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The Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit[3] that grants the power to create, control, and become lightning at will, making the user a Lightning Human (雷人間, Kaminari Ningen?);[4][5] it is one of the few abilities touted as "invincible" according to Nico Robin.[6] The fruit was eaten by Enel.


  • Gorogoro (ごろごろ・ゴロゴロ?) is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the rumbling of thunder.
    • Gorogoro-sama (ごろごろ様・ゴロゴロ様?) is children's language for thunder.
  • In the VIZ manga, the English version of the game Pirates Carnival (dubbed by 4Kids), and the anime's Funimation dub, it is called the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, likewise referencing the rolling sound of thunder.


The Goro Goro no Mi is a round, pear-shaped fruit that tapers off towards the stem, resembling a loquat. Its golden-yellow peel (colored the same as Enel's lightning in the manga) features the overlapping swirl pattern typical of Devil Fruits while forming sharp, jagged outgrowths all over that vary in length, width, and direction, resembling sparks of electricity. Topping the fruit is a green, T-shaped stem that zigzags into a stylized lightning bolt, with one end pointy and the other flat.[1]


Among the many powers... Certainly... One of those touted as "invincible" is the "power of lightning".
— Nico Robin on the Goro Goro no Mi's power.[6]

Goro Goro no Mi Power

Enel shooting lightning from his arm.

A holder of this Logia power can create, control, and transform into electricity, effectively becoming lightning incarnate.[7] They can discharge varying amounts of electricity from their body to manipulate as they please, including regulate the voltage: 200 million volts being the maximum output (roughly in the range of natural lightning).[8][9][10] Given the sheer destructive power that is inherent to lightning, this ability seems remarkably strong even by Logia standards and grants overwhelming attack power, as well as high speed and versatility;[1] Nico Robin has mentioned that, among the many existing Devil Fruits, this Logia is one of the few powers considered invincible.[6]

Goro Goro no Mi Intangibility

Enel unfazed by being bisected and impaled through the head.

By physically morphing into electricty, the ability user becomes intangible and can let attacks (save those involving Haki or Seastone) phase through them harmlessly. Enemies are dissuaded from striking the user — directly with their body or a conductive weapon — lest they be electrocuted, thus affording a melee-combat advantage.[11][12][13] By transforming fully, the user can move at the speed of lightning, allowing them to zip into and out of sight, cross large distances nigh-instantaneously, dodge most attacks, and overtake any fleeing target.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20] Merging their lightning self with conductive materials (e.g., gold) to stealthily travel through them becomes also possible for the user,[21] as does traversing thunderclouds in the sky.[20] On top of that, the Goro Goro no Mi user, being wholly immune to electricity, can freely spawn it inside their body without repercussion; they can even restart their own heart with electricity in case they suffer cardiac arrest.[22]

Enel Electrocutes

Enel shocking an enemy through Sea Clouds.

The Goro Goro no Mi user poses a great threat up close seeing as they can electrically shock and burn people on contact,[23][24][25][26][27][28] but their electrocuting potential is not limited to close range, as they can conjure up vast amounts of electricity to launch as long-ranged blasts (or send through conductive surfaces like clouds), striking farer-off targets. These attacks can be shapeless masses of lightning, focused or spread out, sent directly at opposition along a forward path, or made to crash down from above like natural lightning;[2][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37] alternatively, the electricity can be given more distinct shapes, like animals.[38][39][40] Beside lightning, the user may also produce thunderclaps by superheating the air, making it expand at the speed of sound.[41]

Should the Goro Goro no Mi user gain access to naturally or unnaturally formed thunderclouds in their vicinity (as Enel had with the storm clouds spewed forth by his flying ark), they can dramatically boost their abilities' range, to the point of showering entire islands with countless lightning bolts[42][43] or creating enormous, dense cloud balls laden with so much electricity, they can destroy islands on which they are dropped.[44] Traveling through such storm clouds is likewise possible.[20]

Shocking isn't the only thing lightning can do... Once I know it won't work, there's other ways to fight.
— Enel about his power, before using Gloam Paddling.[45]

