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The Gosa Village was a village near Cocoyasi Village in the region of the Conomi Islands.[1]

As the village was unable to completely pay the monthly tribute to Arlong, all the buildings in the village were literally flipped over by Momoo,[1] a giant sea cow owned by the Arlong Pirates two to three weeks before Roronoa Zoro, Johnny, and Usopp arrived there.[2] The only known citizen is Chabo.

Some survivors of Gosa Village requested help from the Marines' 77th Branch—lead by Commodore Pudding Pudding—but the branch's rescue action failed.[3] After the Arlong Pirates were defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami demanded Nezumi's 16th Branch to reconstruct Gosa Village.[4]

Former Citizens

  • Chabo
  • Chabo's parents
  • Unseen village elders


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