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Girarin is an anime-only fish-man pirate from the Foxy Pirates. He first appeared in the Run Roller Around Race of Davy Back Fight of the anime.[1]

Due to his actions, he is a major antagonist during the Long Ring Long Land Arc's filler episodes.


Girarin's casual outfit.

Girarin is a purple fish-man with yellow-green hair and a fin on top of his head. He wears an open red shirt that has yellow ovals on it. He also wears a teal colored cloth belt, white shorts, and purple leggings, as well as the typical Foxy Pirates  mask. On his arms are blade-like attachments of sorts which Girarin can somehow expand. While these blades look sharp, they are actually merely for show only. It is unknown what kind of fish-man he is.

During the Run Roller Around race, he wore the Foxy Devils team uniform, which was a purple and black shirt with a blue letter "f" on it, white and red pants, and roller skates.


Girarin, like the other Foxy Pirates, is smug and cocky. He also prides himself in his blades, even if though they aren't real. He, however, is very weak and intimidated by Luffy and his crew.

Abilities and Powers

Girarin is a fish-man and as such is ten times stronger than a normal human. He has two blades that look sharp, but are not, and are only for show. They can however still be used as blunt weapons despite having no edge at all. He can use these to reflect Foxy's Noro Noro Beam.


  • Girasword Matsuri (ギラソード祭り Girasoodo Matsuri?, literally meaning "Girasword Festival"): Girarin swings his blade at his opponent, even thought it doesn't cut them. This is called Killer Sword Festival in the FUNimation dub.


Long Ring Long Land Arc

Girarin appeared in the Hit and Dead Ball and Run Roller Around segments. In the Run Roller Around race, he used his blades to negate Foxy's barrage of Noro Noro Beams and tried to beat Luffy in the race. Nico Robin, however, stopped Foxy from shooting Luffy with more beams and Girarin was lapped, causing the Straw Hats to win the race.[2]

Later in the Hit and Dead Ball game, Girarin and Jube were the two players on Foxy's team to start and were directly against Zoro and Chopper. The two fish-men lunged for the Straw Hats but missed their targets and failed to retrieve the balls. At some point in the game, Girarin was eliminated, but his elimination wasn't shown.[3]

Major Battles


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