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Giro Chintaro[2] is a samurai from Wano Country who was appointed as the kaishakunin for Zorojuro's seppuku ritual.[1]


Chintaro is an average-sized man with prominent eyebrows, nose and chin. He has a stubble of a beard and black hair tied in a topknot, but the top of his head is bald. He wears a black kimono and light blue hakama with his kimono sleeves with a tasuki.


Chintaro is a serious person with a strong sense of samurai honor. He is able to carry out his role as a beheader in a seppuku ritual without any hesitation.[1]

Abilities and Powers


Chintaro carries two katana with him. He has some skill in swordsmanship as he was entrusted to behead Zorojuro when he commits seppuku.[1]


Wano Country Arc

Chintaro acted as the kaishakunin in the seppuku ritual of Zorojuro, who had been falsely convicted by Toyama Tsujigiro. When Zorojuro questioned the lack of a hilt on his blade, Chintaro explained the proper etiquette of seppuku.[1]


  • Chintaro's full name is a pun on the Japanese's pronunciation of "guillotine" (ギロチン girochin?), referencing his entrusted job of beheading Zoro.


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