The abilities granted by this fruit also extend to other electric phenomena. The user can, for instance, use electric heat to melt metal on contact, then reshape it to their liking, as seen with Enel reforging his gold staff into a heat-exuding trident[46][47] or when he temporarily liquified and took control of his flying ark's gold plating, to entrap his foe therein.[48] Additionally, by combining his lightning powers with "Mantra" (Kenbunshoku Haki), Enel learned to "read electric waves" (電波を読み取り, denpa o yomitori?) from the air, across great distances to gain a constant, radar-like sense of everything happening around him on a massive scale, letting him know the exact locations, actions, and conversations of anyone present on Skypiea at any time when concentrating,[49][50] while massively expanding his attack range. Lastly, powering machinery that runs on electricity, whether a massive flying ark or robotic entities, is also made possible for the ability user.[51][52][53][54]


The power of "lightning" is completely nullified...!!! To think there's a person in this world who can't be affected by "lightning." It's definitely something even Enel never expected. Perhaps Luffy is Enel's one natural enemy in this world.
— Nami about Luffy's immunity to Enel's lightning.[55]

Luffy Kicks Enel

Luffy with his rubber body bypassing Enel's intangibility.

While extremely powerful, the Goro Goro no Mi's ability has a unique weakness in the form of rubber: which is an effective insulator. Thus, whoever ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi becomes the natural enemy of and counters whoever wields this Logia power, as the former's body is completely rubber-made. All of Enel's lightning attacks were shown to have absolutely no effect on Monkey D. Luffy, even ones with voltages as high as 100 or 200 million. In addition, all of Luffy's physical blows that struck Enel completely bypassed the latter's intangibility, successfully hurting him even without Haki.[56][57][58][59] If other insulators have the same, if any, effect on Enel's Logia form is unknown.

Automata are also unharmed by Enel's lightning. In fact, being robots, lightning recharges them.[52][54] Moreover, another lightning manipulator, like Nami with her Clima-Tact, can potentially deflect some of this Logia user's attacks, altering their lightning's path, although Enel noted that Nami would be unable to do so if he upped the voltage.[60]

Otherwise, this fruit's user suffers the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, like losing their powers if submerged in water or contacting Seastone,[61] and Busoshoku Haki negating their intangibility.


It's pointless... The almighty God Enel sees everything...
— An Angel Island denizen on Enel's ability to see everything on Skypiea.[29]

During his six-year tenure as "God" of Skypiea, Enel with his powers would mete out his so-called "divine punishment" to whoever went against his declared laws or merely spoke ill of him, disclosed his secrets, etc., leaving especially the Angel Island denizens in constant and abject fear of his anger.[2][29][62][63][30] Enel did so by using his high-level "Mantra" in conjunction with his ability to read electric signals from afar, which made his sphere of perception span the whole country: thus, he gained a radar-like awareness of all the happenings in Skypiea while extending his attack range massively. Enel would surveil Skypieans and listen in on what they were saying so that, should he hear disparaging conversations, he could immediately send down giant lightning blasts to smite the concerning parties from on high (his residence at God's Shrine);[49][50] alternatively, Enel would take notice of when people spoke his name and then personally confront them for it.[17]

Enel Travels Through Gold

Enel traveling through gold.

In face-to-face combat, Enel's powers are shown to make him extremely formidable. None of those he came to fight on Skypiea knew how to handle his Logia powers, with only Wyper (before Luffy) managing to hurt Enel once, by catching him unawares with Seastone.[61] Enel's high speed when transformed into lightning, coupled with his premonitive Mantra, allows him to outmaneuver most opponents, move into their blind spots, evade incoming attacks, and catch up to fleeing targets all without discernible effort.[15][16][18][19] He can even merge with and thus traverse electrically conductive materials, like gold,[21] as well as move through thunderclouds.[20] Perhaps most impressive, however, is Enel's ability to recover from being sent into cardiac arrest: should an attack be made on him that stops his heart, he can simply shock it back to normal.[22]

Enel Electrocutes Sanji and Usopp

Enel effortlessly defeating Sanji and Usopp with his ability.

