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As part of my research into One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, I've found named plant species from the game. However, I don't want to continue the current pattern of creating very short, nearly sectionless articles about types of plants when we could just have a single "Plant and Fungi Species" page like we have Animal Species.

Most pages currently in the Template:Plants Navibox only have a short description, references, and sometimes trivia. These could be folded into a single page, with sections split by Sagas like the Animal Species page. Some properly named, individual plants like Giant Jack, Tree of Knowledge, and Lily Carnation would keep their own pages and get included in subsections, just like properly named animals. Relevant Devil Fruits would also be mentioned in a subsection. Should the page get too big (over 100,000 bytes), it could be split into subpages like Animal Species.

Here's a list of the pages that would be merged in:

I am happy to do the work of moving everything if folks agree with this idea.Montblanc Noland :: Talk 15:55, 24 January 2021 (UTC)


How are you gonna handle the plants that are already in Foods? KingCannon (talk) 11:12, 24 January 2021 (UTC)

Not sure - they are both plants and fruit, but the sections could be written differently, focusing on the botany rather than the culinary side of them. We could also link between the sections, as in "See the Foods page for fruits' use in food and cooking." Montblanc Noland :: Talk 15:55, 24 January 2021 (UTC)

To illustrate what the page would look like, I created a draft page containing all of the plant and fungi species. Individual pages, like Treasure Tree Adam and Sunlight Tree Eve, can be discussed for getting their own pages or not, but I think this way of organization works much better than a lot of pages with not a lot of content on each. I also think this is a better way of organizing non-canon plant/fungi species, like those found in Unlimited Adventure. Montblanc Noland :: Talk 15:05, 28 January 2021 (UTC)

I'm not very keen on adding plants from a game, but I totally agree with a page for plants. If we have one for the fauna, why not for the flora? I just think that it could be nice to throw in a line mentioning like "aside from plants commonly seen in real life, the One Piece world has many unique [...]". Y'know, just so people won't try to add Dressrosa's common sunflowers, common roses or any other common flowers used in any bouquet ever. Jessica Ilha (talk) 13:11, 10 February 2021 (UTC)

I think Pop Greens and Kuuigosu should be kept separate. Pop Greens because they're not a specific plant and are also categorized as ammo, and Kuuigosu because it's a type of wood (substance), not a plant. Awaikage Talk 16:42, 26 February 2021 (UTC)

Thanks for the feedback! Page can be found here! Montblanc Noland :: Talk 17:25, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

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