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Ginny[5] was the former East Army commander of the Revolutionary Army, having joined the group alongside Bartholomew Kuma 22 years ago, back when they were known as the Freedom Fighters.[6] She was the mother of Jewelry Bonney.[7]

She was previously a slave who was forced to take part in the Native Hunting Competition on God Valley 38 years ago.[1][3] She and Emporio Ivankov were responsible for orchestrating the God Valley Incident as a means of escaping the Native Hunting Competition.

She was captured by the World Government and became the eighth wife to a World Noble.[8] She was also one of Jaygarcia Saturn's test subjects and developed the Sapphire Scales disease after a failed experiment.[9] Ginny was then released from slavery and used the little time remaining to her to return to the Sorbet Kingdom with her child, dying as a result.[7] After Ginny's death, Belo Betty took over her position as the East Army commander in the Revolutionary Army after receiving Kuma's consent.[10]


38 years ago, Ginny was a young girl with freckles and a missing tooth. She had short, messy light hair with prominent bangs around her face. She wore a light sleeveless shirt, dark shorts, and light shoes.

Having been a slave to the World Nobles as a child and in adulthood, Ginny should have been branded with the Hoof of the Flying Dragon,[11] though it is unknown where it is on her body.

As an adult, Ginny grew into a slim, curvy woman of average height. Her hairstyle was the same as when she was a child, albeit cleaner. She was considered very cute and received many confessions from the local men. She wore a light sleeveless shirt with the word 'sister' written on the front and dark hot-pants.

During her time with the Revolutionary Army, she wore a white top that exposed her stomach, dark hot-pants, a pair of leg length striped socks and dark boots. As the East Army Commander, she was depicted wearing a white t-shirt, striped pants and dark boots, goggles and headphones, a pair of black gloves, and appeared to carry a backpack.


Ginny At Age 13
Ginny at age 13.
Ginny At Age 21
Ginny at age 21.
Ginny At Age 29
Ginny at age 29.


Ginny kept a positive attitude despite being in slavery.[1] She was also very gluttonous and does not respond kindly to anyone who bullies her friends.[12] As an adult, Ginny was very outspoken and foul-mouthed. She had been called a cheapskate by the locals but was still beloved by them.[13]


Bartholomew Kuma[]

During the years they spent growing up together, Ginny deeply cared about Bartholomew Kuma, referring to him as "Kuma-chi". She greatly respected him for his help in liberating the slaves at God Valley. The two lived happy lives together in the Sorbet Kingdom, and once they reached adulthood Ginny suggested that the two get married. However, Kuma declined, if only to protect Ginny from his Buccaneer heritage. Her final words, unheard by Kuma due to him teleporting across the sea at the time, were her declaration of love towards him.

Emporio Ivankov[]

Ginny got along with Emporio Ivankov, whom she referred to as "big bro".[1] Ivankov was among the Revolutionary Army members who heard Ginny's final transmission over the Den Den Mushi and was among those shocked when he found out she was dying[14] and listened to her final words.

Jewelry Bonney[]

Jewelry Bonney is Ginny's daughter, whom she conceived and gave birth to during her second enslavement by the World Nobles. Ginny cared enough for Bonney that she sacrificed the rest of her life to safely bring her back to the Sorbet Kingdom. Bonney was adopted by Ginny's love interest, Bartholomew Kuma, but only learned about her mother 12 years later after witnessing Kuma's memories.

Abilities and Powers[]

Despite her young age at the time of the God Valley Incident, Ginny was an accomplished thief and an expert at tapping into the transmissions of Den Den Mushis and transmitting her own messages.[3]

As the East Army commander of the Revolutionary Army, 14 years ago, Ginny held authority over the whole batallion. She wielded a rifle during this time.