Most of Enel's offensive moves aim at dispatching adversaries by making overwhelming amounts of electricity pass through their bodies at once, usually knocking them out and inflicting severe burns. Most of Enel's seen attacks, both at short and long range, sufficed to instantly defeat whomever they struck, with Enel unaccustomed to enemies who can withstand more than one or two of his blasts. For some techniques of his, particularly those forming animals out of electricity, Enel uses the taiko drums on his shoulders as a medium, tapping them with his gold staff and making them glow before a given lightning creature appears from them, to assail Enel's foe.[38][39][40] Against the rubber-bodied Luffy who proved utterly immune to electric shocking, Enel instead opted to use his gold staff in melee, infusing his weapon with electricity to reforge it into a sharp trident that exuded electrical heat to both slice and burn his foe, as well as using the gold integrated into the Ark Maxim to encase one of Luffy's arms in a massive gold sphere, permanently hampering the boy's movements.[46][47][48]

When using the thunderclouds generated by the Maxim as a medium, Enel could dramatically increase the range and scale of his lightning, creating exceedingly destructive attacks (namely his Mamaragan and Raigo) that could ravage and destroy entire islands.[42][43][44] His ultimate move is shown to involve transforming his body into a gigantic version of itself made of pure lightning (his Amaru form) to maximally increase the strength and voltage behind his attacks.[9]

A non-combat use of Enel's lightning resides in his powering of machines, primarily his flying ark that has been engineered to run on electricity as a main power source (the gold from Shandora's ruins built into the ship to conduct his lightning);[51] ultimately, Enel achieved his goal of reaching "Fairy Vearth" (the moon) on this colossal ship.[64] Once on the Moon, Enel was able to channel his lightning to awaken an army of automata, robots kept in a dormant state, by charging up the machinery holding them across the ruins of "Birka".[52][53][54]


Several of Enel's techniques are named after thunder and lightning deities from real-world mythologies,[65] in keeping with Enel's self-proclaimed "God" status. Furthermore, for some of his attacks Enel puts before their name a mention of how many volts they contain, to indicate their power level.

El Thor

El Thor.

  • El Thor (神の裁きエル・トール, Eru Tōru?, literally meaning "God's Judgment"): Called "Heaven's Judgment" (天の裁き, Ten no Sabaki?) by Skypieans,[62] El Thor is one of Enel's signature attacks, used by him whenever he sought to punish Skypieans across the country for speaking against him, all the way from his shrine.[2][29][30] From his arm, Enel sends out lightning to gather above his target in a cluster, then makes it crash down as a massive column via a downward swipe of his arm, frying said unlucky target while, usually, leaving a deep crater in the ground. Enel has also cast El Thor in more direct combat situations, as both a down- or forward beam from his hand,[32][34][35][36][37] and the attack has proven potent enough to take out Nola in one shot (the giant "Master of the Sky" that had previously withstood several Burn Bazooka shots from Wyper without issue).[32] The first usage of El Thor came before Enel's in-person debut, when he punished a trespassing Blue Sea dweller on the edge of Upper Yard, sending down lightning from on high;[2] the technique was later named when used on Nola.[32] "Thor" is the Norse god of thunder.[65] "ʼĒl" is a Northwest Semitic word (Hebrew: אֵל) that means "god" or "deity" (and can also, as a proper name, refer to any one of several ancient Near Eastern deities); moreover, el- is a romanization of the Arabic definite article while, in Spanish, el is the article for masculine singular nouns (hence the name El Thor also being interpretable as "The Thor"). The VIZ manga and Funimation's anime dub retain the move's original name, but in the game One Piece: Pirates Carnival dubbed by 4Kids, it is called Volt Bolt.

Enel's 20,000,000 V Vari, used against Gan Fall.

