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The Goro Goro no Mi[3] is a Logia-type[2] Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into electricity at will, making the user a Lightning Human (雷人間 Kaminari Ningen?).[4] It was eaten by Enel. It was mentioned by Nico Robin to be one of the fruits with the reputation of being "invincible".[3]


  • "Gorogoro" (ゴロゴロ/ごろごろ?) is the Japanese onomatopoeia for rumbling, usually used in the context of thunder.
  • In the VIZ Manga, the English version of the game Pirates Carnival (dubbed by 4Kids), and the FUNimation dub, it is called the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, a reference of the sound lightning makes.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Goro Goro no Mi Intangibility

Enel surviving being bisected and impaled through the head.

As a Logia, the fruit grants the ability to transform into, as well as create and control an element, namely electricity, which represents the natural forces of lightning and thunder. On top of simple electricity generation, the user is able to regulate the voltage, with the maximum output being 200 million volts, thought not as much as the voltage of a standard lightning bolt, which is 1 billion.[5]

Enel has been shown able to avoid nigh any physical attack by simply transforming into lightning, letting any given blow pass harmlessly through rather than harm his intagible form. On top of that, Enel can merge with solid matter (e.g. metals like gold) for defense or traveling purposes.[6] Also, by becoming lightning, Enel can electrocute anyone that is touching him. The user can travel at the speed of lightning by transforming into it.[7] Enel can use his fruit to jump-start his heart if it enters a state of cardiac arrest by applying jolts of electricity to his body.[8]

Luffy Kicks Enel

Luffy, whose body is made of rubber, can bypass Enel's electric body.

While seemingly all-powerful, the fruit has a unique weakness in the form of rubber, as rubber is a natural insulator.[9] This weakness makes the user of the Gomu Gomu no Mi the natural enemy and counter to the user of the Goro Goro no Mi, as the body of the user of the Gomu Gomu no Mi body is completely composed of rubber.[10] All of Enel's lightning-based attacks had absolutely no effect on Luffy. In addition, all of Luffy's attacks managed to completely bypass Enel's Logia form, similar to how he was able to bypass Crocodile's Logia intangibility by dousing him with water, only that he used his Devil Fruit power alone and no other additional substance.[11] It is unknown if other insulators have the same effect on Enel's Logia form. Nami was able to deflect some of Enel's lightning with her Clima-Tact, though Enel claimed this would be ineffective against higher voltages. Like with all other Devil Fruit users, Enel is still vulnerable to being submerged in water and being in contact with Seastone.[12]  


The powers of the fruit have been used by Enel mainly for combat and as a means of "punishment" for the Skypieans who committed crimes against him.[1] He was able to generate electricity in a variety of forms, and some of his attacks seem to stem from the drums on his back.[citation needed]

He can also use the heat from the electricity to melt gold, and reform it into any shape he desires, including superheating it into weapons. Enel uses the electricity as the main power source of his ship, the Ark Maxim, allowing it to sail. He is also capable of moving through conductive materials (such as gold) at high speeds by turning his entire body into electricity.[citation needed]

One of the most god-like uses of the powers, however, is how Enel can use them to analyze his surroundings. Because of the powers, he is able to listen to the electrical sound waves that traverse the very air itself. Combined with his Mantra ability, it gives him a radar-like sense of everything around him that makes it seem like he is omniscient like an actual god.[13]

Named TechniquesEdit

Most of Enel's attacks are named after thunder gods from various mythologies and religions,[14] fitting his theme as the self-proclaimed "God" of Skypiea.[citation needed]
20 Million Volt Bari

Enel's 20 Million Volt Bari, being used against Gan Fall.