At the age of four, Ginny was enslaved by the World Nobles.[15]

Nine years after becoming a slave, she was forced to take part in the Native Hunting Competition on God Valley. Two weeks prior, she had wire-tapped the Celestial Dragons' communication and learned about the competition's prizes: the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu and the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. Realizing the potential to escape, she and Ivankov planned an escape from the competition by sending a signal outside the island about the competition and the prizes, prompting the later arrival of the Rocks Pirates, Roger Pirates, and Marines. Ivankov and her hoped the commotion between the pirates, the Marines and the God's Knights would give them the opening to steal the Devil Fruits for their own escape.[3] She and Ivankov came across the beaten-up Bartholomew Kuma who had attempted to escape.[1] When the competition started, she and Ivankov explained the situation to the other slaves and invited them to participate in the escape plan. Eventually, she, Kuma, Ivankov, and 500 slaves and natives successfully escaped the island thanked to Kuma's Nikyu Nikyu no Mi ability.

Kuma and Ginny

Kuma and Ginny eating to their hearts' content.

Afterwards, the three made it to the Sorbet Kingdom. At Kuma's family church, Ginny and Ivankov complemented Kuma's actions that led to the freedom of over 500 slaves. Ivankov then decided to set out to sea, while Ginny and Kuma decided to stay together. The two went on to live great lives in the kingdom.[3]

Eight years later, Kuma became a pastor at his family's church who spent Sundays repelling people's pain to take onto himself. Ginny would get frustrated at them as they could not pay any money due to the kingdom's Heavenly Tribute. During this time, she took care of Kuma as he took in so much pain. Five years later, she wanted to marry Kuma, which he declined as he did not want his Buccaneer heritage to put her in danger, while they were also reading about the actions of the Freedom Fighters.

Freedom Fighters Members

Ginny assists in founding the Revolutionary Army.

Three years later, Kuma protested against the Royal Army of Sorbet enslaving citizens who could not pay the Heavenly Tribute, which led to his imprisonment. Shortly after, Ginny and a few others were imprisoned as well after demanding that Kuma be released. Kuma felt stressed that the country was going in this direction, but Ginny assured him that if they wanted to oppose this, they would have to fight against the World Government itself. While they were in prison, the Freedom Fighters came to the island and liberated it. Ginny and Kuma were then released from prison by Dragon and Ivankov, and Kuma was invited to join the Freedom Fighters. Ginny and Kuma joined the organization together, and it later turned in to the Revolutionary Army. Eight years later, Ginny had become the commander of the East Army. In a certain country, she and the East Army had planned to meet up with Kuma's group the next day. However, she was later captured.[16]

Ginny was eventually forced into marriage with an unnamed World Noble as the 8th wife. Two years into her stay on Mary Geoise, Jaygarcia Saturn performed an experiment on Ginny which resulted in a failure, with Ginny contracting the Sapphire Scales disease and were thrown out of Mary Geoise, and inadvertently setting her free.[9] At some point through this, Ginny gave birth to a baby daughter, Jewelry Bonney. While she and Bonney made their way back to Sorbet, Ginny called the Revolutionary Army headquarters and spoke to Kuma, Ivankov, and Dragon one last time. She explained that she had not much longer left to live due to her disease, and asked Dragon and Ivankov to take care of Kuma. She also attempted to tell Kuma that she loved him, but this message was never received, as Kuma had already left in a desperate attempt to get to her. Kuma was unable to arrive in time, and was informed by the grieving elderly that Ginny had passed away after being exposed to natural light, a symptom of her disease.[4]


Kuma Mourning Ginny Death

Kuma mourns Ginny's death.

After her death, she was buried near the church where both she and Kuma lived together throughout their life, with Kuma swearing to protect and raise her daughter as his own.[17]

Her position remained vacant for eight years until Belo Betty took over as the new East Blue Commander with Kuma’s blessing.[10]

Eventually, Bonney showcased symptoms of the same disease that claimed her mother's life, forcing her to stay indoors most of her childhood,[18] but with help from Dr. Vegapunk,[19] Bonney was cured of her disease.[20] However, because of Jaygarcia Saturn's interception, Kuma had to agree to become a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and submit to cyborg modifications as part of the Pacifista project that would cause him to lose his personality and free will in order for Bonney to be treated.[21]

Before the Egghead Incident, Bonney learned of her mother through reading Kuma's memories, becoming proud of the amazing woman she was.[22]


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