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Sky Boss Gedatsu was one of Enel's priests[1] who punished criminals with the Ordeal of Swamp during Enel's reign.[2]

He is a major antagonist during the Skypiea Arc, and later the central character from Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea Life Cover Page Serial. He now works at Ukkari Hot-Springs Resort.


Gedatsu is a tall, dark-skinned man. He has an unusual hairstyle, with a row of upward-pointing tufts or rasta-styled dreadlocks from ear to ear. He has a typical Birkan pair of wings on his back.

He was seen wearing a matching purple jacket and pants, black gloves and shoes (which have Milky Dials installed in them, allowing the priest to fly), a pink shirt, and a blue tie-like scarf around his neck. He sports a large, white tissue belt around his waist with a red circle in his center, resembling the Japanese flag.

Eight years ago, he looked the same, except that his tie was less scarf-like and his shirt had no stripes on it.


Gedatsu Color Scheme
Gedatsu's color scheme in the manga.
Gedatsu Digitally Colored Manga
Gedatsu in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Gedatsu Anime Concept Art
Gedatsu's concept art from the anime.
Gedatsu Age 23
Gedatsu at age 23.
Gedatsu Boss Luffy Historical Special
Skypiea Going Baseball
Gedatsu in the Skypiea Team in One Piece: Going Baseball.


Chopper: You must be a priest!

Gedatsu: (That´s right. I´m the guardian of the sky Gedatsu! I'm a priest to the service of almighty god Enel, I own the ordeal of Swamp!)
Chopper: Say something, bastard!!!
Divine Soldier: Lord Gedatsu! If you don't talk, the enemy can´t hear you!
Gedatsu: How careless!!!

Chopper: Is he an idiot?... How can someone forget that!
— Gedatsu "introducing" himself.
Gedatsu Shocked

Gedatsu looking shocked.

Gedatsu is one of the oddest characters in the series, as he has many strange habits, none of which he is aware of. He needs to be corrected in every single instance, whereupon he will frown and cry, "How careless!" or "Hey!" (in the manga, he will have a look of pure shock). His mannerisms are in contrast with his extremely imposing appearance. These bizarre acts of forgetfulness and clumsiness leads to Gedatsu being regarded as incompetent, or outright stupid, which greatly hindered his overall performance as commander of his own Ordeal, resulting in it having the highest chance of survival.

These habits include:

  • Rolling his eyes into the back of his head, rendering him unable to see.
  • Trying to speak with his lower lip stuck in his mouth.
  • Temporarily forgetting to breathe.
  • Incorrectly crossing his arms (he does not have them meet), making them constantly rub against each other.
  • When explaining his abilities (or even about himself), he only thinks about them and forgets to actually talk.
  • Accidentally aiming his attack at an ally instead of his enemy.
  • Entering a house through the window instead of the door.
  • Crouching beside a drum that he is supposed to be currently bathing in to heat it when someone was doing that for him.
  • Forgetting to blink.
  • Digging while standing on a wall instead of the ground.
  • Sticking food in his ears instead of his mouth.
  • Facing the wrong way from everyone else.

In spite of these habits, Gedatsu is still a very serious, ruthless and aggressive fighter. He also did not seem to mind if his men are killed, even by him and considers being saved by the enemy as a shame, indicating some strange form of warrior's honor.

Gedatsu Digging on Wall
Digging while standing on the wall.
Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea Life
Forgetting to breathe.
Gedatsu Eating with his Ear
Eating with his ear.
Gedatsu Forgetting to Blink
Forgetting to blink.


Former Comrades[]

He was not on very friendly terms with Shura, Ohm, and Satori, due to their competition over the execution of criminals, where the first to achieve a kill is seen as the strongest. He also had a poor relationship with the Divine Soldier who always accompanied and informed when his weird behavior was interfering with his goals.


Upon his exile from Skypiea unto the Earth below, Gedatsu became more sociable and befriended Goro, even helping him construct a hot springs resort.

Abilities and Powers[]

Ordeal of Swamp[]

Further information: Ordeal of Swamp

Gedatsu was the priest in charge of testing intruders with the Ordeal of Swamp, which had a survival rate of 50%. As part of his Ordeal of Swamp, Gedatsu covers the whole battlefield with swamp clouds, so that if the enemy falls in they can not get out and suffocate.


Gedatsu's Milky Dials

Gedatsu flying with his shoes

Gedatsu uses Dials hidden on his body to aid him in fighting his opponent in the Ordeal of Swamp. He also has Milky Dials in his shoes that allow him to fly [5] Furthermore, the Dials that he employs can function outside of Skypiea and into surface ground level, which proved advantageous for him after he crash-landed[6] after the Skypiea Arc.[6]


  • Numagumo Burger (沼雲バーガー, Numagumo Bāgā?, literally meaning "Swamp Cloud Burger"): Using two special Dials hidden in his sleeves, Gedatsu creates a big blob of swamp cloud and throws it at his opponent trying to capture them inside. If the cloud hits the head of his opponent he would not be able to breathe as it has the properties of a swamp and the density of a cloud. As the cloud is not solid, it is impossible to remove.
Jet Punch

Jet Punch

  • Jet Punch (ジェットパンチ, Jetto Panchi?): Gedatsu activates one of the extinct Jet Dials on his elbows to throw a punch so fast that he disappears. He dislikes using this technique however because activating the Jet Dial tears his clothing (particularly the part of his sleeves around the elbows). This punch is very powerful as even when Chopper used his Guard Point he was still hurt by this technique.


