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Galzburg was a non-canon militarized country in the Grand Line where Douglas Bullet grew up.[2]


Nothing is known about the country's geography because it has yet to make an appearance.



At some point in the past, Galzburg got involved in a large-scale war with another country.

45 years ago, Douglas Gray found a baby Bullet, adopting him and eventually assigned as a child soldier in Galzforce, Galzburg's army.

Due to Bullet's eventual accomplishments, Gray was promoted to the general rank, and he promised to promote Bullet if he won the war.

31 years ago, Bullet forced the enemy commander to surrender. However, Gray didn't honor his promise, stating that Bullet was too dangerous to be left alive. Enraged at the betrayal, Bullet wiped out both Galzforce and Galzburg, causing the Tragedy of Galzburg.[2]


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