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Images on the wiki21:24, July 4, 2020Kaizoku-Hime
Multiple Characters Articles05:30, June 14, 2020Rhavkin
Opening Images in Galleries16:14, May 29, 2020Rhavkin
Videos on this wiki08:00, May 29, 2020Rhavkin
File source list order16:19, May 28, 2020Rhavkin
Site Polls15:22, May 28, 2020Rhavkin
Arc cover images06:21, May 13, 2020Kaizoku-Hime
Scanlation Allowed Images19:47, April 24, 2020Rhavkin
Empty Cells In Gallery Templates19:52, April 23, 2020Rhavkin
Portable Infoboxes — the return17:52, April 21, 2020Rhavkin
Changing to Portable Infoboxes17:25, April 21, 2020Rhavkin
Manga vs. Anime for portraits21:51, April 6, 2019SeaTerror
Renders as Infobox Pictures18:25, April 5, 2019Kaido King of the Bots
Infobox Pictures16:28, March 9, 2019Awaikage
Template Nihongo and infoboxes15:28, March 9, 2019Awaikage
Pictures of characters after time-skip and before time-skip15:23, March 9, 2019Awaikage
Manga/Anime Switch10:39, March 9, 2019Awaikage
Minor adjustments to Image Guideline (poll added)10:30, January 7, 2019SeaTerror
Color scheme for galleries08:00, November 24, 2018SeaTerror
Toggle Feature07:32, November 24, 2018SeaTerror
Gifs Discussion, Re-opened07:00, November 24, 2018SeaTerror
Duplicate Image List04:54, November 21, 2018SeaTerror
No Picture Available12:34, September 1, 2017Awaikage
Raw and scan images policy: vote19:45, August 23, 2016Awaikage
Images in Chapter and Episode Articles21:04, June 8, 2016JustSomeDude...
Changing to Portable Infoboxes - Got Questions?05:50, March 15, 2016JustSomeDude...
Whitebeard's Powers Gallery13:15, February 25, 2016Kaido King of the Beasts
RAW Japanese Manga Images23:08, February 12, 2016Yatanogarasu
Possible alternative to gallery tag13:58, January 27, 2016Lelouch Di Britannia
JPG Crackdown16:20, October 16, 2015JustSomeDude...
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