  • Vari (放電ヴァーリー, Vārī?, literally meaning "Electric Discharge"): A basic move where Enel discharges variable amounts of electricity — 200 million volts at maximum — from his body (primarily his hands) in order to shock nearby targets, becoming a living body of lightning upon reaching higher voltages.[25][27][28][8] There are multiple versions of this attack designated according to the employed voltage, with a million volts already very powerful. Vari was first seen used by Enel to defeat Kamakiri.[25] Vārī comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for crackling electricity, varivari (ヴァリヴァリ?) or baribari (バリバリ?), like "bzzt bzzt" in English.[65] The VIZ manga renders the attack's name as Varie, while the Funimation dub keeps the original name.
  • 1,000,000 V (100まんVボルト, Hyakuman Boruto?): A Vari used by Enel to dispatch Kamakiri, one of the strongest Shandia warriors, leaving him badly burned. The resulting stray discharge jumped over to the Milky Road that Enel was on, travelling through it and taking out another 20 fighters remotely.[25]
  • 20,000,000 V (2000まんVボルト, Nisenman Boruto?): A Vari twenty times more powerful than that which defeated Kamakiri, used by Enel to take out Gan Fall by creating and hitting the knight with an arc discharge focused between his two index fingers.[27]
  • 100,000,000 V (1おくVボルト, Ichioku Boruto?): An extremely strong Vari used on Luffy, producing a massive, unruly blast of lightning that engulfed the Straw Hat. Still, Luffy was completely unfazed by the attack thanks to his rubber body, despite being in direct contact with Enel's hand.[28]
  • MAX 200,000,000 V (MAXマックス2おくVボルト, Makkusu Nioku Boruto?): The strongest Vari, used with the highest possible voltage that Enel can muster up through his powers. He was seen using this not for attack but to charge up his Ark Maxim so it can fly.[8] The VIZ manga renders the MAX as Maximum.


  • Sango (稲妻サンゴ, Sango?, literally meaning "Lightning Flash"): A large-scale attack where Enel raises an arm and from it shoots a vast, erratic, expanding stream of lightning upward, destroying everything overhead with no specific target in mind. The attack was seen when Enel blew apart the Upper Yard's highest ruins to send its remains, plus the last remaining survivors of his survival game, down to the lower ruins of Shandora.[31] "Shango" (Ṣàngó) is a West African thunder god of the Yoruba religion. The kanji read inazuma (稲妻?, lit. "rice plant spouse"), a popular Japanese term for lightning due to an ancient belief that rice plants would mate with/be fertilized by lightning. The attack is called Sango Smash in the VIZ manga and Shango in the anime's Funimation subs, while the Funimation dub retains the original name.


  • Kari (電光カリ, Kari?, literally meaning "Electric Illumination"): A technique where Enel emits a bright flash of lightning from his body that superheats the air, making it expand at the speed of sound and create a thunderclap. This, in turn, allows Enel to neutralize nonmaterial attacks directed at him, as seen when he easily snuffed out the fire of Wyper's Burn Bazooka.[41] "Kari" (or "Karei, Karey") is a Malayan thunder god of the Semang people.[65] In the VIZ manga, this attack is called Kari Krash; the Funimation adaptations keep the original name.
Shinzo Massage

Shinzo Massage.

  • Shinzo Massage (心臓マッサージ, Shinzō Massāji?, literally meaning "Heart Massage"): A passive use of his powers where Enel can regain his consciousness in the event that his heart enters cardiac arrest, by applying repeated jolts of electricity to and thereby "massage" his heart, restarting it in a manner akin to defibrillation; this was somehow done unconsciously by Enel to self-resuscitate after having his heart stopped by Wyper's use of a Reject Dial on him.[22] While this "technique" is not named in the manga or anime, the term Shinzo Massage appears in the game One Piece: Burning Blood, as well as in One Piece Magazine Vol.17.[1]


  • 30,000,000 V Hino (3000まんVボルト雷鳥ヒノ, Sanzenman Boruto Hino?, literally meaning "Thirty Million Volts Thunder Bird"): An attack where Enel taps one drum on his back with his gold staff, causing a giant, eagle-shaped mass of electricity to appear from it and fly toward Enel's chosen target, passing through and electrocuting them with 30 million volts. The technique was used by Enel in an attempt to defeat Wyper.[38] "Hino" is a thunder god in the Native American mythology of the Iroquois. The kanji read raichō (雷鳥?, lit. "thunder bird"), the Japanese name of the rock ptarmigan, a type of grouse; the kanji's separate translation most likely references the thunderbird, a creature from Native American peoples' legends known for its control over lightning and thunder (which the god Hino can manifest as).[65] This attack is called Hino Bird Zap in the VIZ manga and Hino Avian Zap in the game One Piece: Grand Adventure (dubbed by 4Kids), while the Funimation dub retains the original name.


