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Not to be confused with Genzo.

Ganzo is a character that appeared in the first One Piece movie. He is an oden chef and the grandfather of Tobio, whom the Straw Hat Pirates met. He was also the childhood friend of the legendary gold pirate, Woonan.


A younger Ganzo.

Ganzo is a dark skinned bald man with a mustache. He has a black bandanna with blue spots, a light yellow shirt, and brown trousers. He also sports a three parted dark blue apron with the name of his oden shop on it held up by red suspenders.

When he was growing up with Woonan, he still had his spotted bandanna and red suspenders. However, he had lighter skin, his shirt was a deeper yellow, and his shorts were dark blue and matched with flip flop sandals.


He has pride as a chef. Ganzo was also willing to sacrifice his life for his childhood friend, Woonan.

Abilities and Powers

Ganzo is believed to be a skilled chef, as he is an oden chef.


One Piece: The Movie

Ganzo "sacrifices" his life for Woonan.

When they were young, Ganzo and Woonan had an argument about how important gold really is. Ganzo believed that gold could not bring happiness. During the fight, they fell over the cliff they were on, hanging onto Woonan's pirate flag. Knowing how important the flag was to Woonan and that Woonan could not hang on for much longer, Ganzo let go so that the flag would not get ruined and so Woonan could climb up. Fortunately, Ganzo was rescued by a passing ship and woke up days after the accident to find that Woonan had already left to become a pirate. They never saw each other again.

When Ganzo, Tobio, and the Straw Hats finally found Woonan's crypt several years later, it was empty except for Woonan's skeleton, flag, and a dying message. Ganzo was surprised to find that Woonan had realized what Ganzo told him was true, and thought of their friendship as his most valuable treasure, rather than the actual gold itself.


Video Games

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  • His name is an alternate reading of a set of kanji normally read as Iwakura (岩蔵?), an extant Japanese surname most famously associated with Meiji Japan's diplomatic mission to the West.
    • This is the first character name in all of One Piececanonical or otherwise—to be rendered purely in kanji, rather than katakana or hiragana.

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