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Grand Paper Adventure is a book containing various works by Eiichiro Oda placed into a pop-up format. It was only sold in Japan. Every two pages represent one of the story arcs released at the time.


01 - Going Merry

The Going Merry.

02 - Little Garden

  • Places and ships featured:
  • Characters featured:
  • Scenes featured:
    • Brogy and Dorry's fight (main)
    • A volcano eruption
    • The Straw Hat Pirates leaving the island
    • The Straw Hat Pirates arriving at the island
    • Tokudai Candle Service Set

03 - Sky Island

The Ark Maxim flying over the Upper Yard.

04 - Drum Kingdom

  • Places and ships featured:
  • Drum Rockies
  • Characters featured:
  • Scenes featured:
    • Wapol laughing (main)
    • An interactive Chopper waving his flag before Hiriluk's grave
    • Sakura blooming over Drum Rockies
    • A naked Hiriluk claiming he's come in peace

05 - Enies Lobby

Enies Lobby and Rocketman.

06 - Arabasta


  • Despite being featured on the back cover and the book having a scene dedicated to the Enies Lobby Arc, neither Nico Robin nor Franky are depicted inside the book.

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