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Hi, recently I've been thinking that we should make an affiliated wikis template and put it in the main page like most wikis do. We are one of the most successful anime/manga wikis (number 3 last time I checked) so as you can imagine many wikis will want to affiliate with us. Aka we will get content in a mere day. Another reason is that many wikis already have us as affiliates and most of them have done so after admin approval so it's kinda unfair not to have them in our front page. Examples are: w:c:bleach, w:c:toriko, w:c:weekly-shonen-jump and many, many others, small and big ones. Affiliating with other wikis will also raise our wiki's members since many people will ask for affiliation, most of them will make other edits as well and some of them will stay and become frequent editors. And anyway wikis are suppose to cooperate with each other so why not give the chance to other, smaller wikis to get more people by affiliating with us?

Oh, but if we decide to make that template, keep in mind that only admins and some other trusted users that admins will choose can allow affiliations and request affiliations in other wikis.

I'd like to hear your opinions on this matter. Please discuss below.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  18:58, October 28, 2013 (UTC)


The more the merrier. Vaztalk 19:05,10/28/2013

I like this idea. We're already on the affiliated lists of a couple wikis, might as well do it ourselves.DancePowderer Talk 17:29, October 29, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, do it.   Galaxy 9000   18:58, October 29, 2013 (UTC)

Sure, let's do it. Lelouch Di Britannia Talk Page  14:00, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, why not? FurisuTalk 14:02, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Yes that'd be good,make a test template.--Roranoa zoro Talk|||14:37,10/30/2013


Wiki-wordmark.png Wiki-wordmark.png Wiki-wordmark.png Wiki-wordmark.png Wiki-wordmark.png

This is how it will look like, of course with more wordmarks. Ah and we will have to upload the wordmarks on the wiki of course, not just use the links like I did here.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  14:51, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

What's the worst that could happen. I also say aye to this. It's recommended to throw away socks after a year 16:40, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Seems like a good idea to me, even though I can't vote. XGlass ReflectionTalk  

I'm all for it.  Fintin  Talk  17:37, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Since it's 10 people for, nobody against, I will go ahead and create it.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  17:40, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Criteria for Affiliation

What exactly is the criteria for becoming affiliated with this wiki? From what I've seen of the wikis we've become affiliated with recently, there seems to be no pattern for who we're affiliated with and who we aren't. I get affiliations with wikis like Bleach, Naruto, Shonen Jump, Dragonball, etc since OP has many things in common with those series and there is relevant/related information that may be on those wikis. But I don't understand why we're affiliated with a wiki with only 44 pages and one editor. It's not that I'm against affiliating with other wikis, I just want to know why it's helpful for us and why we're doing it. JustSomeDude...  Talk | 22:46, November 11, 2013 (UTC)

We should have an approval process (on a project page, or allow admins to decide) to accept new affiliates. Personally, the criterion should be an active community (pages and files don't matter as much). If a wiki isn't getting edited at least once every few days, it shouldn't be on the list either. I agree that wikis like the one you listed shouldn't just randomly be put onto our affiliate list.   Galaxy 9000   22:47, November 11, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks JSD for picking on a wiki that isn't full devolped, and only has one editer with that being me, since i founded that wiki. Every wiki starts of small as we once did when we started. I don't see the need for rules about Affiliations, the Affiliations doesn't the effect the progress of this wiki. We have Affiliations because after the pitched idea people agreed to it. We might as well become communists' since certain people want rules for everything.Besty17Talk 14:53, November 12, 2013 (UTC)

As long as our affiliates are about manga of course we shouldn't have rules. Wikis are supposed to collaborate with each other so I don't see a single reason why we should have limitations. And please do explain how a 180px size wordmark which you will have to scroll down to see affects the wiki in any level.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  14:57, November 12, 2013 (UTC)

We should pick them based on the quality of their articles more than anything.DancePowderer Talk 15:01, November 12, 2013 (UTC)

No just NO.. as Besty and Staw said,wikis are supposed to collaborate with each other and as long as our affiliates are in the Manga/Entertainment genre it doesnt matter.And also as a bigger wiki,we should help those smaller wikis providing an influx of users to them(and yes a 180px wordmark and a link to it doesnt do any harm to our wiki,does it?).--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-05:12,11/14/2013-}

No reason to be picky on this one. It's not like our reputation depends on it. Besides, who would be brave enough to read the majority of their articles and decide whether they are descent or not? Vaztalk 12:55,11/14/2013

Bumping this since they are still being added without any input from the community. We need a criteria.   Galaxy 9000   07:45, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

Dude,Read the forum,it was never decided not to add 'em :/--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-08:38,11/30/2013-}

Since the issue was brought up, the adding should have ceased. That's usually how we do things around here.   Galaxy 9000   08:40, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

