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The Gally Pirates[2] are a pirate crew that appeared in Romance Dawn, Version 1. Their captain is Crescent-Moon Gally.

Jolly Roger

The crew's Jolly Roger is depicted a crescent moon and a skull.


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Gally Pirates
Gally ?????? ??????

The only named member of the crew is Gally himself. He has two crew members who are often seen accompanying him, but they are not named.

Crew Strength

The Gally Pirates are strong enough to pose some threat to a small town. Their captain, Gally, seems to be stronger than the rest of the crew and is a famed pirate in the East Blue as one of the "Big Three" pirates. The crew was no match for Luffy, including their captain, who was easily defeated.


Romance Dawn, Version 1

The Gally Pirates were first seen approaching a small town after being captured and tied up by Monkey D. Luffy. They were later seen escaping from their bonds before being defeated by Luffy, who also destroyed their ship.

Whole Cake Island Arc

Gally Pirates at the Baratie.

They went to the Baratie, where they impatiently demanded their food, much to the chagrin of the cooks there except for Zeff.[1]


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