Allows the user to manifest anything he/she imagines into real life.

Weakness: Large objects take time to form and drains the users energy, standard devil fruit users weaknesses.

Property of Lauer D. Jacob, member of the Stawhat Pirates

Netsu Netsu no Mi ( Heat Heat fruit)

Netsu Netsu no Mi ( Heat Heat fruit)

Type : Paramecia

Appearance : Scarlet fruit resembling a peach. It has swirly patterns on it.

Power : Allows the user to control heat, whether its making it hotter or cooler. The user can also manipulate the heat into spheres of heat that explode on contact, releasing a large amount of heat. The user can also send heat waves and condense heat to create small explosions.

Weakness : Cold temperatures (Under 0 degrees celsius, which is the freezing point of water), lack of energy (like running out of breath, or being drained of your energy) and the normal Devil fruit weaknesses

Property of Lauer D. Jacob, member of the Stawhat Pirates

Sakana Sakana no Mi: Model Blue Shark (Fish Fish Fruit: Model Blue Shark)

'Sakana Sakana no mi': Model Blue Shark (Fish Fish Fruit: Model Blue Shark)


Appearance: Blue Apple w/t spirals

Power: Allows user to transform into a blue shark and blue shark/human hybrid.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit user weaknesses.

property of Lauer D. Jacob, member of the Stawhat Pirates

Ju Ju no mi (Gun Gun fruit)

Ju Ju no mi (Gun Gun fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Apperance: Black/Gray Grapes with swirls

Power: Allows user to sprout guns and transforms limbs into guns and cannons, allows user to control other peoples guns.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit user weaknesses.

Consumer: Lauer D. Jacob, member of the Strawhat Pirates, bounty of 395,000,000

Ishi Ishi no mi (Will Will fruit)

Ishi Ishi no mi (Will Will fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Apperance: White Pomegranate with swirls

Power: Allows user to drain or revive one's willpower to live, or do anything.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Stawhat Pirates. (Most powerful devil fruit ever, can even defeat a logia.)

Chi Chi no mi (Blood Blood fruit)

Chi Chi no mi (Blood Blood fruit)

Type: Logia

Apperance: Blood red starfruit with swirls

Power: Allows user to create, control, and become blood. can control other people's blood.

Weakness: Extreme cold (blood freezes and becomes solid), standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirates. (Most powerful Logia devil fruit ever.)

Neko Neko no mi: model tiger ( Cat Cat fruit: model tiger)

Neko Neko no mi: model tiger ( Cat Cat fruit: model tiger)

Type: Zoan

Apperance: Orange pear with black swirls

Power: Allows user to become a human/tiger hybrid or full tiger.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Stawhat Pirates.

Mizu Mizu no mi (Water Water fruit)

Mizu Mizu no mi (Water Water fruit)

Type: Logia

Apperance: Sea green grapefruit with swirls

Power: Allows user to create, control, and become water.

Weakness: Extreme heat or cold, standard devil weaknesses, (cannot mix wih seawater or any other body of water).

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirates.

Kusaru Kusaru no mi (Rot Rot fruit)

Kusaru Kusaru no mi (Rot Rot fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Apperance: Brownish black banana with swirls

Power: Allows user to decay anything they touch, the user gains the life span of the person or thing they decay.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, and unrottable materials (water, fire, lightning, Etc.)

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirates.

Bazu Bazu no mi: model hornet (Buzz Buzz fruit: model hornet)

Bazu Bazu no mi: model hornet (Buzz Buzz fruit: model hornet)

Type: Zoan

Apperance: Black and yellow horned melon with swirls

Power: Allows user to become a human/hornet hybrid or full hornet, splits into a swarm of hornets when in full hornet form.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, swarm becomes uncontrollable when seperated from main hornet.

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirate.

Bazu Bazu no mi: model mosquito (Buzz Buzz fruit: model mosquito)

Bazu Bazu no mi: model mosquito (Buzz Buzz fruit: model mosquito)

Type: Zoan

Apperance: Brown kiwi with swirls

Power: Allows user to become a human/mosquito hybrid or full mosquito, splits into a swarm of mosquitos when in full mosquito form, can detect the smallest trace of blood at a great distance.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, swarm becomes crazy at the smell of blood, after engorging, becomes too heavy and slow to fly.

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Stawhat Pirates.

Kumo Kumo no mi: model scorpion (Spider Spider fruit: model scorpion)

Kumo Kumo no mi: model scorpion (Spider Spider fruit: model scorpion)

Type: Zoan

Apperance: Purple apple with swirls

Power: Allows user to become a human/scorpion hybrid or full scorpion.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Note: propertyof Lauer D. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirates.

Buta Buta no mi: model razorback (Pig Pig fruit: model razorback)

Buta Buta no mi: model razorback (Pig Pig fruit: model razorback)

Type: Zoan

Apperance: Large pink gooseberry with swirls

Power: Allows user to become a human/razorback hybrid or full razorback.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirates.

Kani Kani no mi: model lobster (Crab Crab fruit: model lobster)

Kani Kani no mi : model lobster (Crab Crab fruit: model lobter)

Type: Zoan

Apperance: Red fig with swirls

Power: Allows the user to become a human/lobster hybrid or full lobster.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirates.

Kuma Kuma no mi: model panda ( Bear Bear fruit: model panda)

Kuma Kuma no mi: model panda (Bear Bear no mi: model panda)

Type: Zoan

Apperance: White passion fruit with black swirls

Power: Allows user to become a human/panda or full panda.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirates.

Shogeki Shogeki no mi (Impact Impact fruit)

Shogeki Shogeki no mi (Impact Impact fruit)

Type: paramecia

Apperance: large blue apple with black swearls

Power :( like the impact dial) the user can absorbe the impact given to him from any kaind of attack(swords hammers guns other devil fruit users) and send it right back to the enemy it can also send force push like attacks and at max power it can have the same effect as the reject dial with out hurting the fruit user as much as the reject dial would

Weakness: sea water, sea stone and logia type users if not reinforced by haki

Consumer: Lebron D. chris (captain of the iron head pirates)

kage kage no mi (shadow shadow fruit)

kage kage no mi (shadow shadow fruit)

type: logia

apperance: small black and gray apple

power: gives the user the ability to both control and turn into shadows, the user are able to manipukate their opponents shadows and transform them in various forms (spikes, weapons, animals or other). a talented user can make clones of their opponents to use againtst them (the clones have all the originals abilities), they can also use it to copy the weapons of their opponents. (it cancels out light based powers as both light and dark must coexist)

Weakness: seawater or seastone

Consumer: unknown

Undō Undō no mi (kinetic kinetic fruit)

Type: paramecia

Appearance: medium red with green swirly stem and spirals over it

Power: Gives the user a move called: Kin'niku ponpu (Muscle pump) pushing kinetic energy into their body pumping their muscles changing their physcial appearance. The abilitiy to control kinetic energy which can give the user the ability to destory an entire landscape. Next to the rest of the other powers there comes a reverse effect called Senzai-tekina(potential) giving the user the power to just flex their pinky and isntantly come up with an entire strategy and going through with it to defeat an entire army.

Weakness:Even though the fruit gives the user kientic abilties the power is completely useless in water

Consumer: Seido Herumetto (Meaning Bronze Helmet due to his Bronze Helm he uses to bash through soild objects with his head; also has a bounty of 200,000,000)

Yuka Yuka no Mi (Floor Floor Fruit)

Yuka Yuka no Mi (Floor Floor Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Apperance: Red curly orange with a lime leaf

Power: Makes the user of the fruit walk on any kind of visible object, that means the user is not affected on Seawater or Seastone (FX: Water, Lava, & All liquid types)

Weakness: Unknown (Can still be defeated by other humans & Devil Fruit users, just not Logia type users)

Consumer: Rakuryo D. Shingoshado (Bounty: 280.800.000, Haki user)

Omoi Omoi no Mi (Mind Mind Fruit)

Omoi Omoi no Mi (Mind Mind Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Crescent shaped, thinner on the ends. White with lavender swirls.

Power: Basically like really advanced mind control. The user of this fruit can control what someone sees, hears, and thinks. Say you saw a crow, the user of this fruit could make it seem like you just saw a giant floating whale. This fruit can manipulate someone's eyes into choosing to ignore you. It can block off people's memories. It can use the brain to make you seem like you are in agonizing pain, when really nothing is wrong with you. It can paralyze you by cutting off the signal from the brain to legs. Also, though the user can't read peoples minds, they can sense emotions. Although extremely difficult to learn how to do, the user can project themselves into someone else's dreams and communicate.

Weakness: This fruit is one of the most powerful paramecia fruits, but it takes very complex understanding of the brain to use properly. It would take years of studying to fully reach this fruit's potential. You could easily screw up someone's brain and accidently kill them instead of helping them. Also, by the way this fruit blocks off memories, it is very challenging to recover them without causing damage to the brain. Normal weaknesses devil's fruit weaknesses apply.