..........you're putting way too much effort to something so trivial.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  08:53, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

One thing we should at least do is make sure that wikis we are affiliated with show that we are affiliated with them (Preferably on their Main Page). Bleach Wiki does. XS Wiki, Yokokuhan wiki, for example, do not. We should still discuss the approval process in more detail, but this should at least be a minimum requirement. JustSomeDude...  Talk | 16:27, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

Dunno who added 'em,but the rest of the wikis do.at least that's what affiliates are supposed to be.--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-16:36,11/30/2013-}

Yeah that is right, if they don't have affiliates, we can't have them here either.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  16:46, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

how about this for criteria: 1) they have to be related to OP in some sort of way, like another anime/manga wiki, 2) they have to have at least 5 pages and 3) the other wiki has an affiliated template which they add us to--Quoth The Raven "Nevermore" 16:49, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

The third criteria is common sense anyway, just besty was too lazy to make affiliates in his wikis, if he doesn't remove those two. And the affiliations aren't done by random people of the wiki, it's true that most of them weren't approved by admin but they were added by regulars and I don't see why we shouldn't be able to keep doing it. People come on chat and say, hi can I affiliate this wiki with mine. If no admin is online it's just a waste of time not to give them our approval or dissaproval but wait for an admin to do so. Anyways Canuck's rules are ok, if you seriously need rules you can have those.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  16:54, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

Aren't affiliation with other manga-wikis a bit redundant? There is already {{w:ACGBox}} for that purpose... leviathan_89 19:39, 30 November, 2013 (UTC)

This is not the same at all.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  20:35, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

Ah, okay.
… wait, how so? sff9 21:37, November 30, 2013

By this logic we shouldn't have a main page since we have articles for that.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  07:04, December 1, 2013 (UTC)

@levi and sff,Nah!the ACG box doesn't look that good >_<..having our own affiliation seems appealing though I get your point :/.(<-- does what i just typed make any sense? :/)--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-18:18,12/1/2013-}

@SHL, by your logic we would have several main pages. sff9 19:32, December 5, 2013

Can i agree with the three criteria's, though really it seems rather unessary to have them. Besty17Talk 19:44, December 5, 2013 (UTC)

I wasn't suggesting to not have them, but all the footers are global template made with the same intent as the affiliation template. So I didn't understand why we should have a local affiliation template to begin with, that's all. leviathan_89 21:22, 5 December, 2013 (UTC)

Levi's right. We don't need affiliations if that template exists.   Galaxy 9000   05:32, December 15, 2013 (UTC)

Remove the ACG box,it looks bad(imo)..not to mention it doesnt fit the fluid layout(ofc it CAN be fixed)--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-13:33,12/15/2013-}

ACG is better than the affiliates box. We can easily change the style to our liking.   Galaxy 9000   09:54, December 20, 2013 (UTC)

Nope you can't, it's a globally used template....  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  12:25, December 20, 2013 (UTC)

Possible through css,or we can just edit the global template(-_-)..but why do that when we've our own cool affiliations box?--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-08:34,12/22/2013-}

Just thought I might give this some rebirth. The Animanga Hub box isn't supposed to be used for our own unneeded affiliation purposes. As stated by RZ, we already have an affiliates box which is fine as it is. The whole point of this discussion is not to get a new template but to sort out which wikis we should be affiliating with. My own personal opinion is for us to just affiliate with Shonen Jump series which have developed wikis (i.e. Not, for example, an SJ series which has a wiki although the series only started up three weeks ago because the wiki clearly wouldn't be developed). Sanji in Unlimited Adventure.pngRainbowShifter 17:53, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

I kind of agree with Rainbow. I think there should be some benefit for us when we affiliate, we shouldn't serve as a place where anyone can just affiliate with us if they want to and have a user here. Otherwise, there will be no end to the wikis that are listed in the template. And can we even guarantee that in 2 years that most of these wikis will even be active? At that point, such affiliations won't be helpful to either wiki.

Though it's not that I think we should merge with just any active wiki either. We have no business affiliating with CoD wiki.

