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Gorishiro is a gorilla that is attached to Mizerka's body due to her consumption of a gorilla SMILE.[2]


Gorishiro is a standard gorilla from the legs up, growing from Mizerka's hips. Mizerka upper body comes out from his abdomen, with her arms still inside Gorishiro. He also wears a dotted belt with a minimalistic Jolly Roger of the Beasts Pirates, and a stripped set of headphones.[1]


Gorishiro has a mind of his own, allowing him to act independently of Mizerka. He does share her enthusiasm during the Golden Kagura,[1] and where Queen declared a way for Mizerka to became a Tobiroppo.[3] He seems to behave very much like a stereotypical gorilla would, having a preference for bananas and being a messy eater.[2]



Gorishiro shares a body with Mizerka after the latter consumed a Gorilla SMILE Devil Fruit, and so the two normally act in tandem.[3] Gorishiro lax nature however, sometimes clashes with Mizerka's temper, example by the way he messily ate a banana while the Beasts Pirates were preparing to ambush Luffy.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Though he is limited by only going where Mizerka goes, Gorishiro was ready to fight Luffy and Zoro at a moments notice, showing he is a capable fighter.[3] Gorishiro's full abilities and Mizerka's application of it in combat have yet to be seen.[2]


Wano Country Arc

On the day of the Fire Festival, Gorishiro was seen with Mizerka taking part in Queen's Golden Kagura festivities.[1] When the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance later invaded Onigashima, Mizerka, other Gifters, and Scratchmen Apoo stood in Luffy and Zoro's way.[3] After the Alliance invaded the tower, Mizerka and Poker were stationed on the third level at the base of the stairs to the fourth level, where Gorishiro ate a banana above Mizerka and dropped crumbs on her head, annoying her.[2]


  • "Gori" is likely a reference to him being a gorilla, while "shiro" is a male name suffix used for the fourth son of a family.


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