Kiri Kiri no Mi (Mist Mist Fruit)

{Devil Fruit Box

Description: This is a paramecia type fruit which makes the user able to control, transform and produce moisture by creating water particles in the air. The user can hence become a "fog-man".

Strengths: This ability grants the user the ability to become fog. While this element doesn't do any physical harm to humans it can actually suffocate them by producing so much water particles in the area that there aren't enough oxygen to breathe. The user will also be able to become invisible, by producing minimal amounts of water particles while transforming, and not being visible in the air.

Weaknesses:Busoshoku Haki, Kairoseki, Fire, Magma
Sewil 16:32, November 25 - 2012

Akuma mi akuma mi no Mi (devil fruit devil fruit Fruit)

Type: Doesn't fit in with any type it’s a type all its own

Appearance: watermelon with almost every color

Power: Allows user to make and eat Akuma no mi (devil fruit) copies that have the same ability as the real one as well as make new ones. If anyone but the user eats one on the copies it will act like a poison that has no antidote and can't be healed.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit user weaknesses. and what fruit that is beinng used's weaknesses

Consumer: Yami D. Harrison (inter-dimensional Harrison, Harrison of the ∞-sword style (A sword style that uses multiply swords that the # of swords being more than or equal to 2))

Drill drill fruit

APEARANCE:silver drill like funnel with stem at top

Power:entire body is harder than titanium and Sharper than a katana, can rotate any Part of body at high speeds(eg spinning tip of finger or Whole arm)drilling threw even Dimond.

Weakness:if rotating part Is gripped tight enough Ten rest of body spin.

Sole sole fruit(sun sun)

Powers:user has control over light, heat and growth

Apprence:a glowing orange star fruit with swirls

Weakness: if hit with a wave of extremely powerful Blast of pure darkness energy there is a 1 in 5 chance There will be a solar eclipse and both users(sun and darkness ) Will cease to exist ,also water, hachi and sea stone


User: captain apollo of the solar raider crew.

Boom boom fruit(explosion man)

Appearence: very bumpy and red Power can cause any thing they touch to exploud including air.

Boom boom fruit (explosion man)

Appearance :very bumpy and red.

Power :user can blow up any thing they touch including Aircan also absorb explosions ,trap explosions and become Explosions

Weakness :power won't work if user is slightly damp or if it's raining ,other devil fruit weaknesses User captain Thomas nuke of the gunpowder crew ,king Of the pirates son ,of monkey D Luffy, bounty. 750,000,000 Beri

Type. Logia

Plant-Plant fruit

Plant Plant fruit

Type: Logia

Appearance of fruit: An aqua blue blackberry with gold swirls.(it tastes like lemons.)

Power: Allows the user to turn into, control, and grow any plant.(exept for devil fruits.)

Strengths: The user can turn into any plant excluding aquatic plants.The user can grow plants as long as she has soil,water,sun,ect.The user can turn into a plant and grow if they have enough room.The user can also heal themselves;say some one cut off the users finger. It would grow back in a muinute or two.The bigger the ingury the longer it takes to heal.This fruit would be helpful for a cook, doctor, or carpenter.

Weaknesses: Usual Devil fruit weakneses.

Beli Beli fruit (money man)

Appearance: yellow peach with Beli symbol

Power:can create limitless supply's of Beli ,can turn into pile of Beli ( in this form Beli can fly but one must always be on the ground),turn people animals and things to Beli With a touch and can attract and control Beli .

Weakness :speed ,strength and intelligence are Not increased so user must fight with his/her own Strength also seastone and the sea

User:bling Harrison captain of the bling bling pirates Also the richest man on earth.bounty 365,000,000 Beli .

Kagi Kagi no mi (Key Key fruit)

Name: Kagi Kagi no mi / カギカギの実 / Key Key fruit

Type: Paramecia

Powers: Turns the person into a Key-human (鍵人間). At will, can transform any one of the user's fingers from either hand into the shape of a key. From close range, by pointing his key finger, he can unlock anything that would normally need a lock; items include; doors, drawers, treasure chests, any lock and any other consivable item to be opened. Anothe ability the user has is to unlock peoples' hearts. When doing so, the recipient gains a keyhole shaped hole on his chest. If some kind of attack would enter inside the keyhole and hit person's heart, that person would recieve critical damage and most presumably die. Also while the victim's door to the heart is open, that person  becomes very emotional and experiences rapid mood swings depending on the situation. 

Weaknesses: In order for the effects of the Kagi Kagi no mi to work, the user must point his key-finger directly at the intended target from a close distance (At least 6 inches away). This devil fruit also has no practical offensive capabilities. 

Hai Hai no mi (Ash Ash Fruit)

Hai Hai no mi/ Ash Ash Fruit/ ハイハイの実


Powers: Allows to turn their body entirely into ash. By turning into ash, can travel distances very swiftly. Uses ash-based attacks, can burn oppoents including creating clouds of ash around enemy/s and causing into to combust in a firery explosion. 

Weaknesses: being a fire-based logia type fruit, the user is particularly weak against water and cold based attacks. 

Notes: This is a fire based logia fruit but is weaker than the Mera Mera no mi or the Magu Magu no mi. A good comparison would be comparing the ice type logia fruits, the Yuki Yuki no mi to the stronger Hie Hie no mi

Kawaii Kawaii No Mi(Cute Cute)

This fruit allows the user to become extremely cute to the point of where the opponent doesnt want to hit them,And if they do they fill really bad and stop themselves from doing it again.

Weakness:The sea like all devil fruits.

Do not steal this idea comes from the youtube user muglorgrimlockable.

Mozukai Mozukai No Mi(Wood Wood Fruit)

This is the mokuzai mokuzai no mi The Wood Wood Fruit Type:Paramecia

Name.Deku Rootwell/Nick Name Deku The Human Forest.

It was eaten by a warrior/carpenter named deku Rootwell,He was wondering around on an island near west blue and got very hungry after 8 hours of work in the hot sun to provide for his son scrubion and his wife shrubina.

He saw this weird/spooky looking fruit coming from a tree,He ate it and fell to his knees and almost puked but he suddenly felt power surging through him as what he had eaten was the devil fruit know as the Mokuzai Mokuzai No Mi and had the abilty to retain his normal form or become his element like all logia type devil fruit users and can become a wood man that can manipulate wood of any kind from his body or near him.

and can make weapons from this attached to his body or anyway he sees fit and can make it as hard as steal,and can also drain mostiure from his opponents kind of like crocodiles sand sand fruit and make them very dehydrated and making him reenergized,he can also control wood for example if he wanted to he could rip a ship apart slowly by making the pieces of wood come to him slowly as he them absorbs them making him stronger.his one weakness is fire but can still fight and beat a fire user just is a VERY hard task.

This fruit IS and Does Belong To The Youtuber Muglorgrimlockable And deviant Artist Muglorgrimlock.

Aku Aku no Mi (aku short for akuma meaning devil)

type: Mythical Zoan 


  • gives the eater red skin and red horns on the forehead with elf-like ears
  • gives a body temp of up to (but can be changed at eater's whim) 400*C (750*F)
  • diamond hard skin
  • strong cold/freezing resistance
  • strong poison resistance 
  • strong lighting resistance
  • strong fire resistance
  • pyrokinesis
  • increases eater strength by 10 times his normal strength 
  • slight regeneration (small wounds are healed almost instantly, deadly wounds are healed within a day)
  • enhanced sight
  • enhanced hearing
  • enhanced smell
  • enhanced haki of all 3 types (doesn't make you a master. doesn't appy if you don't know haki)
  • enhanced life span of up to 3,000 years
  • the ability to steal one devil fruit (i would steal the gura gura no mi)


  • standard devil furit weakness only 

eaten by: Micheal D. Roberts nicknamed "The Demon" 130 year old captain of the Underworld Pirates

notes: this devil furit has no real major ability but rather many minor abilities all of which make it a perfect devil furit for fighting hand to hand with haki.   

Warp warp

Name:warp warp

Apperance: a long twisty snake like fruit

Power:allows user to teleport any where they've been or can See ,can teloport 20 times a second , has extreme speed And can teleport other beings and things with the same rules

Weakness:this fruit doesn't increase power only speed , Split second thinking and reflexes.

