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Guyyyyys many guys say they read at a sbs that oda said the nexxt strawhat member would be an old enemy.Can u tell me where exactly does he says this please???=(volume,chapter etc?)

                               P.S.....PLEASE! 09:45, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

It was allegedly in an old Jump Fiesta interview (2009ish), but I haven't found a source for it anywhere, and the translation has been disputed (it may have referred to a temporary ally like in Impel Down/Marineford War, rather than an actual crew member). Zodiaque 10:36, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

Well Vivi was a member of baroque works, so it could be her.

^She was never a true enemy, she was undercover. Anyway, since this rumor is so vague its most likely fake, and even if not, it may have, like Zodiaque said, referred to temporary allies like in the ID arc and the Marineford War. 17:44, June 10, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah i agree^^

Also the next member won't be someone like viv..she is very weak(literally cant help in any way) but it would be someone strong/smart and if it isn't jimbe then i guess it will be someone we didn't when brook showed up,nobody expected them to have a new nakama that fast with almost no introduction to the character

if luffy meets someone he likes that guy will probably join/be forced to join like franky :d

Maybe, what he means by the old enemy, at the most logical sense could be Smoker as they are in the same island currently in Punk Hazard. So just speculation, but as in 'old' I don't believe it to be Vivi or Law.

i think the "old enemy" that might join them could be aokiji, because he fought the strawhats and almost killed robin and luffy, and he quit the marines so he might become a pirate and 20 (more or less) years from the present time he helped robin escape so thats my guess for "on old enemy" joining the straw hats.

^*Facepalm*. 13:37, July 1, 2012 (UTC)

The thought of Aokiji crossed my mind before also. Its obviously not going to be vivi that ship has sailed

^True, and its obviously not going to be Aokiji, that ship has sailed as well.

Crocodile maybe? <No.

Why couldnt it be Aokiji it makes alot of sense if you think about how strong the crew has become and it doesnt make sense for any one weak to be recruited considering the straw hats plan on taking out a yonko. Fact is they need a stronger crew if luffy is going to become king of the pirates.

I could see it being Aokiji.

It could be Bentham[3], alias Mr. 2 Bon Kurei , Luffy could break into Impel Down for some reason and while he is at it , he could free Mr. 2 and make him his new crewmate , I know that he is not that powerful enough but he saved Luffy twice i guess and Luffy and him are good friends, and we are talking about Straw Hats , the most bizzare pirate crew , and Oda is clever , he will put an unpredictable character so having an old enemy i.e. Mr 2 would'nt be bad .

->yeah i aggree that the new crew member would be aokiji for some reason hes been featured on the newest OP films as their subbordinates so it would be aokiji.

<He is NOT their new crew member! He was just confirmed to be in the movie, thats all! Where the heck did you see proof that he was one of them now?! Aokiji is not going to be one of the SHs future members. Ally? Maybe, but not crew member. 14:54, July 11, 2012 (UTC) ^^^this guys quick to dispute everyones theroies but has non of his own... haters gonna hate -_-*

^I'm being realistic when it comes to new crewmembers. I have nothing against Aokiji but there are several reasons why he won't join the SHs (killing one of a certain crewmember's loved ones is one of them). 18:53, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

who Jaguar? i dont think luffy or robin is going to be petti enough to stop him from joining after he helps them/ becomes friends. (he obviously wouldnt just turn up out of the blue and ask to join hell probably end up helping them out in some way and then luffy will probably beg him to join) shit you never know it could even be Caribou for all we know (doubtfull))

^Yes, Jaguar, who else?:P You honestly don't think Robin would be against him joining? I don't know about you but if I were in Robin's shoes I would be pissed as hell if the person who have killed one of my closest friends right in front of my very eyes were to join the crew. Luffy wouldn't beg Aokiji to join if the latter helped them in some way. If anything, Aokiji will end up as one of the many allies of the SHs. Isn't that good enough? 18:28, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

Jinbë, guys.

yes jinbe will join but he was never really a enemy of the SH

Robin has shown that she trusts her captain so if luffy wanted Aokiji to join then she wouldnt go against it. Plus Aokiji may have killed jaguar, depatable considering he froze him in ice and very well could still be alive but that is unconfirmable until it happens, but Aokiji also saved Robin from destruction of Ohara lets not forget that.

Khaliszt: But actually this may be wrongly interpreted due to the translation. I've heard that Oda never really said an "old enemy" literally, It probably was something more like an old known who coul've certainly been an enemy. But that is a vague rumour, I still think the "old enemy" translation is correct: So my guess is maybeeee Bon Kurei or Hacchi or Buggy (hope not but they all look like the kind of character that Oda likes because they've appeared many times through the series and have shown to be more kind to Luffy than at the beggining).

Robin has shown that she trusts her captain so if luffy wanted Aokiji to join then she wouldnt go against it.Plus Aokiji may have killed jaguar, depatable considering he froze him in ice and very well could still be alive but that is unconfirmable until it happens, but Aokiji also saved Robin from destruction of Ohara lets not forget that.

I'm sorry but no matter how much Robin trusts Luffy there is no way she would go along with the decision for Aokiji joining, for her he is one of the most traumatic "things" ever from her past. And Aokiji didn't "may" have killed Jaguar, he DID kill him, this was even confirmed in the databooks. And the only reason Aokiji saved Robin was for Jaguar's sake (he and Aokiji used to be friends).

As for this whole "new member old enemy", I don't really believe it since its such a vague rumor, I also remember some known OP wikia member here saying that the translation has been disputed or something like that. 06:44, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

I don't think Aokiji would join but it's true that in the situation, Robin wouldn't be certainly happy about it. But who knows, she has changed and a lot of time has passed, we've already seen things like this before, like when Ussop left the SH crew and then came back. So it is not an absolutely discarded option. By the way, I'd be pleased if you didn't invent stories like "Jaguar's death was absolutely confirmed in a databook" That is not true, don't invent stupidities. Khaliszt (talk)

I think if the rumor "an old enemy" and also a former captain is true then I think bellamy would fit the description pretty well at this current point and time considering he couldn't bring himself to assassinate Luffy 

I know it's an old thread, but just wanted to bring up an important point. If this info is legit, then the current arc points fingers solely to Bellamy. (Though I hope he won't join.) 04:17, February 3, 2015 (UTC)

Ceasar :)

I know we really weren't supposed to go back into this but I think you guys should seriously give Eneru a thought. He wasn't defeated and they left it kinda as a cliff hanger. Also there is talk of him at the very minimium becoming an ally. As far as terms of an ally he would be good especially because I think he could combat Kizaru decently. Think about him becoming stronger after the timeskip and possibly honing the rumble rumble fruit powers. I would put eneru up as a definite candidate. 1/28/2016

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