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The Gecko Islands[2] is the archipelago where Syrup Village is located. It is the third island the Straw Hat Pirates visited.


It is not known how many towns are here, but there is at least one major town as Merry told Kaya that Kuro left for another town.[3] There is also a small hamlet, Syrup Village, home of Yasopp and Usopp.

The Gecko Islands has two slope hills, a forest and a hilly landmark. It seems to be a large island judging when seen in the distance.[1]


Syrup Village Infobox.png
Syrup Village of the Gecko Islands.
Town on Gecko Island.png
The town that Kaya is walking through.

Translation and Dub Issues

Gecko (ゲッコー?) here is spelled with characters identical to those in Gecko Moria's name, and thus technically subject to the same Gecko/Gekko ambiguity (especially as the islands' name has never been romanized, either by Japanese material or the Viz manga). In this instance, the name more likely refers to the Japanese for moonlight (月光 Gekkō?)—tying in with the general "crescent moon" motif of the Syrup Village Arc—than to the animal.


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