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The Germ Pirates are a crew of pirates who debuted in the cover story "Gang" Bege's Oh My Family.

Jolly Roger

Germ Pirates' Jolly Roger

The crew's Jolly Roger seems to be a skull with a blot behind.[1]

Crew Strength

Kiss-Kiss Germ

The crew seems fairly weak, as they are said to only attack places when their rulers are gone,[1] and were easily defeated by the Fire Tank Pirates.[2]

They possess a type of infection, known as the Kiss-Kiss Germ, that causes those who are infected to want to kiss those around them, spreading the virus.[3]


Four Emperors Saga

"Gang" Bege's Oh My Family

While Riku Doldo III was away for the Levely, the Germ Pirates came to Dressrosa to raid it. They then attacked the country's citizens, intending to infect them with the Kiss-Kiss Germ. Later, Bege and his crew fought and subdued them.[4]


  • True to their name, some members' appearance are related to the theme of germs:
    • The captain has what appears to be skull make up, representing the danger of some germs, and he wears gloves, which might represent hygiene, as they are often worn to avoid being infected by germs.
    • One has a hairstyle with thorns similar to the appearance of a germ.
    • Another one wears a skull on top of a hat.
    • The female member appears to have antennas, though this may be a hairstyle. She also wears gloves like the captain.


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