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Genrin[2] is an old man who lives in Ebisu Town.[1]


Genrin is an elderly man with a very wrinkled face and no teeth. He has little hair remaining apart from a topknot. He wears a purple kimono with green patches and a light green coat with tree patterns.[1]


Genrin is a selfless man who is already prepared for death due to his illness.[1] Like other Ebisu Town citizens, he adored Yasuie and rushed to prevent his execution despite his poor health. [3]

He had his emotional expressions stripped away by eating a defective leftover SMILE fruit, causing him to only be able to smile and laugh.[4]


Wano Country Arc

Genrin was visited by Yasuie who brought him a piece of millet and water. Genrin tried to reject the offering and convince Yasuie to eat the food himself, but instead Yasuie gave him extra pieces of millet.[1]

When Yasuie was sentenced to execution, Genrin and other Ebisu Town citizens rushed to the Flower Capital to save him. However, they arrived too late and had to witness Yasuie being shot to death. Due to their SMILE side effects, they were unable to mourn his death openly and instead burst into laughter.[3]


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