User:skipper first mate of the boom boom pirates bounty: 150,000,000

Kami Kami no Mi

type: Paramecia


  • gives the eater the ability to create anything out of thin air 
  • can create (or copy already existing) devil fruits


  • standard devil fruit weakness
  • can't create anything living 
  • can't make anything that's bigger than a standard size island
  • the devil fruits created by this power is not as strong as a regular one

eaten by: Adam Anderson head shipwright of the Underworld Pirates  

Neko Neko no Mi model Liger

type Zoan


  • gives the eater the ability to tranform into a full liger or liger-human hybrid
  • gives the eater the ability to tranform into a full tiger or tiger-human hybrid
  • gives the eater the ability to tranform into a full lion or lion-human hybrid

weakness: standard devil fruit weakness only

eaten by: Gato Leo head cook of the Underworld Pirates

notes: a liger is an real animal in which is a cross between a male lion and a female tiger. the opposite of a liger is a tion which is where the tiger is the male and the lion is the female

Mera Mera no Mi model Amaterasu

type: Mythical Logia


  • gives the eater the ability to create, control, and become black inextinguishable fire.
  • immortality (since the amaterasu fire is inextinguishable and will burn forever so is the eater) 


  • standard devil fruit weakness only 
  • the eater can still die if he drowns, get killed by haki, or wearing seastone cuffs and gets killed 

eaten by: John D. Roberts 125 year old first mate of the Underworld Pirates and little brother of Micheal D. Roberts (the captain)

notes: this devil fruit is one of the few that is said to be invincible and is even greater than the magu magu no mi of akainu

Time Time fruit

Type: Mystical Logia

power:Allows the user to stop, make time faster in the users surrounding and rewind time. Also allows the user to teleport through different dimensions. And the user can also turn into time it's self.

weakness: Typical devil fruit weaknesses and viberation.

Typhoon Typhoon no mi

Name:Typhoon Typhoon no mi (Hurricane Hurrican no mi)



Power:Grants the user to have power over Hurrianes and destroy seas with one touch. Cause he is a Logia type bullets and swords dont affect him. The only item that affects him is Seastone. It also gives the user to kill devil fruit user who use Magma and fire. The user of this fruit is Gol D Alim.

Bounty of user:550,000,000

Weakness: Darkeness

User of darkness: Marshall. D. Teach

Alim101isthebest (talk) 23:35, December 15, 2012 (UTC)AlimAlim101isthebest (talk) 23:35, December 15, 2012 (UTC)


'Name : ATOM ATOM no Fruit (ATOM ATOM) 'Type:Logia  Appearance: unknown

Power:allows the user to Manipulate atoms with in a subastance where its is to take things apart or cause chemical reaction to create new things

Weakness:Standard devil fruit weaknesses

[[[Special:Contributions/|]] 00:31, December 16, 2012 (UTC)Uzar ILA71.190.11.229 00:31, December 16, 2012 (UTC)]

Nenrei Nenrei No Mi ( Age Age Fruit)

Nenrei Nenrei No Mi ( Age Age Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: dark purple "pear shape" with ripples

Power: Power over senescence/aging

Strengths: The user can shoot dark blue/black flames at their opponent(s) and can accelerate their natural aging process until their bodies have completely deteriorated. The user can also reverse the aging process.

Weaknesses: water, seastone

User: Terras Vega 04:05, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

Jūryoku Jūryoku No Mi

Jūryoku Jūryoku No Mi ( Gravity Gravity Fruit )

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Turquoise apple shape with swirls

Power: Able to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces. The user can also create small black holes.

Weaknesses: water, seastone

User: Terras Vega 04:04, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

Tsukuru Tsukuru No Mi

Japanese Name

Tsukuru Tsukuru No Mi

English Name

Make Make Fruit





Make Make Fruit (This file no longer exists: Tsukuru_Tsukuru_No_Mi.jpg)


Allows the user to reshape anything he touches with thier hands into another item for as long as the user keeps a hold of the item. 

eg changing a stick into a sword,

though the user has to be able to visualize theitem it needs to change into and would not be able to turn a stick into a gun without knowing about all the moving parts, like where they go, how they work in relation to other parts. Also the user could not create bullets as once they leave the chamber would revert back into their original form. All items retain thier relative mass.

eg a 10 Tonne hammer changed into a piece of paper, though now flexable it would still weigh 10 Tonnes.


Water, Kairoseki (sea prism stone / seastone),  if the item suffers any damage it would show on the original item.

eg if the user creates a baseball bat from a pint glass, the glass would shatter in its original form if the baseball bat was used to break something. also the user could not take the broken pieces of the glass and make it whole as once they release it it would become shards again.

Also the transformation cannot stop a process once its began

eg turning a lit stick of dynamite into a stick, the stick would explode at the same time and with the same force as the original form 

Waiya Waiya No Mi

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Grey watermelon

Literally means: Wire Wire Fruit

Power: User has ability to control barbed wire, form barbed wire, and turn various body parts into it. He or she can use the fruit to almost whatever their will is, though it takes a bit of practice to master it.

Weakness: Aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses (becoming unable to swim), it can be hard to maneuver out of. In bleakness and terror beyond all human hope, the Gods guard the jimmies for centuries to come... (talk) 03:21, December 17, 2012 (UTC)

Gekido Gekido fruit (literal meaning: rage rage)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: red with spikes and an orange type appearance

Power: user is able to sommon 100x their strength and is not effected by any form of pain or attack that my attempt to move or injure the individual in any way.

Weaknesses: water, seastone, recovery: as soon as 30 minutes are up the individual is hit with all the damage recived whist in the devil fruit form however nomatter how bad the pain the damage will never physically show.

Grav Grav Fruit

Name: Grav Grav Fruit

Use: Allows the user to allow himself to jump or move in certain gravity.

Strength: If using high gravity and can manage it like normal gravity, they can become really fast.

Disadvantage: Standard Devil Fruit Weakness

Jinsei Jinsei no mi (Life Life Fruit)

The Jinsei Jinsei Fruit is one of the rarest devil fruits not part of the zoan specification. The fruits flakey texture is usually why many people discard it as they think it is rotten.

Type: Paramecia


  • Gives the user the ability to give inanimate objects life &/or control said object.
  • Bring paintings or drawings to life (such as a drawing of a weapon can be brought to life and used)
  • Revive fallen comerades, but at the cost of some of your life.


  • No weaknesses have been recored so far.

Unchi Unchi no Mi (Poop Poop Fruit)

Logia type devil fruit that allows the user to become fecal matter. Can spread disease very quickly, is immune to all forms of physical attacks, and creates a noxious gas that can incapacitate.

The fruit has a dark brown color, very soft and squishy, has a repulsive smell. Shaped like a coconut.

Eaten by Scat Load, captain of the Scat Pirates. Scat Load has a 199,999,999 bounty for bringing disease to many government buildings throughout the world. De to his high bounty, he is considered one of the new Rookies.

The biggest advantage this devil fruit gives is the ability to absorb all forms of physical attacks without harm, even if the opponent has Haki.

The devil fruit has no notable weakness outside of the user not being able to swim.

kill kill friut

It make everyone die inseantly when he or she pont at sombody and say die

Clock Clock no Mi

This is the one of most powerful devil fruit,that allows the user to stop the time while he can move to where he wants and return the time when ever he wants, The one who uses thus devil fruit can't breathe when he's stopping the time, when also the time stopped hecan escape from bullets,so when some one shoots at him he dissapear and no one can find him because he's too fast

cyborg no mi


Power:Allows user to turn any part of his body into cyborg like.The user can also make his finger into a bayonetand thrust it at its opponents body.The most notable technique is the ability to shoot laser beam at any target that is lock on and the abiltiy to absorb an attack and repel it.It can also control magnetism which makes it almost invincible.

Weakness:Standard Devil Fruit Weakness

Kowa Kowa no mi (Fear Fear Fruit)

Allows your victims to became gay lol

Mushin Mushin no mi(Mind Mind) Type:

Allows the user excess interance of the enemy mind for long periods of time. They could control the enemy by doing he/she biding and or kill them by controlling them\

weakness: Stanard weakness

Shishi Shishi no mi (Beast Beast Fruit)

power: The user tranforms into a huge werewolf about 30ft in size has super strenght super sense and could jump really high and is twice as strong under full moon.

Weakness: typical weakness

Kane Kane no mi (Metal Metal fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Apearance: Two silver cherries covered in red lightining bolt pattern, with a neon green stem.

Power: Allows the user to turn themselves, completly (clothes too), into an unknown metal (like adamantium), the user can move around just as easily as when their not in metal form. The user can let any metal pass through him/her-self (the only exception to this is seastone, thats right Franky, Daz Bones (while metal), or a Pacifista would be fair game). The user can manipulate the shape of the metal passing through them (the metal will fluidly and instantly take the shape of whatever this fruits user wishes it to be, this abillity can only be used when they are in metal form), THIS DEVIL FRUIT DOES NOT ALLOW THE USER TO PASS THROUGH SOLID BODIES OF METAL (metal may pass through him/her, they cannot pass through metal), (the can however use bodies of metal to fuel the manipulation abillity).

The user of this fruit can mimic gears second and third.

Mimicing gear third is possible with a large enough mass of metal.

The character who ate this fruit is a cyborg. His/Her cybornettic part is in his/her brain (the fact that they are a cyborg is not apearent like franky), it allows them total control of the body, anyone who gets this implant automaticly knows all Rokushiki techniquces and has a better aptitude for Haki.

