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The Giant Warrior Pirates were a pirate crew made up of giants from Elbaf lead by Dorry and Brogy. Before them, the crew's captains were Jarul and Jorul. They disbanded 102 years ago when Dorry and Brogy began their duel.

Currently, Hajrudin leads a spiritual revival crew, the New Giant Warrior Pirates.

Jolly Roger

The Giant Warrior Pirates' Jolly Roger is completely black, consisting of a skull with a helmet with two horns, and with two crossed swords underneath. The design is adapted in the New Giant Warrior Pirates' Jolly Roger.

Crew Members

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Giant Warrior Pirates 
Dorry Brogy Jarul * Jorul * 
Other Members
Oimo Kashii ????? ?????
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Great Magni

The Great Magni (グレートマグニ号 Gurēto Maguni-gō?) was a ship that was in use by the crew at the time when Jarul and Jorul were the captains.[2] It has not been seen and its whereabouts are unknown. The name "Magni" is likely a reference to one of the sons of the Norse god Thor, Magni.

Great Eirik

Main article: Great Eirik

The Great Eirik.

The Great Eirik[3] was a giant longboat that was in use by the crew at the time when Dorry and Brogy were the captains. It was the Giant Warrior Pirates' final ship when the captains began their duel and effectively disbanded the crew over 100 years ago.[1]



The crew rampaging.

Over 102 years ago, the crew was once commanded by Jarul and Jorul. The two built a great reputation and were known as heroes of the giants. Eventually, they relinquished their position and Dorry and Brogy took over as captains.[4]

According to Mr. 3 they terrorized the sea. As seen in flashbacks, they used two enormous Viking-style ships. One day Dorry and Brogy hunted down and killed two Sea Kings, which proved to be of equal size. Yuki, a little girl, asked them which Sea King was bigger, leading to an argument between the leaders.

Sister Carmel saving the crew from execution.

The rest of the crew left the captains to fight it out on Little Garden. However, they were hunted down and captured by the World Government and sentenced to be executed. However, during their execution at Marineford, a human named Sister Carmel intervened, claiming that killing the crew would start a war between giants and humans. The pirates were granted a stay of execution and returned to Elbaf.[4]

After fifty years, Oimo and Kashii tried to return for them but were captured by the Marines and tricked into the service of the World Government. Eventually, they were told the truth by Usopp, who had met with the two captains earlier, and the two immediately defected from their deceivers and escaped. They returned to Elbaf, knowing that their captains were still fighting.


Over a hundred years after their disbandment, Hajrudin and four other giants thought to revive the legendary crew and form the New Giant Warrior Pirates as part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


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