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The Gorilla Puncher #13 is a massive mechanical punching machine that Foxy pilots during the Combat portion of the Davy Back Fight. It is kept in the basement of the Sexy Foxy where he lures Luffy into facing it.


The Gorilla Puncher #13 is a large rhombus cube in shape and has a cockpit resembles a gorilla's head. It runs on huge tank treads powered by bicycle that Foxy must pedal. The machine contains exactly twenty-five (twenty in the anime) big boxing gloves that extend outwards and can burst into flames on impact, supposedly capable of burning Sea Kings. In the anime, it is also resistant to lightning, but water can completely douse its fire-igniting punches.


  • Noro Marble Oni Coach (ノロマボール鬼コーチ Noro Mabōru Oni Kōchi?, literally meaning "Slow Marble Devil Coach"): Foxy traps his opponent in a chamber with the Gorilla Puncher coming towards them. At the same time, he reflects his Noro Noro Beams all over the chamber using its mirrored back wall and Mirror Racket. Even if his opponent manages to dodge all of the beams and punches, unless they think quickly they'll be eventually crushed against the back wall by the Gorilla Puncher. Luffy was able to counter this technique by smashing the mirror wall with his fist. This is called Slowpoke Ball Demon Coach in the Viz Manga.
  • Gorilla Punch Golden Hits (ゴリラパンチゴールデンヒッツ Gorira Panchi Gōruden Hittsu?): Foxy unleashes a flurry of punches with all of the Gorilla Puncher's flaming fists at once against his opponent. This technique was powerful enough that it almost incapacitate Luffy. This is called Gorilla Punch Solid Gold Hits in the Viz Manga.
  • Gorilla Punch Golden Kick (ゴリラパンチゴールデンキック Gorira Panchi Gōruden Kikku?):[citation needed]


  • In episode 226, Luffy mistakenly called this machine, Gorilla Panties in the Japanese version and Gorilla Pants in the English version.
  • In the anime, the Gorilla Puncher #13 has a near-identical counterpart called the Roba-san Kick 18, piloted by Porche and Hamburg.

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