'Total control of the body allowing gear second. Due to the complete controll of his/her body, they can cause a forced, prolonged, adrenaline flow that would normaly heat up and destroy the body. Because of him/her being a metal man, they can use this abillity (while in metal form) to' mimic gear second without the destruction of their body.

Also due to being metal the user of the Kane Kane no mi would be imune to crocodiles dehydration, while in metal form.

The strange metal that the body turns into in metal form has a rediculosly high melting temp, so high that Akainu would merely make the metal man glow red and give them a boost similar, but far more powerful, to the mimicced gear second. However when being that hot the metal man must not leave his/her metal form, for all of that heat would destroy (most likely vaporize) their body.

The metal that the metal man becomes in his/her metal form can reflect the powers Boa Hancock and Foxy the Silver Fox.

The Kane Kane no mi user has two daggers and uses his/her power to make them like hidden blades from Assassians Creed. Although they prefer to stand on a large mass of metal (like a marine ship) and use the metal to create tenticals of all shapes and sizes to stab, bash, and pummel his/her opponents.

While in metal form, even though the metal man moves just as easily as when their not metal, he/she is still redicously heavy, making the blows that he/she delivers at least 20x's stronger than when their not in metal form. This can also make standing on old or wooden structures almost impossible for him/her, which makes fighting at sea difficult at most times.

Weakness's: Being a hammer in the ocean, sea stone, electricity, or an extreamly strong blow (like Luffy's elephant gun, Sanji's Diable jamble or any haki hardend attack). When the user of this fruit uses a mass of metal larger than themself, the part of their body touching the mass of metal (a hand, or his/her feet) is bound until they stop manipulating the metal. In metal form, Euastice Kid could throw him/her around like a rag doll. The cold can slow him/her down drasticly while in metal form, but the mimicced gear second can counter act this. While in metal form the metal man still needs to breathe so He/she would be at the mercy of Ceaser, but if put up against Magelan the metal man should be fine unless he/she consmes some poison.

Okereteru Okereteru no mi

Type: Paramecia

Apearance: Two strawberries joined togeather to look like an hour glass, its dark blue and has normal blue figure eights covering it.

Power: Allows the user to slur time, they move freely about while the rest of the world (within a one mile radius is caught in a "Haze").

"Kronos" slows time down ten seconds at a time.

The degree to which he slows down time can be to where he moves 2x's as fast, 5x's as fast all the way to him moving 100x's faster than he normaly does (this is how it would be precieved by people under the time slur effect in reality everyone is just moving that much slower). 

But the slower he makes time the longer it takes for him to be able to use the power again, x2 takes him ten seconds to recover, x5 takes him a minute to recover from, x10 takes ten minutes to recover from, x20 takes him an hour to recover from, x100 takes a full day (This is as close as he can get to stopping time).

Weaknesses: Normal weaknesses, "recovering" might take up time, but it does not weaken" Kronos".

Imitate fruit

Name:Imitate fruit 

Ability: to copy the powers of other devil fruits


Weakness:The one using it will be weak if they fall to the sea or interacted with seastones or if he copied other devil fruits with weaknesses.

Omoi Omoi no Mi ( Heavy Heavy Fruit )

Name : Omoi Omoi no Mi ( Heavy Heavy Fruit )

Appearance: Black and Dark Red mango

Power: The ability that your punches and kicks are heavy like 1 ton and very light. Around the arms and legs of the user there is lightning around it which can paralyze the opponent and create shock wave. Every time this user punches or kicks someone the floor will create a big circle of lightning underneath the enemy which will go through their veins and bones and blow inside his body that can only happen If the user uses the lightning on his arms or legs.

Type: Paramecia

Mushi Mushi no mi model stag beetle

(Bug bug fruit) Bold text 'Type zoan Abilities lets the user turn into a stag beetle or a stag beetle hybrid. Also allows flight Weaknesses standard weaknesses

Baka Baka No Mii

(Stupid Stupid Fruit) Type: Paramecia: Allows the User to manipulate how fast any part of their body works. The reason it is called the Baka Baka No Mii is because all of the people who have used this devil fruit haven't been able to use it properly and as such have died in horrific ways.

Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Sea Sea Fruit

haoshoku haki is it's weakness

sea cannot effect it 

sea stone cannot effect it

type : logia

Tilde Tilde no Mi (Sign-Sign Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Effect: Forces people who have not read rules to click "signature" button in the editor, or to sign with ~~~~

Weakness: This forum. There's just too many.

uknownada Talk 00:34, January 18, 2013 (UTC)

Densha Densha no Mi

Translation: Train Train Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: Two Bananas w/ polka dots attatched horizontally to each other via stem.

Models: Steam (Orange with Bright blue dots), Diesel (Red with Yellow Dots), and Shinkansen (Purple with green Dots),

Power: This fruit allows the user to transform into locomotives that can ram into  their opponents. Their vehicle form can also go on and off rails if needed.

Jokerfan45 (talk) 20:31, January 18, 2013 (UTC)

Oiru Oiru no Mi (Oil Oil Fruit)

Devil Fruit Name: Oiru Oiru no Mi (Oil Oil Fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: Looks like a red apple with grey lines.

Powers: This Devil Fruit turns the user into an Oil Human. The type of oil that the user can turn into is black oil, the same type from a slick. As a result of being a Logia, the user is invulnerable to to blunt attacks and cannot be hurt unless using Haki or it's natural weaknesses. Once mastered, the fruit can be very useful in many situations.

Weaknesses: Aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses (inability to swim), the Oiru Oiru no Mi has an extreme vulnerability to fire, as oil is flammable.

Created by: -- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider  Click me  00:51, January 22, 2013 (UTC)

Onsei Onsei no Mi (Sound Sound Fruit)

Type: Parameccia

Appearance: unknown

Power: The main power of this fruit is that the user can control and manipulate sounds around him. The range of sound the user can control depends on the user's power. The stronger the user, the wider the range's diameter. At first, the user will realize that he/she can change his/her own voice into the voice of someone he/she knows. As it develops, the user can also hear the sound of wind blowing at the radius of 100 meters from his position. As the user getting to know the "color" of the sounds around him/her better, the user can even feel and control those sounds. The user can even make certain people listen to any sounds within the radius as long as the user can find the source of those sounds within range. As a weapon in battle, the user can change its frequency, color, and power of the sound and can create a huge amount of distraction and destruction into the enemy's brain. As the power grows, the user can also create a defensive vibration energy wall that can protect the user's body from normal attacks.  The power of this devil fruit itself is very unique and powerful as long as the user can be smart in using it. The user of this fruit also has the ability to adjust his hearing according to the sound he/she hears or produce. 

Weaknesses: Similar to other devil fruit users, the user is cursed by the sea. Also the user can only use his power within some range and also weak to a sudden powerful sound such as an exploding bombs' because of the user's sensitive hearing at the normal condition (the user cannot adjust his/her hearing in an instant such as when a bomb is actually exploding). Weak to powerful attacks that can break the defensive wall such as laser cannons. Also weak to destructive chemical gasses and poisons such as magma, sulfur, etc.

time time fruit

stpos time at will

shadow shadow fruit

control the shadow

Iwa Iwa no Mi (Rock Rock Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: A melon-shaped fruit, similar in shape to the other paramecia-type fruits. Has a gradient color from black to light grey with 5 triangular leaves stemming from the top.

Power: The consumer becomes, basically, a human shield. Has an increase in muscle mass and overall weight and density. Cannot be crushed, pierced, twisted, or bent. The consumer cannot change forms, meaning, they cannot grow or shrink from age. (i.e. If the consumer is a child, they must remain in their child form until they eventually die.

Other: The hair, eye, and skin color of the consumer is altered. The eyes turn into a stony grey, while the hair is turned a midnight black. (Hair can still grow, but remains in the same form.) The skin turnes very pale, almost a luminescent white.

Weaknesses: Sinks faster in water and falls faster in midair, due to increased weight. Speed is reduced if the consumer's muscles weaken.

thunder thunder


power to control electricity and thunde r and lightning 

Zombie-Zombie no mie

Paremecia type

Grant ability not able to die..unless being weaken by Devilfruit weakness.......being a zombie also able the user using the full strength of human muscle. also not able to effect by any kind of disease,virus,poison...etc that can effect the user body.

weakness...feel more pain than normal human..

Genshi Genshi no Mi (Atom Atom Fruit)

You are able to grow and shrink your size due to the amount of will power you have, shoot plasma beams that can destroy everything even diamond, and can re-arrange your particles and looks and anything you are touching as long as there is something to replace it (Alchemy law from Full Metal Alchemist manga).

Kaze Kaze no Mi (Wind Wind Fruit)


Appearance: A grape like fruit that is  shape like a cumulous cloud and its color is sky blue.This fruit is no seed and fluffy like a cotton candy.

