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The Giant Warrior Pirates is a pirate crew made up of giants from Elbaf lead by Dorry and Brogy. Before them, the crew's captains were Jarul and Jorul. They disbanded 102 years ago when Dorry and Brogy began their duel, but reunited once they returned to Elbaf.[2][3] They are major allies of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Egghead Arc.

Currently, Hajrudin leads a spiritual revival crew, the New Giant Warrior Pirates.

Jolly Roger[]

The Giant Warrior Pirates' Jolly Roger is completely black, consisting of a skull with a helmet with two horns, and with two crossed swords underneath. The design is adapted in the New Giant Warrior Pirates' Jolly Roger.

Crew Members[]

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The crew also includes two more members named Bjorn (ビョルン, Byorun?) and Sig (シグ, Shigu?),[4] though they have only been identified within a larger group.

Crew Strength[]

Befitting a crew consisting of giants, the Giant Warrior Pirates are a a very powerful crew. Their arrival at Egghead was met with great shock by the enormous Marine fleet present, who failed to even delay the Giant Warrior Pirates' arrival as they cut through several of their battleships.[3]

Over 100 years ago, before their disbandment, the Giant Warrior Pirates were particularly infamous, and were known as having terrorized the world. Their strength was legendary, and was known even 100 years later.[5] The crew's infamy and legendary status was even enough to convince Hajrudin and four other giants to found the New Giant Warrior Pirates in an attempt to revive the crew.[6]


Current Ship[]

Giant Warrior Pirates' Ship

The crew's current ship.

During the Egghead Incident, the crew utilised an unidentified ship which dwarfed 60 meter tall Marine battleships. It was partially damage during the Buster Call, notably from Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro's Kitetsu and a Sea Beast Weapon's laser.

Great Magni[]

The Great Magni (グレートマグニ号, Gurēto Maguni-gō?) was a ship that was in use by the crew at the time when Jarul and Jorul were the captains.[7] It has not been seen and its whereabouts are unknown. The name "Magni" is likely a reference to one of the sons of the Norse god Thor, Magni.

Great Eirik[]

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Great Eirik Infobox

The Great Eirik.

The Great Eirik[8] was a giant longboat that was in use by the crew at the time when Dorry and Brogy were the captains. It was the Giant Warrior Pirates' final ship when the captains began their duel and effectively disbanded the crew over 100 years ago.[1]



Giant Warrior Pirates

The crew rampaging.

Over 102 years ago, the crew was once commanded by Jarul and Jorul. The two built a great reputation and were known as heroes of the giants. Eventually, they relinquished their position and Dorry and Brogy took over as captains.[9]

One day Dorry and Brogy hunted down and killed two Sea Kings, which proved to be of equal size. Yuki, a little girl, asked them which Sea King was bigger, leading to an argument between the leaders.[10]

Carmel Saves the Giant Warrior Pirates

Sister Carmel saving the crew from execution.

The rest of the crew left the captains to fight it out on Little Garden, but were hunted down and captured by the World Government and sentenced to be executed. However, during their execution at Marineford, a human named Sister Carmel intervened, claiming that killing the crew would start a war between giants and humans. The pirates were granted a stay of execution and returned to Elbaf.[9]

After fifty years, Oimo and Kashii tried to return for them but were captured by the Marines and tricked into the service of the World Government.[11]

Water 7 Saga[]

Enies Lobby Arc[]

Oimo and Kashii were told the truth by Usopp, who had met with the two captains earlier, and the two immediately defected from their deceivers and escaped.[11]

Thriller Bark Saga[]

Where They Are Now[]

Oimo and Kashii returned to Elbaf, knowing that their captains were still fighting.[12]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

For unknown reasons, Dorry and Brogy wrapped up their duel and left Little Garden, returning to Elbaf. There, they reunited with Oimo and Kashii. When Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates arrived, the Giant Warrior Pirates agreed to aid them in battle, and the two captains participated in destroying the Victoria Punk.[13]

Giant Warrior Pirates at Egghead

The Giant Warrior Pirates arrive at Egghead.

The next day, during the Egghead Incident, the Giant Warrior Pirates arrived at Egghead while the Marines were conducting a Buster Call on the island and the Straw Hat Pirates present. As Dorry and Brogy lead the charge, the Giant Warrior Pirates obliterated part of the blockade around Egghead, proclaiming they came to help Luffy.[3] After landing on the island, Dorry and Brogy continued to charge while ordering Oimo and Kashii to lead the assault around the sides of the island, and to sink any Marine ships that they spotted.[14]

Nusjuro Prevents Escape

Nusjuro cuts down a crewmember.

Dorry and Brogy would go on to assist Luffy's friends, saving Jewelry Bonney, and having their crewmates take Franky and Bartholomew Kuma back to their ship.[15] In the meantime, their crewmates would continue to fight off the Marines. After arriving at Luffy's location, the two swiftly decapitated the Elder Shepherd Ju Peter, and had a quick reunion with Luffy.[16] After sharing a few words and signaling a retreat, Dorry and Brogy were confronted by Topman Warcury and Jaygarcia Saturn, who both attempted an attack on the group, but were repelled successfully.[17] Despite their success in fighting off the Elders, none of them stayed down, resulting in Dorry and Brogy deciding on running rather than fighting further. This was met with swift resistance by the Elders, who attempted to chase the group down and stop their escape. While this occurred, Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro arrived at the Giant's ship, cutting down a crewmember in the process.[18][19][20]

Giant Warrior Pirates Vs Marines

The Giant Warrior Pirates take on the Marines.

Nusjuro's attack would be thwarted by the arrival of Oimo and Kashii, holding back the Elder and keeping him from injuring their friends any further.[21] Eventually, Nusjuro abandoned his attack on the crew and fled elsewhere to take care of more important matters.[20] While the giants were distracted, however, the Marines were able to sail their own ships around that of the Giant crew's, resulting in a fierce battle in the area. Over the course of this battle, a laser would blow a hole in the hull of the ship, and Kashii would be injured by Vice Admiral Doll. During this time, as a result of more important matters, the other Elders would abandon chasing Luffy, Dorry, and Brogy, resulting in the three being free to make their escape, jumping onto the ship just as it began to depart.[22][23]

Mars Laser

Mars' energy beam is blocked.

Despite successfully repelling the Marines(with some help from allies), the crew was still under attack, now from Marcus Mars, one of the Elders. Mars used his abilities to chase the Giants out onto the ocean, flying above and firing energy beams at them. The energy beams were successfully blocked by a few crewmembers, but ended up catching the ship on fire in the process. While this occurred, Mars declared that none of them would be allowed to leave Egghead alive. To the luck of the crew, Luffy and Bonney used their own abilities to transform into Nika, allowing them to assist in the defense.[23]


  1. Dorry - Beli100,000,000
    Brogy - Beli100,000,000


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