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The Guardian Deity is one of the protagonists of Oda's one shot, Ikki Yako.

He scared villagers with a mask when he was bored, but was not the attacker that they were afraid of. The guardian was a friend of Guko's master Koshin, and later gives Guko his sword to slay Hitokui.[1]


The Guardian Deity is a god, who is at least over three hundred years old, but still fairly young looking. He has spiked blue hair, and round glasses. He wears a brown, sleeveless robe, over a dark blue short sleeves robe. He has a light colored sash around his stomach, and sometimes wears a periwinkle mask similar to the Hitokui's face, that he uses to scare villagers.[1]


Whenever he gets bored, he uses a mask to scare villagers for entertainment, showing he is a bit sadistic (in a childish and harmless manner). However, he is kind as he helped Guko and even gave him his sword to slay the monster Hitokui.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He has a sword, showing that he is at least proficient with it, though how skilled he is with it is not known.


The Guardian Deity has protected the temple in the village for over three hundred years. He was also friends with Koshin, who was Guko's teacher.

He enjoys scaring villagers by wearing a scary mask, and when Guko was at the temple, he accidentally scared him. He tells Guko that he is the Guardian deity, and goes inside to talk to him. The Deity says he used to have a monk friend, but he disappeared. After Guko says the Deity scared him twice, and the Deity says he only scared him once, they realize the first monster Guko saw was the real Hitokui. He tells Guko, that if he runs away the villagers will be upset. Guko does not listen, and goes off anyway. The deity states he is a coward.

After Guko runs off, The Deity teleports after saying Guko is too hasty and did not need to leave in the middle of the night. He watches the battle between the Hitokui and Guko, and witnesses Guko trying to talk to the Hitokui. The Hitokui says that a monk tried to kill him, so he hate that monk, and stole his clothes. Guko and The Deity realize that the monk he killed was in fact Koushin.

The Deity attempts to kill The Hitokui himself, but his stopped by Guko, who says that gods can not kill mortals. The Deity lets Guko use his sword, and Guko kills the Hitokui. Later, The deity lets Guko keep his sword, and tells him to stop by some time.


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