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For the pirate in the filler portions of the Loguetown Arc, see Gally.

Crescent-Moon Galley is the captain of the Galley Pirates, and the main antagonist of the very first version of Romance Dawn,[3] which was later animated for Romance Dawn Story.[2] In Chapter 902, he makes a cameo at the Baratie upon the conclusion of the Whole Cake Island Arc.[1]


Romance Dawn V.1Edit

Galley is a middle aged pirate whose distinguishing aspect is his crescent moon shaped mustache. He wears a typical pirate captain's attire. Though of average height, he is slightly stocky in physique.[3]

Romance Dawn StoryEdit

Galley is an orange haired pirate, with his trademark black crescent-shaped mustache, and also sports a crescent moon shaped beard. He wears a typical pirate captain's attire.[2]

Whole Cake Island ArcEdit

In the anime, his color scheme is the same as the non-canon pirate Gally.


Romance Dawn V.1Edit

Galley is a very selfish and cruel man, since he wanted all of the treasure in Silk’s hometown and tried to kill Luffy by drowning him. He swore revenge on the young pirate, but seemed to have a change of heart, as he later joined Luffy’s crew.[3]

Romance Dawn StoryEdit

Galley is extremely cruel and prideful, since he was willing to kill Luffy, Silk, and everyone in the town for his own personal gain. He also swore revenge on Luffy for defeating him and said he will kill him someday.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Romance Dawn V.1Edit

Galley is reputed as a very powerful pirate, being a famous Morganeer and one of the "Big Three" pirates. However, compared to Monkey D. Luffy, he is very weak. He wields a saber.[3]

Romance Dawn StoryEdit

Galley is a crafty man who acknowledges the powers and weaknesses of Devil Fruit users, as he tactically lured Luffy into the ocean to swiftly defeat him. Otherwise, he is a typical pirate found scattered across East Blue, as his bounty is a mere Beli5,000,000, compared to Luffy's Beli300,000,000, and after getting Luffy regained his focus, he easily rent asunder Galley's ship and sent him flying. He wields a saber.[2]


The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Romance Dawn V.1Edit

Luffy first spotted Galley's ship and decided to take it over so he would not have to sail in his dinghy. He defeated Galley's crew with ease and tied them up. The ship then landed at Silk's hometown and Galley and his men escaped and tried to take revenge on Luffy. Luffy frightened them when they learned he is a rubber man and they ran away afterwards. Luffy was then tied up by the townspeople, who thought he was Galley. Galley then took Luffy hostage and stole the town's treasure. He then enraged Luffy by smashing his hat, and got Luffy thrown into the ocean. Luffy was then saved by Silk and used Gomu Gomu no Axe to destroy Galley's ship. A livid Galley swore revenge.[3]

Galley was seen years later as a crew-member aboard Luffy's pirate ship, and told him that land had been spotted. It seemed that his encounter with Luffy changed him from a Morganeer pirate to a Peace Maine since Luffy said he wanted a crew made up of only Peace Maines, thus turning over a new leaf.[3]

Romance Dawn StoryEdit

Galley, who was tied up on his ship by Luffy, has threatened Silk's town and Luffy promises Silk that he will help her defeat him. After a short fight, Luffy makes short work of the Crescent-Moon Galley, while explaining to Silk about his abilities. After Galley runs off, Luffy remembers he left the Mini-Merry tied to Galley's ship. On his way back, the Mayor and various townspeople, mistake Luffy for Galley. They proceed to subdue him and tie him up. As he tries to explain himself, Galley interferes and attacks Silk. Galley, Silk and Luffy trade words about the meaning of treasure. Galley proceeds to throw Luffy's straw hat into the nearby ocean. Luffy stretches to get, with his head extending, but falls short and into the water. Silk dives in, rescues him, and curses Galley for sailing away. As they leave, Galley orders an attack on the island, destroying several buildings. Luffy slingshots himself towards Galley's ship, only to by shot out of the air by a cannonball.[2]

Straw Hats Vs Galley

Galley's crew fighting the Straw Hat Pirates.

Falling towards the water, Luffy is saved by the Thousand Sunny and the other Straw Hats. Usopp, Sanji, Nami, and Zoro berate Luffy on his being lost, while a fight breaks out on Galley's ship. After some fighting, Galley is given a wanted poster of Luffy, comparing Luffy's Beli300,000,000 to his small Beli5,000,000. Luffy proceeds to wreck Galley's ship with his Gear 3rd, Gigant Axe (oddly he does not shrink afterwards like he usually does after using Gear Third). Luffy then grabs Galley and lands on a piece of his wreaked ship while his crew sail away with the Crescent Moon's provisions and treasure. Galley swears he will kill Luffy someday, who ignores him and hits him with his pistol move sending Galley flying into the distance.[2]

Concludes non-canon section.

Whole Cake Island ArcEdit

Galley Pirates at the Baratie

Galley and his crew at the Baratie.

Galley and his crew went to the Baratie, where they impatiently demanded their food, much to the chagrin of the cooks there except for Zeff.[1]

Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

  • His name is sometimes translated as Crescent-Moon Gary. He was known as Galley the Crescent in the FUNimation dub.


  • Galley is said to be part of the "Big Three".[3] This term and concept of a group of famous individual pirate captains, appears to be a prototype for the Yonko that appears in the manga and anime proper.
  • His Crescent Moon mustache is shared by Whitebeard in the final storyline.[3]
  • A pirate that looks like Poppoko from the Alvida Pirates appears as one of Galley's crew members in the first version of Romance Dawn.[3]
  • In the Romance Dawn special, Luffy was mistaken for Galley.[2] In the anime, Gally, who is based on him, is mistaken for Luffy.
  • He is clearly a basis for the anime-only character Gally, though in the ninth movie, the wanted poster for that Gally shows a bounty of Beli3,450,000. This signifies that they are different people.[4]
Gally Wanted Poster
Gally's bounty poster.
Gally Bounty Poster
Anime-only Gally's bounty poster.


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