  • Kiten (雷獣キテン, Kiten?, literally meaning "Thunder Beast"): An attack where Enel taps one of his shoulder drums using his staff to create a large, wolf-shaped mass of lightning from it, which jumps at an opponent to severely electrocute them with a bite. The attack was used by Enel to incapacitate Roronoa Zoro,[39] and while the volts of Kiten were not stated in the manga or anime, Enel hitting a single drum like for Hino (and using the two attacks one after the other) could suggest a matching voltage. "Kiten" (木貂?) is the name of a particular thunder beast from Japanese folklore.[65] Such thunder beasts, or raijū (雷獣?), appear in Japanese myth as incarnations of lightning in animal form: sometimes said to be wolves or dogs (hence this attack's shape) made of or wrapped in lightning, descending to the earth inside thunderbolts; they were associated with the thunder god Raijin, who was said to keep such beasts as pets. The VIZ manga calls this technique Lightning Beast Kiten while the Funimation adaptions keep the original name. The game Grand Adventure does name the voltage, as do the games Pirate Warriors 2 and 3, calling the move 30 Million Volt: Kiten.


  • 60,000,000 V Jamboule (6000まんVボルト雷龍ジャムブウル, Rokusenman Boruto Jamubūru?, literally meaning "Sixty Million Volts Thunder Dragon"): An attack where Enel beats two drums on his back using his staff to prompt a large, serpentine dragon made of electricity to come out of them. This dragon flies at the designated target, passing through and electrocuting them with 60 million volts. Enel was seen using this attack on Luffy who, being made of rubber, remained unaffected.[40] The name is based on a thunder god of Australia's Arnhem Land,[65] possibly "Jagtjadbulla" (one of the Lightning Brothers from Australian Aboriginal myth of whom famous rock art exists in Northern Australia). The technique's name is retained in the Funimation dub while being Lightning Dragon in the VIZ manga and Funimation subs (the former of which erroneously calls the voltage six million). The attack's name is rendered differently in the English versions of some video games, being Thunder Dragon in Pirates Carnival and Jamuburu in Burning Blood. In Pirate Warriors 2 and 3 plus the Funimation-dubbed Episode of Sky Island, the move is named Julungul (after the Australian Aboriginal "Rainbow Serpent").
Gloam Paddling

Gloam Paddling used on gold.

  • Gloam Paddling (雷冶金グローム・パドリング, Gurōmu Padoringu?, literally meaning "Lightning Metallurgy"): A technique where Enel channels electricity into a piece of metal he touches — like his gold staff or the gold plating of his flying ark — to heat, melt, and then reshape it into anything he desires. During his duel with Luffy, Enel used Gloam Paddling to reforge his gold staff into a sharp-bladed trident, while retaining the electric heat inside the weapon to simultaneously cut and burn Luffy upon contact with it, the spear proving hot enough to scorch wood into ash.[46][47][66] Later, Enel used this technique to encase Luffy's stretched arm in a giant globe of gold, impeding his ability to move and fight properly.[48] The name of this technique may be a pun on grom (Гром), which means "thunder" in several Slavic languages, like Russian and Serbo-Croatian. The technique is called Luminous Forge in the VIZ manga and Grom Puddling in the Funimation subs, while the Funimation dub keeps the original name.


  • Deathpiea (デスピア, Desupia?): One of the prime functions of Enel's flying ark, the Maxim. Using his energy to power the ark's engines, Enel has the ship generate and spew out a massive, artifical jet stream of thunderclouds from its smokestack, which start covering the skies. The clouds accumulate energy while spreading, and Enel can take control of them at any time to start raining down dozens of lightning bolts that devastate the clouded-over area. True to the name of this ability, Enel sought to use it in order to annihilate the country of Skypiea.[42]


  • Mamaragan (万雷ママラガン, Mamaragan?, literally meaning "Heavy Thunder"): Once the thunderclouds of Deathpiea have begun covering the sky over the stretch of land that Enel wishes to hit with lightning, he can initiate this technique, causing the clouds to shower everything below them with dozens of massive lightning bolts that create fire wherever they strike, while continually growing in strength. Enel was seen using Mamaragan to start indiscriminately assaulting all of Skypiea with lightning, wreaking mass destruction; a single lightning bolt proved enough to destroy a Shandia village.[43][67][68] Enel can direct individual lightning to strike select locations by directing the bolts with his arms.[69][70][71][72] "Mamaragan" is an Australian Aboriginal thunder god.[65] The kanji read banrai (万雷?), a word for heavy thunder that literally means "myriad/10,000 lightnings".
Enel using Raigo to destroy Angel Island


