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Fred is a resident of Steel City on Jail Island who lives with his aunt Miranda and younger sister Anna. He is also a member of the Pro-Marine faction and formerly worked for the Marines. He appears in the video game One Piece: World Seeker.[1]


Fred is an average-sized man with slicked-back dark green hair. He wears glasses over his eyes and has beard stubble around his chin. He wears a green button-down shirt with the top two buttons unhooked, a dark green vest over the shirt, and white dress pants with a belt.[1]


Fred cares about doing the right thing and supporting his aunt and sister. Initially, this led him to idolize the Marines and detest pirates, being willing to confront any wanted pirate he meets and try to bring them in for their bounty even if the pirate greatly outclasses him; this is mainly due to pirates having killed his parents. However, after getting involved in a deal between Marines and pirates, Fred lost his respect for the former and admitted that the nature of the two groups was more complex than he thought. He is shown to be quite humble when he realizes he has made a mistake, and willingly accepted his aunt Miranda berating him even though Anna thought she was going too far.[2] Despite being a member of the Pro-Marine faction, he is shown to care about the Anti-Marine leader Jeanne and get along with his Anti-Marine aunt. He seems to be somewhat superstitious, as after hearing a rumor about a ghost haunting the Graveyard he became on guard for it and more easily scared.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

At some point in the past, Fred's parents were killed by pirates, causing him and his little sister to be taken in and raised by their aunt Miranda. Fred spent most of his time away from his aunt and sister working to support them financially, and took a job shipping cargo for the Marines.[2]

Fred was standing on the street in Sogyoku Town saying to himself that he hoped Jeanne was alright when Monkey D. Luffy came up to him. Fred became briefly frightened after hearing Luffy, having thought he might be the ghost rumored to be near the Graveyard. With Luffy having asked him about Jeanne, Fred said that the pirate should go and find her at the Graveyard.[1]

Later, Fred was with some friends in Steel City when Luffy and Jeanne approached him. Having learned who Luffy was by then, Fred acted confrontational with him before heading off, telling Jeanne not to follow him. Fred then went to work near the Sea Prison, and a Marine named Merlin ordered him to ship explosive cargo to the harbor. Fred asked him why a pirate was standing with him, and the pirate revealed that he was the customer. Appalled that the Marines were doing business with pirates, Fred refuses to follow Merlin's orders, causing the shady Marine and pirate to try to kill him. However, Luffy and Jeanne then arrived and Luffy took down Merlin and the pirate. Fred thanked Luffy, being surprised that a pirate would help him, and then went back to Steel City to reunite with Miranda and Anna. Upon returning to his family he confessed to what he did, causing Miranda to berate him harshly. Anna stood up for her brother, but Fred accepted his aunt's rebuke, apologizing to her and saying he would think things through next time.[2]


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