Power: The user has an ability to become wind and air.Even the bullet can`t harm the user or even the sword cannot harm it.The user can fly anywhere or teleport from another place.The user can form a large tornado.The wind and air can be in space or inside the planet.This Wind and air is mixed with gas and poison.If you touch the wind or like you will disappear and if you inhale it you will die.The user that use it known as the god like Eneru.It has an ability to get the air inside your body.

Weakness:The same power.

Note:This devil fruit is floating above the sky.


Users Name: "Athos Anemois".

dorein dorein no MI (drain drain fruit)

ablities: gives you the power to absorb or drain an solid materiel. The user can change his head arms and legs into a helpful tool or weapon while using something you absorbed. all so the density off the thing you absorbed will add on to all your physical abilites x3. Also the materiel that the eater absorbed they can control or mold.

appearance: a white pear with orange and blue polka dots

weaknesses: lightning and the normal weakness


supido supido no MI (speed speed fruit)

name: speed speed fruit

type: paramecia

appearance: a lavender starfruit with black swirls 

abilities: this fruit allows the eater to be able to move att high speeds and teleport.                                                   weakness: if somone is holding the eater they would teleport with the person.

notes:The eater can only teleport seven feet each five seconds 

zesuto zesuto no MI (zest zest fruit)


apperance:red and blue pineapple

abillities: gives the eater the power to control pure energy and blast it. Also their physical strength and running increases to.

weakness:the Normal weakness.

claw claw Fruit

Claw Claw fruit paramecia type this fruit can canceled other Devil fruit and can take other fruit by killing the owner of the fruit by removeing the user heart and moveing it to other fruit.

Weakness: sea water and other fruit like blackbeard.

eating by judai, he is a mercenary

Copy copy fruit

Copy copy fruit all type This is a rare fruit that can copy the other devil fruit just by looking at a devil fruit user and keeps the power he can use any power at the same time by this anyone that eat this fruit can do anything also can go under water by useing water water fruit.

weakness: Unown

eating by Izak

the creater of the Claw claw Juan Rodriguez

Mythical zoan griffin

Mythical griffin- Zoan type Creature with the head and wings of an eagle and a body like a lion this power you by 8 lion and fast.

waekness: seawater

eating by kly power

Ryushi Ryushi no mi


Appearance:A transparent pear 

Power:To take any particle and transform it into anything the user wants(elements,weapons etc).The user can also take anything and destroy it.

Weakness:Seastone and Seawater.

Note:User can nullify arnament haki and various type of devil fruit.

consumer:The admiral who replace AoKiji,Jude D. Song

Mizu Mizu no Mi

Type: Logia

Appearance: Blue Apple

Abilities: User can turn him/herself into water and can control the composition of water at will. Can walk on water. Can merge with sea water. Can be ammune to sea water by changing the composition to that of sea water. Can drain the abilities of other devil fruit users(similar to seastone's draining effect).

Weakness: Weak against heat(fire, magma etc.). Weak against electricity if composition is salty.(Pure water composition is ammune to electricity.)

Note: Will have an endless battle with Hie Hie no Mi.

Suggested Devil Fruit user is Sabo The Revolutionary.

Plasma Plasma Fruit

Type: Logia

Appearance: Green Mango

Power: The person who ate Plasma-Plasma Fruit will become Plasma (highest energy containing state of matter like sun). He/she will have the ability to throw unlimited amount of plasma. He/she will have an ability in right hand to convert any material into plasma while touching. He/she can ionize the cracked layer, cracked by the power of Gura-Gura no MI thus nullifying the impact of that power. He/she can stand against Yami-Yami no Mi (as it is darkness that absorb materials), victor will be decided by the one having more plasma/darkness or strong haki. He/she can burn magma/ light/ ice/ any material logia type user. He/she can produce high energy beams/ nuclear blasts (nuclear fission or nuclear fusion are happening on sun)/ supersonic beams (as nuclear reaction proceeds more sound energy is released) but can produce electricity on applying magnetic field. He/she can make spade of plasma.

Weakness: Strong haki can defeat the one wealding this power. 

Hitei Hitei No Mi

Type : Paramecia

Appearance : Like an ordinary fruit,but hollow inside.

Power : Grant the user power to negate devil fruit user power,the more he/she master the fruit,the more larger the area of effect,the user can active the power at will.

Weakness : Ordinary devil fruit user weakness (Only when the power activated),and ordinary human weakness (Only if the user only depends on the devil fruit power itself (dont know how hand to hand combat etc).

Hitei Hitei No Mi (Negation Negation Fruit)

Type : Paramecia

Appearance : Like an ordinary fruit,but hollow inside.

Power : Grant the user power to negate devil fruit user power,the more he/she master the fruit,the more larger the area of effect,the user can active the power at will.

Weakness : Ordinary devil fruit user weakness (Only when the power activated),and ordinary human weakness (Only if the user only depends on the devil fruit power itself (dont know how hand to hand combat etc).

strom strom devil fruit allow you to use stroms

it allow you to use stroms itself winds and everystroms

type logia99.239.17.69 18:36, February 19, 2013 (UTC)

strom strom devil fruit

allow one to winds and stroms itself to blow everyones who get in your way away that the navy and with stroms and winds

Bomb Bomb fruit


Appearance: black mango with purple dots

Power: the user can turn anything into a ticking bomb, and control when the bomb will explode, he can also turn him self into a bomb (but wont recive damage when  he explodes), as well as his oponent.

Weakness: if the objeckt the user has turned into a bomb was to have water poured on it, the ticking will stop and the object wont be a bomb anymore

Hydra Hydra fruit

type: Mythical zoan

appearance: dark red banana with black strips

power: the user can turn into hydra and breath fire. If someone cuts his arms, legs or head even when not in hydra form it will grow back in seconds.

Kami Kami no Mi (Divine Divine Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: An entirely white Fig

Powers: The user becomes a divine being, able to summon "Angels" and apparations on his whim. The Angels are faceless, and are more resemblent of the light from Admiral Kizaru's fruit, except instead of yellow, they are a very pure white color. The user of the divine fruit is able to manifest holy light in an endless amount. Both the consumer and any "Angels" can shoot rays of holy light, aswell as forge weapons / armor with them. The user of the fruit is able to manifest wings to fly, as well as a white, energy like, crown of thorns that causes those who would strike the user to recieve damage themselves. Even a shield of holy light.

Weakness: While the fruit allows the user to do many things that resemble the powers of a Logia fruit, (namely create endless amounts of holy power), "Divine" is not an element, and as such the user themselves cannot turn into an element. Which means it is easier to damage them.

Consumer: Olympus, a man who stands at 305 cm (10 feet) tall (same height as Doflamingo). If I had to give you an idea of what Olympus looks like?

Same attire, hair, glasses, cross, and ofcourse, holy light swords.

munashii -munashii no Mi (void-void fruit)

TYPE: Paramecia

APPEARANCE: Lanzones fruit

POWER: Allows the user to control and manipulate the airspace in the environment. The user's power cannot be seen by the the opponent which in turn leaves them open for surprise attacks. It can be used for offensive purposes,such as making the airspace explode and creating a blackhole where it pulls the opponent in it and thrown away in a different dimensional place, as well as defensive purposes such as when the user is attack by someone may it be another devil fruit user or not it will just pass through him, also the user can teleport through the airspace. The most dangerous power of this fruit is that it allows the user to sap the opponents devil fruit power or strength out of them. Once the power is sapped out of them the opponent can physically see it disappearing into the air as mist.

WEAKNESS: Standard devil fruit weakness, an opponent can gain their lost power back by killing the user.

CONSUMER: "The showstopper" Chen is the captain of the Chen pirates. besides having the munashii-munashii no Mi, Chen also has mastered the power of Hakigan. He earned the name "the showstopper" because of his powerful presence. Whenever he is in a  battle he can end the fight and win it with style.

by: chensanity14

Supamu Supamu no Mi

{Devil Fruit Box Seriously, this forum has gotta be removed or something, there's like a million headlines here and 1% of them is signed. DO SOMETHING. THIS IS LIKE THE FISHMAN DISTRICT OF FISHMAN ISLAND. Sewil 20:45, March 1 - 2013

bloody bloody cool

Has the ability to control ice, snow, and blood can freeze your organs just by touch. Can freeze a whole town just by breathing. Weakness is fire can easily melt you if you get to close and the basic devil fruit user weakness.

bloody bloody cool

Has the ability to control ice, snow, and blood can freeze your organs just by touch. Can choke a bitch with there own blood and can keep its user dick own hard for a life time.Can freeze a whole town just by breathing. Weakness is fire can easily melt you if you get to close and the basic devil fruit user weakness.

Fruit looks like a red dick with blue balls.

Logal fruit

taiyo taiyo no mi ( sun sun fruit )

Type: paramecia

Appearance: A mango shaped fruit that is yellow with orange colored circles and a pink leaf on the left side.

