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Here I list several pages with rather obvious reasons for deletion; some of them should have been deleted long ago.

Page Reason for deletion
[[David gbondo]] Just trash.
[[Video:2 Guys & 2 Girls Of One Piece]]

[[Video:Boa Hancock]] [[Video:Perona]]

Videos not allowed
[[Category:Test, Experimental and Sample Pages]]

[[Test, Experimental and Sample Pages]]

Test and sandbox pages should be in User namespace, no need in special category or list for them.
[[Category:Wikia Discussion]] Was created for test purposes by me, unneeded now.
[[Category:Active Talks]] It is rather useless.
[[Category:Anime Screenwriters]] Wrong name.
[[Category:Cafe Arc Review]] Now all cafe arc reviews are on one page [[One Piece Wiki:Cafe Arc Reviews]].
[[Current events]] Extremely outdated. Template:Happenings fullfils this role.
[[Episode 61/4Kids Edits]]

[[Episode 91/4Kids Edits]] [[Episode 93/4Kids Edits]]

They should be kept if someone is going to write text of the articles, but since the only person who wrote about 4Kids edits was Tipota, there is little point to keep blank pages.
[[Category:Internal Pages]] All project pages are in Category:One Piece Wiki now.
Fishman Island arc Are any comments needed here?!
[[Forum:Marines in Two Years Later]] Was blanked by its initial author almost immediately after creation.
[[Template:Juracuille]] Unused, unneeded.
[[Template:Gramer]] Unused, unneeded.
[[Template:CP Bulletins]]

[[Template:CP Collaborations]] [[Template:CP Links]] [[Template:CP Welcome]]

No reason to keep these pieces of code as templates. I inserted the code directly in One Piece Wiki:Community Portal page. It needs total reworking I think, however, that's another question.

Ruxax 20:19, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

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