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Geronimo is an anime-only member of the Baroque Works Billions prior to its dissolution. He was part of Mr. Mellow's unit who killed Mr. 11.[1]


Geronimo is a rather large man, with long, curly black hair. He has a short beard that outlines his chin, he has large lips, a big, dark nose and his forehead is somewhat wrinkly. He wears a light brown button down shirt. The collar shows off some chest hair and he has two buttoned pockets on either side of the shirt. Over it, are two maroon belt straps that carry two large sabers across his back.


Geronimo, like his companion, Mr. Mellow, is quite brutal and greedy, since he was involved with Mr. 11’s death and was willing to beat Luffy and Ace just for a promotion.

Abilities and Powers

Geronimo carries a spear and two large sabers on his back. He also appears to be very clever, as when he was grazed by a ricochet bullet, Geronimo anticipated that Luffy was immune to gun fire due to the abilities of the Gomu Gomu no Mi and attacked the opponent from his back with a drawn saber.[1]


Arabasta Arc

After Mr. Mellow killed Mr. 11 aboard Captain Smoker's ship, he and Geronimo were informed about Ace being spotted in Nanohana. They decided to attack him for his bounty with a unit of Billions, but they were easily overwhelmed by him and his brother, Luffy. Geronimo decided to take action himself and attacked Luffy with a sword. Luffy evaded all strikes until Ace easily grabbed the sword with his bare hand and heat it up with a flame created by his Mera Mera no Mi. When Geronimo let go of his weapon, Luffy sent him away with a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka.[1]


Video Games

Enemy Appearances


  • Geronimo is named in the credits of Episode 95, with the voice actor Yasunori Masutani being credited for this role.[1]


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