I think we should only merge with wikis that have some connection to One Piece media. So Jump series are the obvious ones, plus anything else that had some kind of direct crossover/connection to One Piece. JustSomeDude...  Talk | 06:19, January 16, 2014 (UTC)

Why? Some good series are not from Shonen Jumps or crossover, but they are good enough to be an affiliate, right? Share the joy, as they say. Yata Talk to me 17:04, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

"We have no business affiliating with CoD wiki." "And can we even guarantee that in 2 years that most of these wikis will even be active?" You are so totally missing the whole point of affiliating. Just let go already, majority is clear.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  17:13, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

I agree that we shouldn't affiliate with just about any wikis. We should only affiliate with active and developed wikis. I really would rather not see us being affiliated with a wiki with 20 poorly written pages, some crap images, and only one semi active editor on it. We also shouldn't be affiliating with wikis that have absolutely nothing in common with us. It's pointless and silly to be affiliated with CoD or Runescape wiki, and it would most definitely clutter up our affiliation template. We should only affiliate with anime/manga wikis. If you guys want to narrow that down, then why don't we just affiliate with shonen wikis (since One Piece is a shonen manga) or simply narrow it down even more to only Shonen Jump series?  Jademing  Talk   21:54, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

Manga/Anime/visual novels/light novels/whatever else is manga/anime related only. SeaTerror (talk) 22:34, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

Wait when you said "Cod wiki" I understood something else, my bad. Yeah, totally we can't affiliate with random wikis but any animanga wiki should be welcome. The fact that we are a very well developed animanga wiki doesn't mean that we should only affiliate with the likes of us because that would mean just yu-gi-oh and FT wiki. We dont want that. Ok let's say the wikis must have 20 pages and an active admin. But that should work for later on, right now we may have affilaited with a few wikis that don't qualify those criteria but we can't just take it back.. Some of us, for the best or the worst, went around and asked for affiliation and I do take full responsibility for that but yeah, don't just cancel those out, it would just be embarrassing and make us seem even more unfriendly. If some of those wikis are admined by me though, I wouldn't mind taking them back.

Also I'm pretty sure we got a request from Jojo wiki, which is a really big wiki about a fellow jump manga and anime so we need to positively reply soon. It's already been a long while.

Oh and since we are such a big wiki I believe that not just admins should be able to answer the requests, but also some of the regulars.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  16:59, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

Okay, only animanga wikis are eligible to affiliate with us. Are there anyone who want to argue with that? If not, we can move on and consider that part done, hooray!

As for accepting developed/not developed wikis, I strongly think we should only accept developed wikis. And I don't mean that all wikis who are affiliating with us must have at least 100 pages or whatever. I mean, a wiki with well written pages, an active admin (an absolute necessary), some active editors as well, it doesn't need to be many, it can just be maybe 3, 5, 8, whatever.

And Staw, why should regular editors be allowed to answer the requests? Admins should be the only ones to give their answers for affiliating.  Jademing  Talk   21:24, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

I agree, only animanga wikis should be affiliating with us, as for who should be allowed to answer requests I think admins and rollbacks should qualify. And about the whole developed wiki thing, i think the number of pages doesnt really matter compared to how active the wiki is and how many users frequent it, though i agree that their pages should be relatively well written. --Quoth The Raven "Nevermore" 22:35, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

For me the job of dealing with Affliations should be left to the Admins soley. This way we can reduce the amount of time wasted on torn decisions by the community.Besty17Talk 22:45, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

well in reality there's only really one admin who deals with this which wouldnt really be fair and i know if we gave rollbacks the ability to decide as well, gal would probably argue a lot but i think for the most part things would be relatively quick--Quoth The Raven "Nevermore" 22:51, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

If I may say, here's my opinion. I won't argue or bicker about it, I'll just say it. If it's an anime or manga wiki, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, it should be affiliated if it asks us. But that's me, and that's just it. If their is a poll, I might answer in it.

Nobody700 23:05, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

Why should the community decide? It'll just take a long time, and users will probably fight over it as usual, and it's rubbish, and would take up time that would be better used on other MORE URGENT ISSUES. Admins should be the only ones that decide. Easier that way, and I'm pretty sure the admins won't screw up on something so trivial as affiliating >_>  Jademing  Talk   23:47, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

As I said. This is not a democracy, but communism. All hail the sickle and hammer.

Nobody700 00:10, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

It shouldn't just be manga/anime. Visual novels should be allowed and maybe some other games. SeaTerror (talk) 00:57, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

We should only affiliate with active and developed wikis:- Seems many dont even get what affiliations are for,if we only affiliate with those kinda wiki's we'd get around 20 wiki affiliations that are of no purpose to either of us.As an active and developed wiki we should affiliate with the lesser known wikis(in the Entertainment/Anime-Manga category) to increase their activity and development.--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-02:49,1/26/2014-}

Okay, animanga is one criteria (no Harry Potter or Marvel Comics), well developed is the second (not the now inactive Cage of Eden, or some crappily kept wikis). How about any animanga series that appear in J-Stars Victory VS? Since they all have a commonality by appearing in the same crossover game, why not? Also, what about Dragon Ball, since they rely on the dub version over the original that we do, and their image database is loaded with other irrelevant things. Yata Talk to me 03:11, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

