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Template:Char box Commander Gaburu (ガブル隊長 Gaburu Taichō?)[1] is a revolutionary commander leading a group of soldiers on an unknown island.


Gaburu greatly resembles Caribou, as his subordinates easily mistook Caribou for him. The only difference between the two seems to be that Gaburu lacks a beard. Gaburu also wears a beret with a star on it much like his subordinates.


Nothing is known about Gaburu's personality as he has yet to appear. 


Gaburu is very much admired by his subordinates, as they were overjoyed to the point of tears when they thought they had found him, and were later seen cheering when they thought he had returned[2].

Abilities and Powers

As an army commander, he has supreme control over his subordinates.


At one point, he disappeared, leaving his men without a commander. His current location is unknown. His subordinates encountered Caribou on one of Kaido's favorite islands, while searching for him, and mistook the Logia user for him.


  • His name and appearance seem to be inspired by Che Guevara.


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