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Hello, we, the mod team at R/OPRP have been working on our reddit based roleplay game for a bunch of weeks, it’s based on the universe of One Piece with a few changes. By the time you’re reading this ad we’re pretty much done with making our systems and subreddit operational. We have some FAQ in our sub which you can check out, from how stats and our roleplay work to potential future additions, or if it’s something more specific or personal you may join in on our Discord server ( Where you can contact mods and other players and discuss your roleplay, story, One Piece in general and pretty much whatever else you’d like! (With a few exceptions.There are a few rules there, try to keep up with’em). Also as a sidenote we appreciate any extra help/suggestions you can give us to making this project more appealing and fun for everyone.

So if you’re interested then stop on by and join in on the law breaking treasure hunting fun loving Pirate side and build or join a group of dastardly crewmates, or fight for justice and the good of the world, by defeating pirates and joining the righteous Marines.

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