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Galley-La Headquarters, sometimes called Iceburg's Mansion, is the headquarters for the Galley-La Company.[1] All shipwrights in Water 7 would come here to restock their supplies, keep ship records and ship blueprints, and to take a break. It is located in Dock 1.


The Galley-La Headquarters was built when Iceburg formed the company seven years ago. It was here that Franky showed up to see Iceburg but was turned away.


Water 7 ArcEdit

Corgi paid Iceburg a visit only to later storm out of the building, complaining about being sent out on a mission to acquire the Blueprint Iceburg has been protecting for eight years.[2]

After Luffy and Usopp's duel for the Going Merry at the same night, Robin and Blueno sneaked into the headquarters to shoot Iceburg. Barely surviving, Iceburg remained in his bed. After regaining consciousness, he informed everyone about the people who shot him, and the blame went to the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy, who had been chased by the shipwrights, barged through the HQ window to find Iceburg. As night came, all the shipwrights were ready to defend Iceburg. A group of assassins known as CP9 knew the layouts of the building and managed to overpower all the shipwrights and corner Iceburg in his room. The CP9 burned down the building after they were finished.


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