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The Goa Kingdom is located on Dawn Island. It first appeared in a flashback from the Post-War Arc.


Goa Kingdom Symbol

Goa Kingdom's symbol.

The Goa Kingdom's symbol is a daisy with three feathers. Many nobles wear it somewhere and it can also be found on the police hats. A stylized form is also present on the high town walls.


Goa Town Center

Goa Town Center.

This capital of the kingdom sits on the ocean-side, it is surrounded by tall walls. Gray Terminal lies just outside of the Great Gate and the kingdom itself is surrounded by the Mt. Colubo. The trash collected in the kingdom is dumped into the Gray Terminal.


  • Royal Palace
  • High Town
  • Town Center
  • Edge Town
  • Great Gate


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Goa Kingdom
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Twelve years ago, Luffy, Sabo, and Ace often came here to eat and would run away without paying. They would often run through the street to avoid authorities. Sabo himself was born in and comes from this kingdom. Eventually, the kingdom decided to burn down Gray Terminal in order to impress the approaching World Noble to increase their own social status. After the time skip, Sterry is now married to Sarie Nantokanette and is the king of Goa Kingdom, after the previous king has died under mysterious circumstances. The Goa Kingdom is to be represented at the Levely.


  • Dragon once referred to the Goa Kingdom's burning of the Grey Terminal as "A miniature blueprint for this world's future".
  • It shares part of its name with a state in India.
  • According to Luffy and Sabo, Dressrosa is similar to the Goa Kingdom, as both nations function through extreme class separation and discrimination caused by the royal families and nobles.
  • Despite its reputation as a peaceful rural kingdom, it had spawned several of the most infamous outlaws the world has ever known such as Dragon, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo.


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