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The Fuku Fuku no Mi[3] is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows the user to create clothing and other apparel out of leaves or stones by visualizing them. It was eaten by Kin'emon.[2]


  • Fuku (?) means "clothing" in Japanese.
  • The English version name Garb is another term for clothing, but can also refer to a specific type of clothing. This is a reference to Kin'emon being able to create any type of clothing through his imagination.[4]

Strengths and Weaknesses

As shown by Kin'emon, the fruit has many useful properties. The apparel generated can be used as disguises, but the effectiveness of the disguise heavily depends on the user's capability of imagining it. Apart from serving as disguises, the clothes created by the fruit's power can also be used for other conveniences, such as keeping wearers warm while in a cold environment.[2] This fruit can also create functioning armors and weapons such as swords.[5]

Kin'emon apparently needs to create clothes from leaves, stones, or other small objects, so if there are none in the immediate vicinity then the fruit may not work. The clothes also do not appear to be permanent, and only last as long as they are worn.[2] Furthermore he must first visualize the appearance of the clothes, otherwise his creations would be limited.[3] Besides that, the user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


By placing a leaf or stone on someone's head, Kin'emon can convert it by saying "Poof" (ドロン Doron?) into the necessary garb for as long as he can visualize it. The clothes created remain as long as they are worn, but will disappear if removed.[2]

Sanji in Nami's Body.png
Nami's first coat created by Kin'emon.
Nami Second PH Coat.png
Nami's second coat created by Kin'emon.
Kozuki Momonosuke Anime Infobox.png
Momonosuke's clothes created by Kin'emon.
The armor Kin'emon made for some of the Straw Hats.
Straw Hats In Disguise.png
Kin'emon and Straw Hat's Dressrosa disguise.
Kin'emon's Frog Disguise.png
Kin'emon's frog disguise at Dressrosa.
Luffy's Fish Disguise.png
Luffy's fish disguise at Dressrosa.
Zoro's Cat Disguise.png
Zoro's cat disguise at Dressrosa.
Kin'emon as Donquixote Doflamingo.png
Kin'emon disguised as Doflamingo.
The Sanji Retrieval Team Receives Clothing For Wano.png
The Sanji Retrieval Team's clothes for Wano Country.
Jinbe Beasts Pirates Disguise.png
Jinbe disguised as a Beasts Pirate.


  • Kin-chan Gofukuten (錦ちゃん呉服店 Kin-chan Gofukuten?, literally meaning "Kin-chan Kimono Shop"): Kin'emon sets up an arching gate with a leaf-imprinted banner at the top. Those who pass through the gate instantly receive a clothing change, without requiring to put an object over their heads beforehand. It was first seen when the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance arrived at Onigashima as a way to provide quick disguises to all the members of the alliance, with Kin'emon placing the transformation spot at the end of a bridge.[6] The name may be a reference to Tsuru's pet name for Kin'emon from their youth. In the VIZ manga, this is called Kin's Clothing Company.


  • As with the Mato Mato no Mi (which was referred to as the "Mato Mato Curse"), both the Nui Nui no Mi and Toki Toki no Mi (both referred as Nui Nui powers and Toki Toki powers respectively) and both Juku Juku no Mi and Maki Maki no Mi (both referred as Jutsus), this fruit was not actually named in the manga. Kin'emon referred to his "magic" as the Cloth Cloth Technique (フクフクの術 Fuku Fuku no Jutsu?, Viz: Garb Garb Jutsu).[4] He did say that his ability comes from an unusual fruit that he ate a long time ago.[2]
  • This fruit is somewhat similar to the Jake Jake no Mi, as they both relate to items of clothing.


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