  • 1, 5 Million, 10, 20, 30, 50, 60 Million, 100, Max 200 Million Volt Bari (1, 5百万, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6千万, 1億, MAXマックス 2億 Vボルト放電ヴァーリー Boruto Vārī?, literally translated as "Electrical Discharge"): Enel releases various levels of his electric energy, eventually becoming a living body of lightning. "Vārī" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound the electricity makes, similar to "bzzt" in English and can also be intended to mean "volley". "Vari" is also the Italian word for "Various Types". The FUNimation dub uses Vari, while the VIZ Manga renders it as Varie. The maximum-power attack, 200 Million Volts, which is the minimum voltage a standard bolt of lightning has.[15]
    • The kanji's literal readings are:
      • 百万 is "hyakuman" (literally "million").
      • 千万 is "senman" (literally "ten million/myriad"); it can be alternately read as "senban" which means "exceedingly" or "very many" instead.
      • 億 is "oku" (literally "hundred million"). There is always a "Max" (MAXマックス Makkusu?) reading before this version of the attack.
      • Bari's kanji's actual reading is "houden".
  • Sango (稲妻サンゴ Sango?, literally translated as "Lightning Flash"): Enel unleashes a massive charge of electricity from his hand that forms a wide blast used to devastate large areas with no specific target in mind.[16] "Sango" is the Yoruban (West African) thunder god (originally read as "Shango"). Meanwhile, the kanji's literal reading is "inazuma" (稲妻, lit. "rice plant spouse"), a popular Japanese term for a flash of lightning. In the FUNimation dub, it retains its name. In the VIZ Manga, it is called Sango Smash.
El Thor

El Thor

  • El Thor (神の裁きエル・トール Eru Tōru?, literally translated as "Judgment of God"): Mostly used to destroy targets from long range, Enel focuses a large cluster of electricity above his target, then uses it to send a huge and powerful lightning bolt crashing down from the sky, frying the unlucky target.[1] He can also use this attack to launch a massive lightning stream from his hand. Thor is the Norse thunder god, while "El" is Spanish for "The" (along with either "los", "la", "las", or "lo"; making the attack literally read as "The Thor").[14] El is also Hebrew for "God" ("אל"). In the game, Pirates Carnival, dubbed by 4Kids, this is called Volt Bolt. In the VIZ Manga and FUNimation dub, it retains its name.
  • Kari (電光カリ Kari?, literally translated as "Volt"): Enel heats the air around him with his Goro Goro no Mi powers until it explodes in a thunder clap. This is used to avoid and neutralize non-material attacks.[17] "Kari" is the Malayan thunder god.[14] In the VIZ Manga, this is called Kari Krash. The kanji's literal reading is "denkou" (literally meaning "electric light"), a Japanese term for a volt.
  • 30,000,000 Volt Hino (3000万Vボルト雷鳥ヒノ Sansenman Boruto Hino?, literally translated as "Thunder Bird"): Enel creates a giant hawk-shaped blast of lightning that he shoots from one of the drums on his back.[18] "Hino" is the Iroquois (Native American) god of thunder.[14] This is called Hino Bird Zap in the VIZ Manga and Hino Avian Zap in One Piece: Grand Adventure. The literal kanji reading for the attack is "Sansenman Vii: Raichou", raichou being a Japanese term for the ptarmigan bird.
  • Kiten (雷獣キテン Kiten?, literally translated as "Thunder Beast"): Enel creates a giant wolf-shaped blast of lightning.[19] "Kiten" is an Asian thunder god.[14] The name is also a pun to the electrical beast created as Kiten is similar in pronunciation to kitten. In the VIZ Manga, this is called Lightning Beast Kiten, and in Grand Adventure, which was dubbed by 4Kids, it is called 30 Million Volt Kiten. The kanji's literal reading is "raijuu", the term for the companion of the Japanese god of thunder/lightning, Raijin. Raijuu is said to descend from a thunderbolt in the form of a cat, fox, weasel or wolf, hence Kiten's shape.
  • 60,000,000 Volt Julungul (6000万Vボルト雷龍ジャムブウル Rokusenman Boruto Jamubūru?, literally translated as "Thunder Dragon"): With his golden staff, Enel taps the top two drums he wears on his back. A giant dragon shaped blast of lightning emerges from the two drums much stronger than the Hino or Kiten attacks.[20] "Julungul" (actually spelt as "Julunggul") is an Aboriginal serpent goddess of weather.[14] It is known as Jamboule in the video games. This is called Lightning Dragon in the VIZ Manga and Thunder Dragon in the English version of Pirates Carnival.
Enel using Raigo to destroy Angel Island