Power: Enables the user to absorb the heat and radiation of the sun to create weapons, objects, and clothes out of fire.The user can also be able to do fire based attacks similar to Ace's (Ex: he or/ she can shoot a giant fire beam that looks like Ace's "higan" attack.)Plus the user can be able to use the heat from the sun as energy to boost up their attacks.

Weakness: Water, and wind.

Note: The user can create things out of fire but it has to have a specific detail to what the user has to create like making a flaming tiger that has demon wings. Also the user can create clones of the user and can also transform into fire. The user can even become a sun or a force of pure energy.When men eat this type of devil fruit they usualy use this to impress women.

Consumer: Edward d. randy, the captain of the Black Hat Pirates and a skilled swordsmen and musician.His dream is to become the most infamous pirate just like his father Edward d. christopher.

Number of fruits: 1

Similar devil fruit: Mera Mera no mi

The taiyo taiyo no mi is one of the legendary devil fruits.

Moegara Moegara no Mi (Cinder Cinder Fruit)

Name: Moegara Moegara no Mi (Cinder Cinder Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: A Bushel brown grapes with a silver leaf

Power: Grants the user the manipulation of the Erath around him, it can make whole island appear, to become soild stone in self defence similar Diamond Jozu. additional abilities (similar to a Earthbender from avatar the last airbender)   

Weakness: Seastone, Water

Hito Hito no mi. Modal: Dryad.

Type: mythical zoan

Appearance: A green orange with the usual devil fruit swirls on it and a purple leaf coming out of it.

Ability: Lets the user turn to a dryad, which is some kind of a mythical creature, a human being made of wood. It grants the user ability to turn either parts of his body to wood or turn to a full body dryad. Also grants the ability to communicate with trees, control wood, grow trees and perhaps imbue your haki into it if you're a shipwright or you're building something.

Weakness: Fire, and normal devil fruit weaknesses.

User: Gonnetti D. Moku, also known as "black-root" Moku. Shipwright of the block pirates. Bounty: 578,000,000 beli.

Burst Burst Fruit

Burst Burst Fruit

Type: Paramecia (however, the user can turn parts of their body into explosions, granting them Logia abilities if they do this.)

Appearance: A small blue pineapple with curly red leaves.

Consumer: "Explosion" Chaos D. Bolt, Captain of the Bolt Pirates, with a bounty of 493 million Beli.

Power: Bolt has the ability to create explosions. He can create different types of explosions, and make anything explode, and control anything that he makes explode. For example, he can create a sticky explosion from a metal that lasts for 10 seconds, and have the shards of that metal strike the opponent, while the opponent is immobilized by the stickiness of the earlier explosion. In addition, he can make anything into a bomb to explode later (somewhat like Deidara from Naruto) and create talismans that, when attached to something, cause it to explode at the user's command. Bolt can undo any explosion that he creates.

Weaknesses: Bolt cannot make a human being directly explode, though he can attach a talisman to the foe to make them explode. He also cannot control things that break due to the explosion, only what he makes directly explode. This fruit is very destructive, and can cause buildings to fall on the Bolt if he is fighting in a civilized area.

By ScaryFoxPrince

Suisei Suisei no Mi (Comet Comet fruit)

Type: Logia

Appearance: A Coconut shaped fruit with numerous holes and a glowing neon seed core. Exterior taste is rough, but core is extremely sweet.

Power: Although called the comet fruit, user has total control over all forms of asteroids. When the user enters the logia form, his or her body resembles that of an asteroid and is given a higher resistance and tougher exterior. The user can crash into the ground an act as an asteroid. User has high resistance to both high and low temperatures. The user can also withstand high pressures and gravity, as well as being able to survive in space or places with no oxygen. The user also has the ability to fly short distances. When attacking, the user can fire parts of the body to create mini asteroids. User can also create asteroids using the earth's ground. When the user has mastered this devil fruit, he or she can summon meteors from space using celestial vision, an ancient form of Haki that allows the user to see from incredibly far distances. Although it may take time, this makes this devil fruits one of the strongest due to its destructive power.

Weaknesses: Standard devil fruit weaknesess, and quick victory before the user can call upon larger asteroids and comets.

Stupid stupid fruit

Appearence: Unknown

Ability: The Stupid stupid fuit has the power to make the user incredibly stupid to a point where their opponent will underestimate them and will start laughing excessively at their stupidity and ultimately kill themselves from too much laughter

Veggie Veggie no Mi

Type: Logia

Appearance: A small gold colored watermelon with spiraling, screw-like leaves.

Ability: This fruit allows the user to turn into different types of fruits and vegetables. It allows the user to produce infinite supplies of fruits and vegetables, and by sacrificing a limb, they can even produce any Devil Fruit, even if someone already has it. This fruit doesn't offer intangibility, instead giving the user a powerful fruit and veggie arsenal. The fruits and veggies that the user creates are invincible against the attacks of weapons or other Devil Fruits, and the user can alter the hardness and the size of a fruit or vegetable, as well as the amount of filling and its taste and texture. For example, the user could drop a very large, rock hard coconut on the opponent, or sending a stringy, hard to swallow, very spicy head of lettuce at the opponent's mouth, disabling them. It is a versatile fruit that also possesses a great amount of utility use.

Weaknesses: If the opponent manages to eat a fruit or veggie that the user directly turned into, it will greatly affect the user, and they cannot regenerate the wound except by planting themselves in the ground and eating nothing but soil for one week. However, they can alter the fruit or veggie to damage their foe.

Notes: The user can alter the fruit or vegetable while it is in the opponent's mouth. This fruit, due to allowing the user to turn into fruits and vegetables, also allows the user to eat more than one Devil Fruit.

Nightmare nightmare devil fruit


Apperance:A black pineapple that surrounds black air

Powers:Allows the user to dissapear and only devil fruit users can see him he can go through walls he can fly but most of all he can go through other people dreams and ruin their dreams when the user kill the given target in his dream the target will be killed too like in his dream when its daytime he can create black sand that forms into any shapes like horses dragons monsters etc. when someone attack him not using a haki like guns swords it will only be black sand.

weakness:Geko Morias shadows the shadows of Geko Moria can allow nightmares to dissapear

Note:The user can take knowledge skills luck etc. when he dreams.

Demon Demon Fruit, Model Typhon

(This is what I think Kaido is.)

Type: Mythical Zoan

Ability: Transforms user into a Typhon, which, in Greek Mythology, was the father of all beasts. It has many vipers below its waist and dragons for hands, and wings all over its body. This fruit allows the user to send poison from the snakes, and send fire or ice from the dragons, fly, or bite the opponent with the dragon heads.

Weakness: None.

Neko Neko no mi: model saber-tooth cat

Appereance: A melon covered in short fur the colour of a lion.

Type: Ancient Zoan

This fruit makes the user a saber-tooth human and with training allows you to change into 6 forms including full human (much like tony-tony chopper). It also permanently increases the senses to that of a saber-tooth cat (saber-tooths' are actually more closely related to modern day cats than tigers).

Human Point: no change.

Saber-Tooth Point: change into a saber-tooth cat.

Heavy Point: gives you the strength of a human and a saber-tooth combined (like all zoans strength is increased through training and is basically limitless) significantly increasing muscle mass. You gain a cat-like jaw and canine teeth that protrude 3 inches from the mouth and enables you to open your mouth up to 120 degrees like a sabertooth can. This form covers the entire body in fur and changes your hands into half-paw half-hands with retractable claws 1 inch long.

Speed Point: This form allows you to turn in to a less bulky hybrid that looks more like a saber-tooth than human and to achieve max speed you must run on all-fours. Saber-tooth cats are built more for power and strenght than speed, to enable them to pin down prey and deliver the killing bite thus reducing risk of the prey thrashing about which could break their impressive teeth. And less bulk equals greater speed.

Claw Point: not as much muscle mass and strength as heavy point as a lot of the devil fruits energy goes into forming 3-foot long non-retractable claws. Once again the lower amount of muscle increases speed and agility but still does increase muscle and strength.

Awakened Zoan Point: allows you to control your awakened zoan mode like chopper can. The head neck and arms look pretty much full saber-tooth with a human-like torso, you also gain 18 inch long retractable claws and canine teeth that protrude 2 feet from the mouth. Legs are short and powerful with paws so that you can still run on all-fours or two-legged, however running on all-fours is faster. In this form you are at your strongest, standing at 11 feet high at the top of the head when on all-fours and 22 feet at the top of the head on your hind legs. 

Weaknesses: standard devil fruit weaknesses

It was eaten by Ardris D. Logan (Saber-Toothed Logan), captain of the saber-tooth pirates.