  • Raigo (らいごう, Raigō?, literally meaning "Thunder Welcome"): One of Enel's strongest techniques, possible after Deathpiea has been invoked. Enel shapes a vast quantity of prior-made thunderclouds into one giant, dark sphere charged with inordinate electricity. Enel then moves this cloud above a chosen location on the ground and drops it there. Upon hitting the ground, the sphere bursts, causing an enormous lightning explosion that can annihilate a whole island. When first seen in use, Raigo managed to destroy Angel Island, leaving a giant crater in its wake that reached deep into the White-White Sea.[44] Later, Enel formed another Raigo cloud even bigger than the first, in order to decimate the rest of Skypiea;[73] this second cloud was dissipated from within by Luffy before it could do any damage, however.[74] The technique's name is a homophonic pun on raigō (来迎?, lit. "welcoming approach"), a term in Japanese Buddhism that refers to the Amitābha's appearance on a purple cloud to welcome spirits of the dead into the pure land; here, the rai (?) for "next/coming" is replaced by rai (?) for "thunder". In the VIZ manga, the technique is called Kingdom Come while, in the Funimation dub, the original name is used. In Burning Blood, Enel performs Raigo by assuming his Amaru form (explained below) and thrusting his dual tridents (his gold staff split in two) into the cloud sphere from above, making two lightning bolts shoot down from it. In the Pirate Warriors games, Enel instead drops the cloud on top of individual enemies.

Enel invoking his 200,000,000 V Amaru transformation.

  • 200,000,000 V Amaru (2おくVボルト雷神アマル, Nioku Boruto Amaru?, literally meaning "Two Hundred Million Volts Thunder God"): Enel's ultimate technique. He morphs his body into pure, 200,000,000-volt electricity (his maximum output[10]) while growing in size to become a giant, potbellied, Raijin-esque lightning figure. In this state, Enel can unleash immense bolts of lightning from his hands and wields his original gold staff split into a pair of tridents, which burn anything they touch. However, even with Amaru, Enel failed to significantly injure Luffy due to his rubberiness and had his intangibility bypassed by the latter's strikes, ultimately being defeated by Luffy's final attack on him: a spiraling rubber punch strengthened by the gold orb then-attached to Luffy's arm, which instantly forced Enel out of his Amaru form upon hitting him, and knocked him unconscious.[9] The name of this technique is a pun on amoru (天降あも?, lit. "to descend from heaven", alt. read as amakudaru), referring to either the falling of lightning or a god's descent.[65] The kanji read as raijin (雷神?), a generic term for any mythical thunder god or specifically the Japanese "Raijin". Unlike the manga or anime, the games Pirate Warriors 2 and 3 prefix the word MAX to the technique's name.

Video Games-Only Techniques[]

