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The Gallant Hippo was a Wild Zombie who worked under Perona.[1]


The Gallant Hippo is a large zombie with a hippo head and a human body. He has long, thin limbs, a hunched back, and a stocky abdomen. He also has a mustache and the number 78 (28 in the anime) printed on him. Additionally, his hands are the same color as his head, suggesting that they are covered in hippo skin.


The Gallant Hippo had a brutal personality, as he was willing to attack Nami with intent to kill.[1] He also cares about his fellow zombies, as he tried to strike down Usopp for exorcising Kumashi.[2]


The Gallant Hippo swore allegiance to Gekko Moriah as a zombie and to Perona as a Wild Zombie in her garden. Unlike his relationship with them, the Gallant Hippo fears Absalom's power and, despite not being Absalom's subordinate, listens to him because of it.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Despite his size, the Gallant Hippo is not very strong, as he was easily defeated by a single kick from Inuppe and again by Usopp's Impact Dial.[1][2]


The Gallant Hippo carried around a sword and shield.[1] His skill with it is unknown, as he was always interrupted before being able to use it.



Like the other zombies, the Gallant Hippo was given life when Gekko Moriah implanted it with shadows using his Kage Kage no Mi. He was created in the image of a toy hippo that Perona got some time in the past, which was a product of Wapol's toy factory made through his Baku Baku no Mi powers.[4]

Thriller Bark Arc

During the attack in the Wonder Garden, the Gallant Hippo tried to attack Nami. He was however kicked away by Inuppe and into a wall.[1] After Absalom arrived, the Gallant Hippo and other Wild Zombies were knocked back by the impact of when Abasalom shot Inuppe with his bazooka.[3]

During Usopp's battle with Perona, the Gallant Hippo tried to attack Usopp only to be blown away by an Impact Dial.[2]

In the end, his shadow was stolen by Gekko Moriah's "Shadow Asgard" technique.[5]

Major Battles


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