Main article: Haki

Gedatsu has the ability known as Kenbunshoku Haki, or "Mantra" as it is known in the Sky Islands. Using this power, he can predict what his enemies are planning to do a split second before they do it, allowing him to react accordingly.[3]



Gedatsu was born 31 years ago on the sky island of Birka.[3] Eight years before the current storyline, Enel destroyed Birka and gathered Gedatsu and the rest of his God's Army to arrive at the sky island Skypiea and took control of Upper Yard, placing Enel in control of Skypiea as its "God".[7]

Sky Island Saga[]

Skypiea Arc[]

Gedatsu was first seen when he met up with the other priests.

Gedatsu Encounters Chopper

Gedatsu encountering Chopper.

Later on, after the start of the survival game, he confronted Chopper, though he was unable to see due to having his eyes rolled up into his head, leading him to believe that Chopper could turn invisible. When he tried to announce that he was one of the priests, he did not speak loudly enough to be audible, making Chopper think he was an idiot. While he was explaining how he had planted Swamp-cloud traps in his territory, Gedatsu ended up almost sinking into one of them and, much to Chopper's amazement, flew out using a milky dial. Shortly after that, Gedatsu sent a 'Swamp cloud burger' towards his ally demonstrating to Chopper how this technique made it impossible for the victim to escape once hit, as the more the victim moves, the deeper into the cloud they go.[5]

When Gedatsu tried to do the same to Chopper, Chopper ran away and then tried to save a sheep from dying within the swamp cloud. Gedatsu, angered the sheep by making jokes about its situation, resulting in the sheep attempting to fight alongside Chopper. However, before the sheep could even attack, Gedatsu sent it flying using his Jet Dial enhanced punch, which shocked Chopper enough to run away. Chopper stopped when he realized that he might fall into a swamp cloud and decided to eat a Rumble Ball and to jump away instead. Gedatsu soon caught up and attacked but Chopper was able to defend himself better with his extra transformations. When he was analyzing the Priests weak point using Brain Point, Gedatsu injured Chopper heavily but Chopper still managed to discover Gedatsu's weak point, the dials on his feet.

Kokutei Cross

Gedatsu is defeated by Chopper.

Chopper managed to get one of Gedatsu's dials off, despite his bad injuries. As Gedatsu did not notice that one of his shoes had been taken away he could not control his speed in the air and flew without orientation. Chopper used this opening to hit him with his strongest attack, which to his fortune grounded Gedatsu in one of his own swamp-traps. Attempting to escape, he activated his remaining Milky Dial shoe, but as he was upside down, he simply flew downward to the Blue Sea.[8]

Water 7 Saga[]

Accidental Blue-Sea Life[]

Ukkari Hot-Spring Island Infobox

Gedatsu opens his hot spring, much to his eventual shock.

After being defeated, Gedatsu fell from the sky onto a land dotted with holes called Ukkari Hot-Spring Island.[6] There he met Goro, an old man living on that island,[9] with whom he came to live and agreed to help build a hot spring island resort. After a lot of work, the pair found the Dirt Boss,[10] and after Gedatsu defeated it,[11] earned its assistance in making tunnels.[12] While digging, they found hot water,[13] but the Forest Boss turned up and objected to their commandeerance, so Gedatsu had to defeat him as well.[14] One of the tunnels led to Arabasta,[15] and it was revealed that Goro is actually Koza's uncle.[16] When they returned to Ukkari, the Forest Boss had already finished the resort.[17] In the end, Gedatsu ended up working as a clerk there, much to his (eventual) shock,[18] and due to this entire lucky incident, Gedatsu ended up as the only priest not to be banished to a desert cloud after Enel's defeat.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Whole Cake Island Saga[]

One Piece Film: Gold[]

He appeared briefly in Gran Tesoro when the casino's security cameras showed Luffy on the street screens.[19]

Wano Country Saga[]

One Piece: Stampede[]

Gedatsu was among the gathering of pirates at the Pirates Festival. He was seen enjoying the festival with Baccarat.[20]

Concludes non-canon section.

Major Battles[]

Anime and Manga Influences[]

Gedatsu (解脱?) is the Japanese term for Moksha, a concept of soul-liberation central to many Dharmic religions (Hinduism in particular). Though the concept has little in common with the character's personality, it does reflect how he was the only one of Enel's subordinates to escape Skypiea (and, by extension, the Cloud Drifting his fellow priests had been sentenced to).

Translation and Dub Issues[]

His name was romanized as Gedatz in the 4Kids-localized games Grand Adventure and Pirates Carnival; while the Funimation-dubbed anime kept this convention during its original TV broadcast, all other Funimation translations—as well as the Viz manga—render it Gedatsu. The latter spelling was eventually confirmed canon by the Vivre Card databook.[3]

The "Bancho" (番長?) part of his epithet has also seen differing translations (as in contemporary Japanese it usually refers to a juvenile gang-leader): "Sky Punk" from 4Kids and Funimation, and "Sky Boss" from Viz.


Video Games[]

Playable Appearances[]

Enemy Appearances[]

Support Appearances[]

Non-Playable Appearances[]


  • In the fourth Japanese Fan Poll, Gedatsu is ranked the 88th most popular character in One Piece.[21]
  • Gedatsu is the only one of the priests that does not wear any kind of eyewear.
    • He is also the only priest that is a melee fighter.
  • Gedatsu's favorite food is Goro's homemade sandwich.[3]


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