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Gad is a pirate officer of the Simon Pirates and a hammerhead shark fish-man.[1]


Gad full body.

Gad is a muscular, teal-colored fish-man with black hair shaped like the head of a hammer, sideburns, a pointed nose, pointed chin, thin face, thick lips, and thin eyebrows. He wears a blue and white tank top, an orange shirt, black shorts, orange sandals, and gold piercings in his ears and nose.[1]


Gad is a very pompous fish-man and cares greatly about his appearance. He is easily smitten by beautiful women, developing heart-shaped eyes when looking at them. No matter who's suddenly attacked, he makes no bones about saving others from dangers, even if objects who need to be saved are the Straw Hat Pirates that ever attacked him.

Abilities and Powers

As a fish-man, Gad is ten times stronger than an average human on land, and twice that in water. He demonstrated this strength by destroying a large water vortex.


Gad wields a long polearm with the head of a hammer at the end. He seems quite skilled in using it.


Arabasta Saga

Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands

When a large water vortex appeared in front of the Straw Hat Pirates' ship, Gad appeared out of the ocean and destroyed the vortex. He landed on the deck of the Going Merry in front of Luffy. He immediately became enamored with Nami, angering Sanji. The Straw Hat Pirates fought Gad and defeated him, causing him to run. Despite being defeated, Gad left the ship badly damaged.

Major Battles


  • Gad is similar to Dosun of the New Fishman Pirates, as they are both Fishmen based on the hammerhead shark and use hammers as weapons.


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