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For the Gum-Gum Fruit, see Gomu Gomu no Mi.

Gum[2] is a member of the non-canon Organ Dealing Assassination Group.


Gum is a muscular man with a very small black pompadour on an otherwise bald head. He also has a thin beard stretching down from his lips which turns into a long and thick goatee. He wears an orange sleeveless shirt, a yellow bow on his beard, and a pair of large blue sunglasses on his eyes; he also has a large gold nose ring.[1]


Gum is a violent man, taking part in the Organ Dealing Assassination Group's plot against the Big Mom Pirates with the intent of harvesting their organs, to the point of asking one of the Fire Tank Pirates if he could have his liver. Fitting his name, he was seen chewing gum and blowing bubbles with it during his appearance.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Along with a large portion of the group, Gum was able to move through midair while being propelled by an explosion to charge toward the Big Mom Pirates. He is extremely fast, being capable of moving behind and grabbing one of the Fire Tank Pirates in an instant. However, he was easily overwhelmed and defeated by Daifuku's genie.[1]


Gum wields a knife and pistol. He is quite skilled with his knife, being able to cut through multiple guns from afar with his slashes.[1]


Four Emperors Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

The Organ Dealing Assassination Group accompanied Jigra to aid him in getting revenge on Big Mom for killing his father. The rest of the group reached the roof of the Whole Cake Chateau after Jigra had already been killed by Charlotte Katakuri, and quickly started attacking the Fire Tank Pirates standing guard. Gum ambushed one of the guards and held his knife to his throat. However, Big Mom's sons Charlotte Daifuku and Charlotte Oven then arrived, and Oven quickly defeated 150's platoon. The rest of the group then began fleeing, but they were all immediately defeated by an attack from Daifuku's genie.[1]

Major Battles


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