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Graydle is a Marine vice admiral and the main antagonist of the stage play, One Piece Dramatic Stage THE METAL ~Marineford of Remembrance~.[1]


Graydle is an older man with gray hair, a scar across his left eye, and he wears a white suit with a light blue cross with a belt on it, along with a zipper and four gold buttons on it and as well as a golden metal mouthguard. He also wears air superiority blue pants with boots with three belt buckles on each of them. Under his standard Marine cloak, he wears two golden metal shoulder pads and has a golden chain connecting both sides of his cloak. Furthermore, his left arm is missing and is replaced by an arm created from his Devil Fruit powers.


Abilities and Powers

As vice admiral of the Marines, he has authority over the lowing ranking members and also responsible for the Buster Call along with the other Marine vice admirals. He has authority over a massive Pacifista was well.


As a marine vice admiral, Graydle possesses the ability to use Haki.[2]

Devil Fruit

Further information: Meta Meta no Mi

Graydle ate the Meta Meta no Mi, a Devil Fruit of an unknown class that allows him to control liquid metal.[1]


Summit War Saga

Marineford Arc

Graydle participated and fought in the Summit War of Marineford but during the war, he was injured and lost his left arm because of it. He developed a grudge against Luffy and the Whitebeard Pirates and swore to have revenge.


When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at his island, Graydle set up a trap to capture Luffy. He created clones of Zoro and Sanji out of metal to fight the crew and pursued them with his Pacifista and subordinates. Graydle attacked Luffy, but Bartolomeo jumped in between them in a similar way to how Ace protected Luffy from Akainu. In their final confrontation, Luffy used King Kong Gun to defeat Graydle.

Major Battles


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