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Golass is the secondary antagonist in the first One Piece movie, working as a mercenary for El Drago.[2]


He is a large, well-built man, wielding a very large sword. His appearance strongly resembles that of the Native Americans.


Golass is not very talkative and hardly speaks at all, but during fights he will let out battle cries. He appears to be greedy, much similar to El Drago, which is why he always pays Golass some gold coins before giving him orders.

However, Zoro noticed some other aspects of his true personality, such as when he found out that Golass does not like to fight for money and is ashamed of himself as a swordsman, deep inside.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Golass Destroys A Mountain With His Swordsmanship

Golass destroys a mountain with his swordmanship.

Golass has immense physical strength. He could destroy a giant rock with his sword and managed to force Zoro back during their fight. He also caught the marines' attention and received a bounty of Beli8,000,000. While this bounty is not very impressive in comparison to the high tiers of the Grand Line, it's still fearsome for a peaceful place like the East Blue, where they reside.


Befitting his strength, Golass wields a large katana. He is a proficient swordsman, being able to destroy large objects, such as rocks, with his sword. However, he was no match for Zoro and was defeated by him.[3]


Golass Defeated

Golass defeated by Zoro.

He and Roronoa Zoro had a duel before entering Woonan's house. Although Golass lost, Zoro allowed him to live, realizing that Golass did not want to fight for money, and told him to come back to challenge him if he ever regained his swordsmanship. Golass was last seen being carried away by El Drago's crew. His current whereabouts are unknown.[4]


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Golass bounty

Golass' wanted poster.

  • Golass' bounty poster is often hidden throughout the anime. His bounty is Beli8,000,000.
    • A bounty poster of his can be seen in the anime on Fullbody's ship in Episode 45.
    • Another bounty poster can also be seen in the Gold Roger bar in Loguetown, in Episode 48.
    • Another bounty poster of Golass can be seen in the anime, in one of the houses of Baroque Works agents, in episode 66.
    • Another bounty poster of Golass can be seen in the anime, in Episode 392.
    • Another bounty poster of Golass can be seen in the anime, in Episode 400 in Shakky's Rip-off Bar.
    • Another of his bounty posters can be seen in the very beginning of Movie 9, among others.


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