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Ginnosuke[2] is a child who lives in the Flower Capital and attends Sarahebi's classes.[1]


Ginnosuke is a young boy with a round nose and pink hair. The top of his head is bald, leaving hair tied in a topknot in the back, long sideburns, and bangs with an ahoge on his forehead. He wears a light blue kimono with sharp, dark blue triangle patterns arranged in circles.[1]


Ginnosuke seems eager to answer his teacher's questions. He supports the closed nation policy and scorns those rebelling against Kurozumi Orochi.[1][3]


Wano Country Arc

During a lesson held by Sarahebi, Ginnosuke answered a question about the concept of a closed nation.[1] He later appeared in Rasetsu Town, mocking the imprisoned Kozuki Family sympathizers with another boy from his class.[3]


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