The community just needs to vote on a criteria, not on every single affiliation.   Galaxy 9000   03:48, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

Any manga/anime genre should be allowed and so should visual novels. SeaTerror (talk) 04:41, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

http://onepiece.wikia.com/index.php?title=User_talk%3AStaw-Hat_Luffy&action=historysubmit&diff=1120780&oldid=1120734 This is the wiki about the newest jump addition so Imma accept it. Also that's pretty much the reason why admins shouldn't be the only ones to accept those requests.  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  12:50, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

No decision has been made here yet, so no you aren't accepting it.   Galaxy 9000   12:51, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

Staw and Betsy almost run a mafia of wikis,they've a better decision making skills when it comes to these affiliations.--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-15:22,1/28/2014-}

Loooooool roa hahahahah :D  Staw-Hat Luffy  Talk  15:40, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

Uh no. Regular users shouldn't accept or decline offers to affiliate with us.  Jademing  Talk   17:18, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

"I'm kinda in change of the whole thing. And yeah, I would like to affiliate with both of the wikis you linked, thanks." I'm sorry, but what the actual fuck, Staw? No one ever said you was in the charge of the whole affiliating thing. No one.  Jademing  Talk   22:52, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

Nobody complained until after he had already said that so the argument is invalid. SeaTerror (talk) 00:04, January 29, 2014 (UTC)

None of it matters,It's alright for Staw and Betsy to accept affiliations(they run so many fucking wikis and most people go to them for affiliations).--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-03:41,1/29/2014-}

It definitely isn't alright for them to accept anything, especially without consent from this forum.   Galaxy 9000   15:37, January 31, 2014 (UTC)

I haven't accepted anything, so don't go dragging me into this mess. People mentioned affiliating with fellow jump wiki's such as Bleach, Toriko and Weekly-shonen-jump. So affiliating with another jump wiki shouldn't be an issue, reguardless of who accepts it. As myself and a few others might have mentioned, if we leave the decision of affiliating to DancePowderer, Yata and the other admins. There would be no need for this ongoing argument.Besty17Talk 15:59, January 31, 2014 (UTC)

Hmm,so what do we do about this?--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-05:35,2/2/2014-}

If nobody agrees with each other, I can see this going to a poll.Besty17Talk 11:38, February 2, 2014 (UTC)

Whoops, sorry, I forgot about this. Anyway, I support the idea of only admins being allowed to affiliate with fellow animanga wikis or not.

I really would rather not see this being taken to a poll, so let's see which side have a clear majority before doing a poll?  Jademing  Talk   22:27, February 5, 2014 (UTC)

I don't think anyone wants to see this be taken to poll. That sounds like a good idea Jade, now let's wait for everyone's opinion on this.Besty17Talk 22:45, February 5, 2014 (UTC)

I think it should an admin only thing otherwise I can see the affiliation list getting a little out of control. Also having people coming from other wikis and affiliating themselves.                                                SHB                                                23:08, February 5, 2014 (UTC)  

If we've agreed to just letting admins decide who we affiliate with, that's perfect. Now the question is "what do we do with all the ones we've already affiliated with?" I'd love some admin input on this. JustSomeDude...  Talk | 00:57, February 6, 2014 (UTC)

If we stick to affiliating with other shonen jump wiki's only, the other wordmarks could be easily deleted.Besty17Talk 09:05, February 6, 2014 (UTC)

Might aswell delete the affiliations template and go with the anime-manga footers if this is the conclusion the forum comes up with.--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-12:53,2/6/2014-}

The admins wouldn't even know what they are doing. Shounen Jump only series is stupid. SeaTerror (talk) 16:25, February 6, 2014 (UTC)

Yeah,if it's only shounen jump,use the anime-manga box.--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-16:30,2/6/2014-}

Would you prefer we affilate with wiki's based on the quality of their articles, ST?Besty17Talk 15:30, February 7, 2014 (UTC)

Manga/Anime/visual novels/light novels/whatever else is manga/anime related only. SeaTerror (talk) 22:34, January 24, 2014 (UTC) SeaTerror (talk) 16:00, February 7, 2014 (UTC)

This forum will be dead and when i remove the template,someone just adds it back :/--Roa[T]{MH,R!,-12:10,2/11/2014-}

Time to come to conclusion and end this forum. It seems no one so far has agreed on a Criteria for Affiliation. Unless their is a Criteria we can all agree on, it seems pointless to have one. Any future Affiliation requests should be left to an admin to deal with.Besty17Talk 23:19, March 4, 2014 (UTC)

Seeing how no one has imputed anymore into this, i'm closing this. I'd sugguest any Affiliation requests should be left for the admins to handle, so this problem doesn't occur again.Besty17Talk 15:22, March 15, 2014 (UTC)

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