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Funwari Island is one of 34 islands surrounding Whole Cake Island as part of the Big Mom Pirates' main territory known as Totto Land.[3][4] It was run by Charlotte Chiffon, the Minister of Puffs (ふんわり大臣 Funwari Daijin?)[5] until she ran away to escape her mother's wrath.[6]


Fuwarin Town

Fuwarin Town (フワリンタウン Fuwarin Taun?, Viz: "Floof Town") is a city situated on the Island.[1]



Less than 62 years ago, Funwari Island became part of the Big Mom Pirates territory also known as "Totto Land", and its appearance was changed to its current look using Charlotte Linlin and Streusen's Devil Fruits (the Soru Soru no Mi and Kuku Kuku no Mi respectively).[4][7]

Chiffon was at some point appointed the minister in charge of this island.[5]

Four Emperors Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

As the Fire Tank Pirates were heading for Liqueur Island to feed the substitute wedding cake to Big Mom, Chiffon suggested changing their destination to Funwari Island instead to give the Straw Hat Pirates more time to escape.[3] After the Fire Tank Pirates arrived with the cake, the citizens on the island panicked while cursing Chiffon, as Big Mom approached the cake.[1] The citizens then witnessed Big Mom eating the cake, which stopped her craving rampage.[8]

The Fire Tank Pirates escaped the island by stealing a tarteship. After coming back to her senses, Big Mom departed for Cacao Island.[6]


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