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The Fugetsu Family was a renowned and formerly powerful family from Wano Country.[1] They ruled over the Kibi region until the takeover of Kurozumi Orochi two decades ago. Their only known member is Fugetsu Omusubi.[2]



The Fugetsu family were powerful supporters of the ruling family of Wano Country, the Kozuki Family, earning the family heads to be honored with the title of daimyo of the Kibi region.

At a certain point, a member of the Kurozumi Family, tried to seize the shogunate and out of fear of the other families heads, assassinated the leader of the family.[1]

20 years ago, when Kozuki Oden was killed, Kurozumi Orochi offered the daimyos to follow him, but they refused and rebelled. All but Shimotsuki Yasuie were defeated by Kaidou. It is unknown whether anyone of the Fugetsu Family is still alive today.[3]


  • Fugetsu (風月? literally meaning "wind moon") fits most of the Wano Country families theme of having the kanji for "moon" (?) in its name.


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