Ardris D. Logan (talk) 06:48, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

swim swim fruit

allows you to swim even in underwater like the mermen

Kachin Kachin No Mi

Meaning: Clink Clink Fruit (Kachin is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of chains clinking)

Ability: Create chains, making the user a chain human (chein ningen)

Type: Paramecia

Chains can be created at any thickness and length, and with any type of end link (a blade, spiked iron ball, square weight etc). These chains can be simaltaneously created and launched from any part of the body or held onto and used as weapons. The eater can also create full-body chainmail armour. The chains can be any type of chain and can even have the links welded together to make a solid chain, which can then be used to lift the user into the air like pole vault. The user can then keep creating solid chains to catch himself before falling and lift himself higher in the air. You can then jump off of these solid chains and make normal chains to swing around as weapons, allowing you to essentially fight in middair with medium to long-range attacks, however a lot of training is required to reach the physical strength and endurance required and to get used to fighting with chains.

Perhaps the most devastating attack is when you launch multiple chains from the body at once, looking a lot like the devastor attack from prototype =)

Weaknesses: The amount of training required to master this fruit and all standard devil fruit weaknesses.

It was eaten by Nico Elric, 1st mate and archaeologist of the saber-tooth pirates and surviver of the ohara massacre.

Ardris D. Logan (talk) 07:10, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

Tori Tori No Mi: Model Owl

Meaning: Bird Bird Fruit: Model Owl

Type: Zoan

Ability: Turns the user into an owl human (fukuro ningen) permanently increasing the senses to that of an owl.

The user has the ability to transform single and/or multiple body parts to that of an owl's most commonly utilized to grow a beak, talons and wings.

The user can also transform into an actual-sized owl (about 70cm long with a wingspan approx. 180cm), making it useful for spying or to escape/enter enemy territory unnoticed.

The user also has the ability to transform into a full owl the size of their natural human body, which is when the user of this fruit is at their strongest, in terms of carry capacity, strength and speed.

Weaknesses: This fruit is affected by all standard devil fruit weaknesses.

It was eaten by Haruno Averi, Navigator of the saber-tooth pirates

Ardris D. Logan (talk) 10:40, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

Miru Miru No Mi

Meaning: See See Fruit

Abilities: gain the ability to see anything, including things which are invisible to the human eye such as air, gas and water vapor.

User can "zoom" in and out of specific targets, change to thermal, infrared, nightvision or use any of these in conjuction with the other. Training allows the user to almost switch between the modes of vision automatically depending on which better suits the situation.

The eater can even pierce water and solid objects to see through them (like x-ray vision only as if they were looking at the target from 2 metres away)

This fruit also enables the user to instantly calculate how far away a target is and any variables which would hinder getting a shot off at them, such as wind direction and speed, humidity and heat.

The Miru Miru No Mi also gives the eyes attributes like that of polarized sunglasses, naturally blocking out UV glare. This fruit also makes it possible to see in any level of darkness as if it were during the day.

Weaknesses: Things that would normally interfere with different types of vision e.g. a flash of bright light would hurt your eyes and take a bit of time to recover when using nightvision. Also this fruit is affected by all standard devil fruit weaknesses.

The Miru Miru No Mi was eaten by Swagger, Bob Lee, Sniper of the Saber-Tooth Pirates.

Ardris D. Logan (talk) 11:12, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

Inu Inu no Mi model Cerberus

Inu Inu no Mi model Cerberus

Meaning:  Dog Dog Fruit Model Cerberus.

Class: Mythical Zoan

Strengths: Gives the user the ability to have 3 heads,and grow 20m tall.

Weaknesses: Water is the only weakness of this fruit

Eaten by SHL

 Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  11:26, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

Judan Judan No Mi

Meaning: Bullet Bullet Fruit

Type: paramecia

Abilities: Allows the user to fire an unlimited number of any type of bullets, from armour piercing rounds to explosive rounds to bean bags designed knock the target out. Can also fire bullets of any element.

Eaten by Swagger, Bob Lee's rifle (Sniper of the Saber-Tooth Pirates)

Has standard weaknesses rendering the rifle just a normal rifle in water or when in contact with a sea stone.

Ardris D. Logan (talk) 11:39, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

Joki Joki No Mi

Meaning: steam steam fruit.

Type: logia

Appearance: a white watermelon with typical devil fruit swirl pattern and a stem that looks like a cloud of mist.

Abilities: user can create, control and become steam in its true form (water vapor which is essentially invisible to the human eye, reaching temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius or 1472 degrees Fahrenheit).

This fruit does enable the user to severely burn opponents however only at close range, as when steam comes into contact with cool air it condenses forming the visible water droplets we see as a mist.

The user can also "fly" by turning into steam and floating through the air. The user can also essentially turn invisible though as the steam condenses the user will look like a cloud of mist, like luffy's second gear on steroids, but without the ability to actually see the user.

Weaknesses: armament haki and other standard devil fruit weaknesses. Also if the air surrounding the user were to be cooled do to the hie hie no mi or the yuki yuki no mi turning into steam would be impossible as the steam would instantly condense, however this can be countered by creating mass amounts of steam to re-heat the air. This fruit is about the same strength as the yuki yuki no mi.

It was eaten by Dimu, head chef of the saber-tooth pirates

Ardris D. Logan (talk) 23:04, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

Kotetsu Kotetsu no Mi (Steel Steel Fruit)


Apearance:An sphere like fruit with square like designs around it. It is silver and black.(note:Its is embedded with steel)

Powers:Allows the user to make and manipulate metal on their own body.

Weaknesses: Saltwater.

Notes:Used with Busoshoku Haki it can become an amazing defense and an amazing offense

Devi Devi no Mi (Fiend Fiend Fruit)

↑ hide Type: Mythical Zoan

Appearance: An apple shaped fruit that has skull like pattern with purple-ish color.

Power: The user has the ability to tranform into a human size ghost with shadow floating around the body with make the user apearance nothing but blackness and red shining eyes. This ghost can float around and go through object like they have no collision size. The ghost can move as fast as light but through shadow form wich is something like Logia type fruit, while in shadow form the user is untouchble by physical attack. The user also gain ability to "haunt" and cause fear to any living thing by passing through them via shadow form. Can regenerate like logia fruit through shadow form.

~~Weakness: The seemingly unstopable fiend's shadow form can be easily counter by light element and haki.

Consumer: The legendary hero "Koki" who once said to slay the Demon King with darkness itself.

Mizu MIzu no Mi ( Water Water no Mi ) 

Type: Logia

Appearance: Blue pineapple shaped fruit.

Power(s):  It turns the body of the user to water , even though originally devil fruits doesn't allow the users to swim but this is an exception for the owner of the fruit can become one with the sea. It could create sea out of nowhere also would grant the owner to trap their opponents inside a water ball shaped like thing which is filled with water.

Weaknesses: The weaknesses are haki and thunder , Enel's logia devil fruit would be very critical against this devil for it is weakness.

Consumer : One of the kids that the Celestial Dragons abused so he is eager for revenge and is currrently on the Revolutionary with Dragon and Sabo , he is also one of the commanders.

Sponge Sponge Fruit

Type:Paramecia Aperance:Like a coral with a stem Power: Like a sponge absorbs water this fruit can abosrb many things. Like an impact dile it can absorb the shock from a strong punch, the shock or what ever you absorb get blwon up in your right fist, it looks like a ballon as you fill it up. This fruit is one of the deadliest fruits becuase it is one of the only fruits that can disable another devil fruit users abilities and use them as their own (this is only temporary effect though, the user cannot perminatly take a devil fruit ability only like borrow it) if the one using the sponge sponge fruit has his left hand come in contact with the person he can absorb their devil fruit and the fruit would get put in the persons left leg. The sponge sponge fruit user than has the ability to use this devil fruits power until his right hand comes in contact with the original owner of the devil fruit he took. His special moves are known as Air sorb, enwhich he takes alot of air and absorbs it through his left palm and blows up his right fist like the size of a giants fist, once big enough he sqeezes his right fist and the air get compacted and he gets one punch as strong as Kuma's Ursus Shock. His second special moveis known as Water Sorb, where the user takes his left palm places it in water and absorbs it into his right fist. He can then shoot the water out his right fist and control it until he is conpletely drained of the water, like he can shoot a fist made of water as far as a canon can fire but the fist is the size of a giant. aside from akoiji who could freeze the fist the water could surround a devil fruit user making them useless so he can drown them in his own hand (water hand) His final great power is the energy sorb, if his left hand comes in contact with someones chest he can take all of their energy, making them fall asleep, or if he wanted to he could drain their whole life force killing them and taking it as his own, making this fruit an immortal fruit since he can abosrb everything from light to lightning. and send it back. Weakness:only falling in the water is his weakness, even a strong punch surrounded with haki is useless since he can abosrb the energy from the haki and send it back at them.

And black beards fruit is his weakness since if he takes this users power away it is the only was this user can die.

Consumer: I have to say Kaido since his power has yet to have been revealed, i think this power would begreat for him :D

↑ hide

Baka Baka No mi

Baka Baka no Mi : which allows you to be an Idiot forever.

