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For the most part, nothing has changed about our Featured Articles for almost a decade. This can frequently lead to the blurbs we have cycling on the Main Page template incredibly outdated, and an overall bias toward subjects that were most relevant a decade ago. To freshen up our Featured Article presentation, I'd like to propose a new system to select a new featured article each month.

Our old system of users nominating and voting on featured article candidates has petered out multiple times, including on revival attempts. Given the general activity level of the community, I don't believe this is a sustainable way to keep the Featured Article section up to date.

Thus, I propose a more executive system where people simply need to nominate articles they feel should be featured, and if the article is judged to be feature-worthy, I (and any other admins and content mods who want to be involve) will select it to be featured in a certain month.

Here are the general guidelines for featuring I have in mind. Might make them a bit more detailed if this motion passes and we hold nominations.

  • Articles must be well-referenced.
  • Articles must not be lacking information.
  • Articles should not be new or have recently undergone a massive content addition or overhaul.

Feel free to discuss this below. If we do not have opposition, I'll open a nominations section in the next few days. Kaido King of the Beasts (talk) 13:16, September 13, 2020 (UTC)


I agree with this. A lot of currently featured articles just aren't very well written. I would contest the content overhaul rule you suggested, Kaido, but only because I'm often the one overhauling pages ;). I think as long as something is will written and has been proofread thoroughly, it should be a viable contender.Montblanc Noland :: Talk 14:34, September 13, 2020 (UTC)

By overhaul I more meant the page's content being substantially changed based on revelations in the story. Such as Pudding when she was revealed to be evil, or the Shichibukai when they were abolished. So what you're describing would be fine. Kaido King of the Beasts (talk) 15:58, September 13, 2020 (UTC)

I guess that should be fine as long as none of the current ones are removed. SeaTerror (talk) 17:11, September 13, 2020 (UTC)

Some of the current ones should absolutely be removed. We should put them under the same scrutiny as nominees, and some definitely aren't up to snuff. Montblanc Noland :: Talk 00:43, September 14, 2020 (UTC)

What also should be considered is byte count. If the numbers are low it shouldn't be nominated and while judging we should consider what pages get merged, including subpages. Rgilbert27 (talk) 03:21, September 14, 2020 (UTC)

That would be a case by case discussion. It would need to be discussed which ones to remove. SeaTerror (talk) 05:52, September 15, 2020 (UTC)


See other active projects. Work in progress.

This is an active project. Please participate if you wish to help the community.

Since there's no opposition so far, I'm going to open up nominations for new featured articles. You can nominate multiple pages if you wish (reasonably of course).

Guidelines For Nomination Approval:

  • Pages must be well-referenced.
  • Pages must not be lacking content. This includes having empty sections, lacking necessary sections, or having insufficient detail in its sections.
  • Pages should be relatively stable and not have received a large influx of new information or had a major edit war within the past month.
  • No huge recent spoilers (Robin is fine, Im not so much) Kaido King of the Beasts (talk) 05:31, September 15, 2020 (UTC)

Nomination Discussion

I disagree with the last rule. If they're well referenced then any should be allowed to use. This is an encyclopedia. People should not be here if they do not want to be spoiled. SeaTerror (talk) 05:52, September 15, 2020 (UTC)

So is this completely getting rid of the old list of featureds or are we nominating new ones on top of them (because the old list has stuff like Moore which is just plain bad).Nightmare Pirates (talk) 06:52, September 15, 2020 (UTC)

The reason it's bad is because he first appeared almost 18 years ago, in three episodes, and just over 2,000 bytes. If that part of the story was watched again maybe the page could be bigger. Rgilbert27 (talk) 07:27, September 15, 2020 (UTC)

I think we should get rid of the old list of featured articles and start fresh, or at least review the old ones under the same scrutiny. Montblanc Noland :: Talk 11:32, September 15, 2020 (UTC)

This is about just discussing the nominations and the rules. Use the other section for removing old ones or an entirely new forum.

The 4th rule would also mean we can't nominate articles like Kaidou's page. SeaTerror (talk) 19:17, September 15, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for keeping me on track, ST. The last rule will be tricky to enforce. At what point does something not become a spoiler? Ace and Sanji could also be spoilers for new readers, but they should be careful on a wiki anyway. Montblanc Noland :: Talk 20:23, September 15, 2020 (UTC)

OK, I've removed the last point. Kaido King of the Beasts (talk) 20:57, September 15, 2020 (UTC)