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Groseade was the ship of the World Pirates.

Ship Design and Appearance

The Groseade was a giant ship taking the form of an artificial island or an aircraft carrier, consisting of smaller attachments on each side, and one on the front of the main body. The main body and the two side attachments were covered with trees and buildings. The front had a spherical dome with the crew's jolly roger on the front, and houses cannons, including the ship's primary weapon, a giant cannon that, when combined with Byrnndi World's weapon-enhancing ability, has the destructive potential to destroy an entire island. There were engines and aircraft runways on the back.


The Groseade was originally constructed as a means of avoiding battles with the Marines or pirates, designed to submerge below the sea. It was constructed by the World Pirates during Byrnndi World's imprisonment. It was eventually destroyed by the Marines.