  • Amaru: Kairai (雷神アマルかいらい, Amaru: Kairai?, literally meaning "Thunder God: Frontal Thunderstorm"): An EX-ranked basic attack featured in the game One Piece Thousand Storm. Enel in his Amaru form points his gold trident forward, dealing medium lightning-attribute damage to enemies over a wide area in front of him, plus paralysis as a status effect. A stronger EX+ version of the attack exists with a higher damage output, called Amaru: Kairai+ (雷神アマルかいらい, Amaru: Kairai+?).[75] A "frontal thunderstorm" is a storm developing in response to forced convection along a front.
  • Raichoso (らいちょうそう, Raichōsō?, literally meaning "Thunderbird Funeral"): A basic attack featured in One Piece Thousand Storm, where Enel launches multiple Hino-like thunderbirds at the enemy in front of him, at medium range, dealing medium-level lightning damage plus paralysis as a status effect.[75]
  • El Kratia (神の怒りエル・クラティア, Eru Kuratia?, literally meaning "God's Wrath"): An EX-ranked special attack in One Piece Thousand Storm, where Enel creates a Jamboule-like lightning dragon that swirls around the battlefield, dealing extra-high lightning damage to enemies over a wide area, plus the usual paralysis as a status abnormality.[75] The "Kratia" in the attack's name possibly comes from the Ancient Greek -kratía (-κρατία), from krátos (κρᾰ́τος), meaning "strength/power" or "rule".
  • Raiho (らいほう, Raihō?, literally meaning "Thunder Roar"): An EX-ranked special attack in One Piece Thousand Storm, where Enel shoots off a massive forward beam of lightning to inflict extra-heavy lightning damage onto enemies in a straight, narrow line, plus paralysis as the usual status effect.[75]
  • Kyofu Koso ga Kami Nanoda (きょうこそがかみなのだ, Kyōfu Koso ga Kami Nanoda?, literally meaning "Fear Itself Is God"): An UL-ranked special attack in One Piece Thousand Storm, where Enel in his Amaru form unleashes a massive, omnidirectional wave of electricity, dealing extra-heavy lightning damage over a wide area plus a paralysis status effect.[75] The attack's name is based on Enel's quote from the original manga (Chapter 275) about people not fearing God, but fear itself being God.
  • Raijo Rikka (らいじょうりっ, Raijō Rikka?, literally meaning "Lightning Purifying the Land"): An UL-ranked special attack in One Piece Thousand Storm, where Enel manifests six black, ball-shaped thunderclouds (resembling miniature versions of Raigo) that first circle around the enemy, then promptly discharge as a massive upwards pillar of lightning, dealing super-high lightning damage to enemies in front of Enel, at medium range, as well as a paralysis status effect.[75]
  • El Vajra (神の金剛杵エル・ヴァジュラ, Eru Vajura?, literally meaning "God's Adamantine Pestle"): An UUL-ranked special attack in One Piece Thousand Storm, where Enel unleashes a vast amount of electricity over a wide area in front of him, dealing super-high lightning-attribute damage to enemies caught in the attack, while inducing an extra-long "stun" status effect.[75] The attack's name is based on "Vajra" (Sanskrit for "Thunderbolt"), a legendary weapon owned by Indra, the Hindu god of thunder.



Six years before the start of the series, Enel found the Goro Goro no Mi and ate from it. Gaining its powers was what drove him to destroy his homeland and ultimately develop a god complex.[76]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

While the color of Enel's lightning in the anime and video games is a light blue, in the manga (including its digitally colored version) it is yellow — the same color borne by the fruit itself.[1]

Enel 2007 Calendar
Enel's electricity in the manga, depicted in a 2007 calendar artwork.
Enel Lightning Digital Colors
Enel's Jamboule dragon as seen in the digitally colored manga.


