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George Mach[1] is a member of the Foxy Pirates. He fought Mountain Ricky before the third round of the Davy Back Fight.[1]


George is a medium-height man with an angular face and hair that sticks straight up. He wears boxing gloves, shorts, boots, and the typical Foxy Pirate mask.


George Mach in the Digitally Colored Manga
George Mach as he appears in the colored chapters.


Little is known about George's personality, but he is likely very deceptive, similar to the rest of his crew. He seems very engaged when fighting.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

It is unknown exactly what kind of abilities George possesses, but he seems to be fairly weak, as he and Mountain Ricky were battling evenly before they were both knocked out of the ring when the third round of the Davy Back Fight started.[1][2]


George was seen fighting with a baseball bat and shield and was wearing boxing gloves. It is unknown how skilled he is in fighting with them.[1]


Long Ring Long Land ArcEdit

George was seen fighting Mountain Ricky before the start of the third round of the Davy Back Fight. They were shown to be literally knocked off the ship when Monkey D. Luffy and Foxy were about to start.[2]

Major BattlesEdit


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