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Gari is a boy who appeared in One Piece Film: Z.[1]


Gari is a short boy, with a large toothy grin. He wears a red hat, under a red helmet with "03" on it. Under his hat, he has shaggy blue hair. Gari also sports a purple sleeveless shirt, and black and white stripped shorts, with blue shoes. He wears a blue cape and has a hero mask tied to the top of his hat. He also carries around a toy sword.[1]

Before the Straw Hats left for Piriodo he let Nami borrow his helmet.[1]


Gari with His Hat On.png
Gari with his hat on.
Gari Portrait.png
Gari's face close-up.


Gari made his choice.

He is a lively child who loves heroes and always wears what they wear as he plays as them. However, he has doubts over which is the better hero between a Marine Admiral and Pirate. Even though Luffy told him that pirates were not heroes, he decided to become a pirate in the end.


One Piece Film: Z

Gari first showed up as the grandson of Mobston, with a big toothy grin listening to what the Straw Hats had to say about Z and the Neo Marines. After the Straw Hats' second defeat by the Neo Marines, Gari gives his helmet to Nami, and sees the crew off. He asks which is better, a Marine admiral or a pirate. Luffy responds to him that pirates aren't heroes and he should do what he wants.

Following Z's defeat, the Straw Hats return to Dock Island. Nami, who is now back to her real age, gives Gari's helmet back to him. After the Straw Hats make their final departure, Gari makes his decision. He is then seen in a pirate coat, with a jolly roger mask replacing his hero mask.


  • He wears a "hero mask" similar to Z's when he was a child.
  • He has some physical resemblance to Gaburi from Unlimited Cruise. Also, even their names are almost the same.


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