  • Enel likes to introduce himself by saying "I am God" (われかみなり, Ware ga Kami nari?),[77] a pun on the homophonous phrase "I am Lightning" (われかみなり, Ware ga Kaminari?).[7]
    • This references the Japanese etymology of kaminari (?, "lightning"): originally a compound of kami (?, "god, spirit") and nari (鳴り?), the continuative verb form of naru (鳴る?, "to ring/sound, to roar/cry"), reflecting an ancient belief that thunder was the sound of the kami in the sky.
  • Enel's ring with four tomoe-marked drums (taiko) on his back — which he uses for some of his lightning attacks by tapping them with his gold staff — is inspired by the Japanese thunder god Raijin. Said god is usually depicted having such drums on a ring behind his back, usually more than four, which he beats to produce the sound of thunder. In Enel's case, it seems that the tapping of a single drum represents electricity in the range of 30 million volts, as he was shown hitting one drum for his 30,000,000 V Hino attack[38] and two for his Jamboule attack, which has twice that voltage.[40]
  • The appearance of Enel's Amaru form[9] references Japanese religion/mythology:
    • The Japanese thunder god Raijin is sometimes depicted as having a potbelly. Said trait on Enel when using Amaru — coupled with his flared-up hair, his drum ring, and the narrow, circular, floating strip of cloth around his shoulders — adds to his resemblance to Raijin. Said cloth, which is a ribbon-like drapery called "tenne/ten'i" (天衣?, lit. "heavenly garment"), can be traditionally found ornamenting East Asian buddha and deva statues. In Japan, the tenne was increasingly included in statuary of various Buddhist (or related) deities over the centuries, such as on Niō statues or, later, statues of Raijin and Fūjin, among others.
      • It also resembles the ribbon of flaming smoke seen around the neck and/or shoulders of those with awakened Zoan abilities.
    • When invoking his transformation, Enel strikes a pose resembling that of Japanese Niō statues: his right arm stretched forward with its open palm, the left arm behind, bent forward, and making a fist. This same pose is also done by Luffy when entering Gear 4 (who in said state has the steam around his shoulders form a tenne-like ring as well).
  • While Enel states the voltage of attacks to indicate their power, the severity of real-world electric shocks is more so determined by the current (the rate of electron flow), shock duration, and pathway. E.g., exposure to 100–200 mA for over a second can cause death, and small currents through vital organs (like the heart muscle) are more likely fatal than larger currents that merely travel over the skin (as with "flashover" from lightning). However, current is proportional to voltage when resistance is fixed (Ohm's law), hence why higher voltages are needed to actually deliver higher currents (voltage overcomes resistance); still, high voltage alone is not necessarily dangerous if the current is too small. Typical lightning bolts can involve voltages (potential differences between cloud and ground) in the hundreds of millions and currents worth tens of thousands of amps.
    • Interestingly, the only detrimental effects that Enel's lightning attacks seem to have on those struck are paralysis, burned skin, and unconsciousness. In spite of how some of Enel's notable foes were shown having significant parts of or their entire bodies exposed to extremely high-voltage electricity, sometimes over several seconds, none seemed to take lasting internal damage.
    • In a similar vein, while rubber is indeed an insulator, the attacks that Luffy took without being affected (capable of dissolving stone, with voltages as high as 100 and 200 million)[28][9] would, in a real-world context, easily suffice to overcome the dielectric strength of rubber, which would be melted by the searing heat alone. Apart from willing suspension of disbelief, Luffy's immunity could be made believable by the notion that his "mythical" rubber body is superior to normal rubber and hence boasts higher electrical resistivity or outright immunity.
  • The Goro Goro no Mi is the third Logia fruit introduced in the manga and the first to actually be identified with the "Logia" term.[3]
  • Enel's birthday, May 6th,[78] can be rendered as 5-6 or go-ro(ku) as per goroawase, hence being a play on this Devil Fruit's name.
  • Design-wise, the Goro Goro no Mi bears a resemblance to the Jiki Jiki no Mi:[1] both fruits incorporate the color yellow and are distinguished by a large number of outgrowths, plus a stem, shaped to resemble lightning.
  • Enel's ability to control and reshape gold in a semiliquid state using Gloam Paddling[46][48] resembles the Goru Goru no Mi's gold manipulation, though of course with Enel's abilities being more limited. Coincidentally, the two Devil Fruits have similar names.
  • In Chapter 27 of the gag manga One Piece Party, it is suggested that the lightning that saved Luffy in Loguetown was caused by Enel, on an unnamed sky island, being angry about Gedatsu destroying his Ark Maxim toy model, which he had worked on for five years. In the same chapter, Enel uses Amaru with 500 million volts, perhaps to show that he has grown over the two-year timeskip.[79]
  • In a joke answer to an SBS question, Oda mentioned that if Enel is shooting down lightning bolts, one should duck at high speed, then punch straight with one's golden right, and if that fails cover one's belly button and run crying.[80] This references a Japanese superstition that one ought to cover one's navel when lightning strikes, lest Raijin will steal it away (or alternatively, a lightning beast will nestle in it, making Raijin hurl a thunderbolt at the victim to wake his pet up).
  • In One Piece Magazine Vol.11, Boa Hancock is illustrated having the Goro Goro no Mi's power while also attired just like Enel and with a drum ring on her back.[81]
  • According to Oda, Nami would have this Devil Fruit power if she were allowed one. Using it would make her an invincible weather lady whom no one but Luffy could stop.[5]
    • In April of 2023, the 4th winner of the One Piece Knowledge King contest, Yama-san, received his requested prize drawing from Oda, feat. Nami wielding the Goro Goro no Mi's power, complete with a drum ring on her back.[82]
Hancock Goro Goro no Mi
Hancock with the Goro Goro no Mi's power.
Knowledge King Yama-san's Drawing Request
Nami with the Goro Goro no Mi's power.


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