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Ginger is an officer of the Cidre Guild and the charge unit commander of the Carbonic Acid Fire Unit.[1]


Ginger is a short and very stocky man with tanned skin and blonde dreadlocks. He has a scar near his right elbow. He does not wear a shirt, only green pauldrons on his shoulders and large metal hoops on his wrists. These hoops are connected by pipes to two barrels carried on his back, and on each barrel is a canon that can be pulled down across his shoulder. He has two straps across his chest carrying his barrel pack, and on these straps are ammunition containers. He wears baggy gray pants and black boots.[1]


Ginger Anime Concept Art.png
Anime Concept Art of Ginger.
Ginger Portrait.png
Close up of Ginger's face.


Ginger is very loyal to Cidre and the organization, as they fought the against the Straw Hat Pirates and the Kuja Pirates.

He also a show off, confident and determined to get the job done on his own as you seen when Guarana gets mad at him when he and his units came along side Cidre to face off against Luffy, Hancock and the Gorgon Sisters.

Like many other characters he has a distinct laugh distinct laughing style: Gingingin.

Abilities and Powers

As charge unit commander and officer of the Carbonic Acid Fire Unit of the Cidre Guild, he has authority over the lower ranking subordinates.


Ginger carries two cannons on his back, which he uses to fire a variety of Carbonic Acid Shells.[1]


  • Super Strong Tornado Soda!: Ginger aims the cannons and blast red and yellow carbonated soda and they begin to twist together to form a drill to push back an opponent. This was first used against Luffy during the fight.
  • Super Highly-concentrated Deluxe CO2 Gas!: Ginger first compressed two of his gauntlets together and then blast green and purple carbonated soda in the air to spread toxic gas to kill the opponents. It was first used against Luffy, Hancock, Sandersonia, Marigold, and Gloriosa in the bath house in order to poison them with toxic gas.



At some point in the past, Ginger met Cidre and Guarana, leading to the formation of the Cidre Guild. The three would eventually take over a island in the New World, enslave the citizens, and figure out how to use the island's naturally carbonated water in order to build weapons for use in pirate hunting.

Cidre Guild Arc

Major Battles


  • His name may be a reference to ginger ale or ginger beer, both carbonated beverages made with ginger. This matches the drink-based names of the Cidre Guild.
  • Ginger fighting with two cannons on his back is similar to the Silver Mine Arc character Peseta.


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