  • Raigo (雷迎 Raigō?, literally translated as "Thunder Greeting" or "Advent of Thunder"): Enel's most powerful attack. He combines his own electric powers with the Ark Maxim to create a huge spherical cloud filled with electricity. The ball has enough power to destroy an entire island.[21] "Raigou" is the term used for the coming of Amida Buddha to welcome the spirits of the dead, but here the "rai" kanji stands for thunder as a homophone-styled pun (the original kanji for the term is 来迎). In the VIZ Manga, this is called Kingdom Come. In One Piece: Burning Blood, Enel performs this through transforming into his Amaru form (mentioned below), then thrusting dual trident tips (his staff duplicated into two) into the cloud sphere, causing a large electrical storm to rain from it. In other forms of media such as Pirate Warriors, Enel instead drops the cloud on top his targets.
Luffy Trapped By Gloam Paddling

Gloam Paddling being used to restrain Monkey D. Luffy

  • Gloam Paddling (雷冶金グローム・パドリング Gurōmu Padoringu?, literally translated as "Thunder Metallurgy"): Enel uses his electrical powers to heat and melt nearby metal and then reshape it into anything he desires. During his battle with Luffy he used this technique to change his gold staff into a trident.[22] "Grom" (Гром) means "thunder" in several Slavic languages, such as Russian and Serbian. In the VIZ Manga, it is called Luminous Forge.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

  • Shinzo Massage (心臓メッサジ Shinzō Messaji?, literally translated as "Heart Massage"): Enel can use his electricity to jump-start his heart if it enters a state of cardiac arrest by applying jolts of electricity to his body.[8] While unnamed in both the manga and anime, it was named in One Piece: Burning Blood.

Concludes non-canon section.

  • Deathpiea (デスピア Desupia?): A thunder storm is created by Enel's powers combined with the Ark Maxim. Using these storm clouds, Enel can rain lightning down on the land below him.[23]
  • Mamaragan (万雷ママラガン Mamaragan?, literally translated as "Heavy Thunder"): The thunderstorm created by Deathpiea showers lightning everywhere. The lightning bolts are much larger and more powerful than normal lightning bolts and one is enough to burn down an entire village.[24] "Mamaragan" is the Central Australian Aboriginal god of Thunder, while the kanji's original reading is "banrai", a term for heavy thunder that literally means "myriad/ten thousand thunders". In some forms of media such as One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 and 3, Enel can perform this outside of Deathpiea as a minor-scale thunderstorm that occurs around Enel for a brief amount of time.
200,000,000 Volt Amaru

Enel after his MAX 200,000,000 Volt Amaru transformation.

  • Max 200,000,000 Volt Amaru (MAXマックス 2億Vボルト雷神アマル Makkusu Ni'oku Boruto Amaru?, literally translated as "Thunder God"): Enel transforms into a gigantic Raijin-looking thunder god made of pure electricity. He can fire giant lightning blasts from his hands and is supposedly at his strongest.[25] Amaru is a dragon/serpent-like chimera of Tiwanaku and Inca mythology. The kanji's literal reading is "Makkusu Ni'oku Vii: Raijin", Raijin being the famous Japanese god of thunder in Shintou mythology.



Sometime before leaving Birka and conquering Skypiea, Enel found the Goro Goro no Mi and ate it. Gaining such powers drove him to destroy his home island and develop a god complex.[26]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

Enel 2007 Calendar

Enel's electricity in the manga.

Although the color of the lightning created by this Devil Fruit in the anime and video games is light blue, in the manga, based on the 2007 calendar artwork, it is electric yellow (keeping with the theme of Enel's hair, pants, and gold melting abilities).


  • The Goro Goro no Mi's Gloam Paddling-technique is very similar to the effect of Gild Tesoro's Devil Fruit, the Goru Goru no Mi.


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  • Omniscience – Wikipedia article on the characteristic Enel claims to have when combining Mantra and his Devil Fruit powers.

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