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Guarana is an officer of the Cidre Guild.[1]


Guarana is a slim woman with short hair that is bright pink on the top and blonde on the edges. She wears a magenta long-sleeved shirt and shorts with silver armor covering her chest and shoulders. She also has tubes covering her forearms, white gloves on her hands, and carries two barrels on her back. The barrels are connected via hoses to her sword and shield, containing the water that powers them. She also wears armor on her feet and legs up to the knee, as well as black stockings underneath that reach even higher.[1]


Guarana Anime Concept Art
Anime Concept Art of Guarana.
Guarana Portrait
Close up of Guarana's face.


Abilities and PowersEdit

She is a capable fighter, being able to hold her own against Boa Hancock. Her will is also strong enough to be not seduced by Hancock.[2]


Guarana wields a sword and shield made of water.[1]


Major BattlesEdit


  • Guarana is a herb with a high concentration of caffeine, commonly used as an additive in energy drinks and soft drinks. This matches the drink-based names of the Cidre Guild.


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