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Fron Island is a non-canon island located in the New World, very close to Totto Land. It is home to the Marine Base G-F commanded by Vice Admiral Prodi.[2][3]

The island was first seen on a map located in Zou that Nami perused, but has not been named except in Weekly Shonen Jump.[4]


Fron Island is a circular-shaped island with a rocky coastline featuring several tall rock pillars. Within it is a giant circular plateau that has a forest growing on top of it, and there is a large basin in the middle of the plateau which contains a Marine base. There is a small inlet on one side of the island that leads to a gate to an opening through the plateau into the base.[1]


Marine Base

A significant portion of Fron Island hosts a Marine base. Marine ships are able to enter it through a giant gate within the plateau. The base consists of several buildings, including the main place of operations as well as a warehouse storing food supplies.[1]


Name Rank Status
Prodi Portrait.png Prodi
  • Vice Admiral
  • Chief
All-Hunt Grount Portrait.png All-Hunt Grount
  • Captain
Ant De Bonham Portrait.png Ant De Bonham
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade
Shimoi Zappa Portrait.png Shimoi Zappa
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade
Prodi's Assistants Portrait.png Unknown
  • Adjutants (Assistants)
Fron Island Cook Portrait.png Unknown
  • Canteen Cook



Sometime in the past, a Marine base was established on Fron Island in order to keep an eye on Big Mom.[1]

Marine Rookie Arc

A ship full of reserve Marine forces arrived at Fron Island, among them being Captain Grount. While this happened, the Straw Hat Pirates snuck into the island in order to find food to eat. However, their presence was eventually discovered, and Monkey D. Luffy was spotted and cornered in the cafeteria.[1] The Straw Hats fought their way out of the cafeteria, and raided a food warehouse, but were confronted by the Marines All-Hunt Grount, Ant De Bonham, and Shimoi Zappa inside. The Straw Hats defeated the Marines,[5] and battled against Vice Admiral Prodi's forces on the coast, whom they also defeated. Bonham, Zappa, and later Grount came to the coast to make a final stand, but were ultimately brought down despite their best efforts, and the Straw Hats escaped the island.[6]


  • The island's name is a pun: When read with Japanese suffix "-to" ( island?), it can be read as the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "front". This refers to it being a front against Big Mom.


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