Toru-Toru no Mi (Take-Take Fruit)

Toru-Toru no Mi (Take-Take Fruit)


Appearance: Black Pineapple with Flame red spikes and a flame red core.

Power: The user can touch someone with either hand and choose whether or not he wants the abilities of that person. Ex: the user wants Zoro's swordsman abilities, he touches Zoro with his hand and by saying "take speed (speed, strength, and knowledge will all work)" or "take: swordsman ability" he then gains that ability. The user also has the ability to take Devil Fruit abilities, though he can decide if he wants to just borrow it momentarily or keep it (Stealing the fruit ability from the user). By saying "Borrow Devil Fruit" or "Take Devil Fruit" that action will happen. But if the user takes a Devil Fruit power he can only have that fruit power and he loses the abilities of taking strength, speed, knowledge, etc.. Ex: if the user wants Luffy's Gum-Gum Fruit he can touch him and say "Take Devil Fruit" he then takes it away from Luffy, but the user cant take anymore Devil Fruits and the user cant take strength, speed, knowledge, etc. but the user can decide if he/she wants to give the fruit ability back to the "Original" user by saying "Return". The user can also take another users fruit ability and give it to someone else. Ex: The user wants to give Usopp the Gum Gum Fruit, so he touches Luffy and touches Usopp at the same time and says "Transfer Devil Fruit" he transfers the Gum Gum Fruit to Usopp.

Weakness: The user can only hold one other Devil Fruits (with more training you can hold more), in exchange he/she loses the ability to take strength, speed, knowledge, etc. Also standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Note: If the user takes speed, strength, knowledge, etc. the user can give it back later on by saying "Return" and without even touching the original user, it will go back. Ex: The user takes Sanji's speed to get somewhere quickly, when the user is done with Sanji's speed he can say "Return" and no matter how far away, it will go back to the original user which in this case is Sanji.

Same-Same no Mi (Shark Shark Fruit)

same same no mi (shark shark fruit)


Appearance: a pomegranate that is white on the bottom and shades to blue from bottom to top.

Power: Allows user to become a shark (such as Hody Jones) and the user can swim underwater. It makes the user faster underwater and can breathe in water and stronger in the water. At half form the user can swim above water as if he/she is using a snorkel. If the user is underwater then Sea Stone weapons become useless against him. The user is automatically able to talk to fish but with training the user can talk to sea knights eventually.

Weakness: The user must be in full shark form in order to swim underwater. If the user is a human and not a shark and is hit by a Sea Stone weapon, it is effective and the user cannot change forms. The user MUST be in full shark form and underwater in order for Sea Stone weapons to be useless.

Tra Tra no mi

Tra - Transformation

Type - Logia

Appearance - A blue orange with devil fruit swirls all over

This fruit can transform your body into 5 diferent elements that you chose to memorize by touching them. Once the element has been touched you chose if you want to keep it memorized or not and if memorized it stays memorized and can not go back. Another thing is that you can change the shape of your body the way you want, for example having spikes than hands or even swords if your body is in metal form. Your strength depends on the element that you are using and there are also diferent types of some elements like metal or stone so strength depends on types to.

Element examples - Fire, Stone, Rubber, Metal, Ice, Air, Electricity

This fruit only allows your body to become an element and change shape it is not possible to control the elements like Portgas D. Ace, Smoker, Kuzan etc.

Mondai mondai no Mi ( matter matter fruit )

Type: Logia

Apperance:  A giant  Apple that is White,black,red,yellow,and blue. * Note the color are painting and light color to make light and black  also every color.

Power: Grants the user the the ability to manipulate matter and to destroy matter  to whatever he/she  see's and to create anything made of matter from plane existants and enchant anything made up of matter.

Weakness: Needs to see an enemy ( target ) and probally some one who mainpulate time.

Note:. Evething is made up matter for an example Luffy and every thing  that take space or mass .

This fruit power is the strongest and harest to master.Also handy if your missing a hand you can make an  arm.

The users can make anything with this fruit power  as long is made of matter.

Made by  Juan Manuel .H******

Akumu-Akumu no Mi (Nightmare-Nightmare fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: black dragon fruit with white tips

Power: The user can float around as if he/she does not have legs but cannot fly over the water. In battle the user can make an illusion of the target having his/her worst nightmare, in result it gives the user time to attack because unless the target has the power of haki he/she cannot see the user in the illusion. If the target is asleep the user can mess up his/her dreams and even change personality. The user in an illusion can do multiple things but needs to train the fruit ability to get better things to do in illusions. Meaning you wont be able to make yourself look like anyone right when you eat the fruit, or you wont be able to make it look like your a giant in an illusion.

Weakness: Haki and any other Devil Fruit weakness.

Shogeki-Shogeki no Mi (Impact-Impact Fruit)

Type: Paramecia 

Appearance: Green Banana

Power: When the user eats the Devil Fruit he/she get imprints of the impact dial on both hands. The user can take attacks and use them against the opponent. When in battle the dial is not visible on his/her hand but it slowly comes out of his/her palm. The user will not take damage from using the impact dial, but if the user holds too many impacts the dial will break and he/she cannot use that hand as a dial. Even if both dials break on his/her palm, he/she will still have a fruit so they can't swim.

Weakness: Too many impacts, Dials breaking, any other Devil Fruit weakness.

3D-3D no Mi

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: big transparent pear

Power: The user can write on any surface using any body-part to make a drawing, once the drawing is ready the user places their hand on it and says "Release" and the painting will pop out of the wall as a 3D object. Depending on how big and strong the drawing is, the user will be able to control it through commands such as "Attack" but if the drawing is stronger or bigger then it will not listen to the user. In other words you must train in order to control a giant. When touched by any liquid (sea stone weapons do not count) the painting melts away unless it is a drawing of a fish like creature then it is only effected by too much water. In other words if the user sends a drawing of a fish to far underwater it will melt. Anytime the user makes something the color of that object will be randomized. No drawings can talk.

Weakness: liquid (unless fish drawing), stronger drawing (user wont be able to control it), and any other Devil Fruit weakness

rittoru rittoru no mi (learn learn)

Learn Learn fruit


Apearance:Black Orange with red poka-dots.

Power:has the ability to "learn" how to use ANY other devit fruit as long as they see someone using it. once a devil fruit is learned you cannot forget how to use it.

Weaknesses:alot of sea stone,water.

Notes:is imuune to small amounts of sea stone(handcuffs,nets,swords,bulets.)

Blaze-Blaze Fruit

The fruit allows the user to be involerable to swords and other devil fruits, If you shoot them with a gun it will go through your body.

Oyogu Oyogu no Mi (Swim Swim Fruit)

Swim Swim Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Appearance of fruit: A blue cucumber with swirls

Power: Allows the user to swim 

Strengths: The user can swim in water without any effects from the water or seastone.

Weaknesses: None

Ome Ome no mi

Ome Ome no mi (jinx jinx fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: purple pomegranade with green seeds.

Power: Tjis fruit allows theu ser to control odds itself. He/she can create some eerie energy in the form of flying sparks or shot it on the target as waves. once hit, random events can and will happen around the target determined by the user's will. Such as slipping, tripping, missing and in worse cases, hurting itself in such incidents depending on how creative the user can be manipulating the odds around. Such powers even include using the enviroment (i.e. making a lightingbolt fall on the victim if the weather is stormy, creating a tidal wave on the sea or even make the wind blow as he desires, which can be usefull to allow the user to fly/glide). The power also allow "accidents" that defy logic such as making a perfectly solid construction to crumble or avoiding a fragile one from the same fate or even cannonballs exploding before they reach their intended target.

Weakness: Despite the enviroment control, this control is still dodgeable, as the user have to hit the target with the "jinx" to make it work. With the effects limited to accident-like events that require actions from the target., it's not usefull for direct combat, but actually for defensive purposes.

Yuge Yuge no mi

(Steam Steam fruit - Steam = Yuge)

Type: Logia

abilities: Allow the user to create, control and become steam, tied with Smoker's and Caesar's fruits as a gaseous logia. However, this logia offers much more destructive properties (not counting how Caesar modificated his own devil fruit) as Steam can release tremendous force and also boil it's targets alive with it's intense head. The user can create strong jets of steam to propel heavy objects and targets. Applying the steam in holes and crevices, the user can easilly wreck the surface apart, no matter how hard it is. Apart from that, the user of the yuge yuge no mi can take advantage of the Logia's intangibility, becoming steam to avoid damage and since steam is gaseous, it allows flight.

Weakness: Seawater and seastone.

Touch-Touch Fruit

It's a devil fruit that allows you to take other's abilities even a devil fruit user abilites by making contact with him or her. It can also allows you to combine 2 or more abilities like for example: Robin's Flower Flower Fruit with Luffy's Gum Gum Fruit also with Eneru's Rumble Rumble Fruit.

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