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God's Guards, formerly known as the White Berets (ホワイトベレー Howaito Berē?) is a police force in Skypiea whose captain was McKinley.[1][2] It is now led by Wyper.


As the White Berets, they wear a characteristic uniform that consists of light-purple T-shirts, blue with white cloud-shaped spots wide trousers, Jet Ski and white berets with letters "WB" on them. They are armed with two-bladed knives and bows shooting Sky Arrows.[1]


They are the most lenient, gentle and understanding out of all the guardians in Skypiea. White Berets act strangely sometimes: they crawl without a reason, and saying the traditional Skypiean "Heso" they make hand gestures in a characteristic way.[1]


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God's Guards
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Abilities and Powers

They act under direct orders from the Skypiea's Priests. They have no real superhuman skills like the priests of the Upper Yard. White Berets perform their duties of tracking down criminals and labeling them with "degrees" of their being criminals, so as to establish a universal punishment.

Sky Arrows (also called Milky Arrows) are weapons used by the White Berets. The arrows create spirals in the air made of cloud on which the White Berets can surf in order to confuse and capture the enemy. This attack has little effect on Luffy. They also dole out punishment depending on the crime committed.

Heaven's Judgment

Each type of crime belonged to a certain class. These have been abolished since Enel's defeat and the banishment of his four priests. The known crimes and penalties for them are shown below:[3]

Class Crime Penalty
11 Illegal entrance to Skypiea To pay 10 times the entrance fee (Esymbol.PNG10,000,000,000 per person).
10 Destruction of Sky Island property
9 Capture of rare animal species
8 Stealing Sky Island property
8 Eating rare species
7 Threatening a White Beret
6 Snoring (sound pollution)
5 Obstruction of the White Berets Cloud Drifting
2 Beating the White Berets Ordeals by the Priests
1 Evading Judgment by a Priest That is considered to be a declaration of war against the God Enel.[4]


White Berets were all originally members of the Divine Squad in service to Gan Fall. Appearing to betray the Squad, they pledged allegiance to Enel.[5]

The White Berets were first introduced when they came to arrest the Straw Hats for entering Skypiea illegally. They believed that by remaining on the island and trying to prevent anyone from incurring God's anger, they could protect the citizens, but in the end this plan turned to be a miserable failure.

When they discovered Enel planned to destroy all of Skypiea, they turned against him and helped the people from Angel Island get to safety.

After the timeskip, the group's name was changed to God's Guards, and Wyper, Genbo, Kamakiri, and Braham have joined the ranks.


  • The name "White Berets" is most likely a pun on the "Green Berets", a hat worn by special forces units in Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.


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