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Gotan is a Fish-Man who lives in Water Wheel Town on Fish-Man Island and an anime-only character.[1]


Gotan's appearance from behind.

He is a green Fish-Man with a pointed nose and light purple lips, along with fins on the sides of his head. He has black hair on the back of his head and wears a red shirt with a light purple zigzag.


Gotan was very terrified when his name was called by Hody while the pirate was listing names of "traitors". He also believed in the relocatoin of Fish-Man island, since he provided his signature.[2]

Abilities and Powers

As a Fish-Man, Gotan is ten times stronger than the average human, and twenty times stronger than the average human when in water.


Fish-Man Island Arc

After Hody Jones started his coup d'état and invaded the Ryugu Palace, Gotan watched Hody's takeover announcement on the video broadcast.[1] To Gotan's horror, his name was among those mentioned by Hody who would be considered traitors for supporting Otohime.[2]


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