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Gryphon[2] is a saber wielded by Shanks as his main weapon.[1]


Gryphon is a longer than average saber with a long green hilt and a circular beige guard, as well as a wide and thin guard around the hilt. Shanks keeps it in a blue sheathe on his right hip, even though he wields it with his right arm.[1]


Gryphon is a durable and powerful sword, being capable of clashing equally with Whitebeard's naginata, the Murakumogiri, one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords.[3] When imbued with Haki, it was strong enough to block Sakazuki's magma fist, the Devil Fruit power with the greatest attack power out of all the Devil Fruits, without taking any damage.[4]


Video Game Only

  • Shin Sekai e no Ichigeki (新世界への一撃 Shin Sekai e no Ichigeki?, literally meaning "Single Strike of the New World"): Shanks unsheathes Gryphon and raises it in the air, causing red lightning to rain down and strike the ground around him, before finishing the attack with an earth-shattering forward slash from his sword. Appears as Shanks' first special attack in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. In the game's English release, the technique is called "Strike for the New World".
  • "Kaizoku no takami e!" (海賊の高みへ! "Kaizoku no takami e!"?, literally meaning "To the heights of piracy!"): Shanks jabs Gryphon into the ground, unleashing red lightning from his Haki-infused sword (akin to his C3 final input and his C4), before sending the enemies flying with a horizontal swing of his Haki-infused sword, via a massive burst Haoshoku Haki. Appears as Shanks' second special attack in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3.
  • Red Hair: Shanks thrusts Gryphon forward which emits a small shockwave from the tip of the blade. Used by Shanks as one of his special attacks in One Piece: Burning Blood.
  • Counter: A counterattack where Shanks counters an attack with an upward sword slash that knocks the opponent into the air. Used by Shanks as one of his special attacks in One Piece: Burning Blood.
  • Charged Sword Assault: Shanks launches a chargeable sword slash. Used as a special attack by Shanks in Shanks (Strong World) and One Piece: Burning Blood. A similar move predates it in Pirate Warriors 3 as Shank's C3 second input.
  • Heaven Splitter: Shanks unsheathes Gryphon and charges towards the opponent and delivers a powerful slash to the opponent (strong enough to leave an impact of the slash on the surrounding terrain), then Shanks tells his opponent to beat it (his face showing the same glare he used on the Lord of the Coast) then raises Gryphon into the air followed by a burst of Haoshoku Haki, before slashing the opponent with a downward slash that produces a huge shockwave. This is Shanks' Ultimate Attack in One Piece: Burning Blood.


Gryphon as a human.

  • It is named after the legendary creature of the same name, which is also known as a "griffin".
  • In SBS Volume 94 , Oda drew Gryphon personified as a human. Gryphon took the form of an old man with a little beard, a long nose and light hair piled in a ponytail.


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