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The Giant Baseball Team is a group of nine Marine giants stationed at Trap Tower.[1]


The Giant Baseball Team are average-sized giants who wear short-sleeved white and red baseball shirts, white baseball pants, shoulder plates chained to armor around their midsection, brown sandals, brown earphones, and black baseball caps with a red Marine logo on them. They also wear metal masks with silver jaw plates and burgundy-colored metal around their eyes.[1]


The Giant Baseball Team follow their captain's orders and are aggressive toward enemies.[1]

Abilities and Powers

The Giant Baseball Team is only used in emergency situations as a last resort. As Trap Tower's final line of defense, they are strong enough to destroy parts of the tower, like its outdoor slide. They are quick enough to chase the Thousand Sunny around the tower, but they were not able to hit the ship.[1]


Each member of the Team wields massive, spiked metal clubs.[1]


ONE PIECE 3D! Trap Coaster

The Giant Baseball Team was released by Trap to destroy the Thousand Sunny after the Straw Hat Pirates escaped from the inside of Trap Tower. As the ship winded through the outdoor slide, the Giant Baseball Team swung their clubs at them but missed. After bypassing the majority of the first seven players, No. 8 attempted to stop them, but was shot in the face by Usopp's Goren Kayaku Boshi, and No. 9 was hit by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Jet Gattling.

Immediately afterwards, No. 1 tried to hit them again, but was instead hit in the face by a Coup de Burst, causing him to fall backward and throw his club into the air. The club flew up and hit the side of Trap Tower, causing it to collapse.[1]

Major Battles


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